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Swan & Mclaren, The: A Story Of Singapore ArchitectureSwan & Mclaren, The: A Story Of Singapore Architecture by Davison, Julian

Swan & Maclaren were the most prominent and prestigious architectural practice working in Singapore during the latter part of the British era. As such, the history of Singapore architecture, during that period, is very much the history of Swan & Maclaren. The output of the firm was extraordinary, too, ranging from corporate blockbusters like the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank and the Union Building of the 1920s, to factories, shophouses, department stores, hotels, schools and university buildings, railway stations, churches, mosques, a synagogue, bungalows, even the odd cattle shed! The scope of the book covers the period from the mid-1880s, when the two eponymous founding partners, Archibald A. Swan and J. W. B. Maclaren first came to Singapore, and continues through to the end of the British era in 1965.

Grounding Urban Natures: Histories And Futures Of Urban EcologiesGrounding Urban Natures: Histories And Futures Of Urban Ecologies by Ernston, Henrik; Sverk Sorlin

Case studies from cities on five continents demonstrate the advantages of thinking comparatively about urban environments. The global discourse around urban ecology tends to homogenize and universalize, relying on such terms as "smart cities," "eco-cities," and "resilience," and proposing a "science of cities" based largely on information from the Global North. This book makes the case for the importance of place and time in understanding urban environments. Rather than imposing a unified framework on the ecology of cities, the contributors use a variety of approaches across a range of of locales and timespans to examine how urban natures are part of-and are shaped by-cities and urbanization. The contributors consider the diversity of urban natures, analyzing urban ecologies that range from the coastal delta of New Orleans to real estate practices of the urban poor in Lagos. They examine the effect of popular movements on the meanings of urban nature in cities including San Francisco, Delhi, and Berlin. Finally, they explore abstract urban planning models and their global mobility, examining real-world applications in such cities as Cape Town, Baltimore, and the Chinese "eco-city" Yixing.

Contemporaneous Architecture SingaporeContemporaneous Architecture Singapore by Viray, Erwin

Contemporaneous Architecture celebrates 70 architectural projects that have shaped Singapore's landscape in the last 15 years. The selection includes works by renowned home-grown architects and President*s Design Award winners WOHA Architects Pte Ltd, DP Architects Pte Ltd and SCDA Architects Pte Ltd, as well as works from smaller and emerging practices such as Linghao Architects, Chang Architects, ip:li Architects, FARM Architects Pte Ltd, Red Bean Architects and Lekker Architects Pte Ltd.

Resilience Of Tradition, The: Malay Allusions In Contemporary ArchitectureResilience Of Tradition, The: Malay Allusions In Contemporary Architecture by Shireen Jahn Kassim, Norwina Mohd Nawai Et Al

In The Resilience of Tradition: Malay Allusions in Contemporary Architecture, the authors attempt to address rhetorical questions like how and to what extent contemporary Malaysian architecture is influenced by Malay culture, values and forms, and in what way is the Malay Modern situated within the discourse of contemporary tropical architecture? Can the evolution of Malay architecture answer the challenge of developing climatically appropriate eco-architecture? Such questions are being asked in Malaysian universities, and in international conferences looking at modernism, postmodernism, regionalism, tropical architecture, green building and sustainability.

Unforming/FormingUnforming/Forming by Erwin, Viray (Ed.)

This is the second in the series of books that present the students works that are created by Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) program students at Singapore University of Technology and Design. It presents a collection and documentation of the rich design studio work that emerges from the rather distinctive structure and focus that is adopted in ASD. The student works presented in this book are organized according to ASD's core and option studio structure. The themes of the studio explorations are motivated by a sustainable future. These explorations strive to leverage and improve the available technologies to create a more sustainable future.

Facades: A Visual Compendium Of Modern Architectural StylesFacades: A Visual Compendium Of Modern Architectural Styles by Ojeda, Oscar Riera (Ed.); Byron Hawes (Text)

This fascinating sourcebook presents the most remarkable, beautiful, and innovative building facades in contemporary architecture. A building's facade sets the aesthetic tone for its entire design while serving a variety of functions, from regulating light and protecting against the elements to providing insulation for temperature and sound. This absorbing book details hundreds of examples of interesting and progressive facades from around the world. Presented in colorful double-page spreads, each facade is photographed from different angles and includes engaging texts that describe their significance.

New Architecture Los AngelesNew Architecture Los Angeles by Kelley, Mike

This exhilarating and richly illustrated guide to Los Angeles's most exciting new buildings establishes the city as a mecca for forward-thinking and environmentally conscious architecture. Some of the world's leading architects are making their mark on Los Angeles's cityscape with exciting and innovative projects. Fifty of the most striking buildings are profiled in this book that features every type of architecture--houses, municipal structures, art museums, office buildings, performance spaces, and houses of worship.

Monocle Guide To Shops, Kiosks And Markets, TheMonocle Guide To Shops, Kiosks And Markets, The by Monocle

Monocle's latest book unpacks what makes a perfect shopping experience and offers tips on how to launch, design and run your own store. The world of retail has never been so challenged thanks to a mix of e-commerce, unimaginative brand owners and greedy landlords. Yet while many stores have stumbled, a new generation of storekeepers and department store owners is arising. This new book from Monocle reveals the global media brand's 100 favourite shops worldwide, from the independent fashion boutique to the department store that takes up a city block. It also offers a few top tips and advice on how to launch and run your own retail venture, as well as a collection of sharp essays and snappy interviews. This is a handbook for any aspiring shopkeeper, stocking a wealth of insight and inspiration.

Northern Comfort: The Nordic Art Of Creative LivingNorthern Comfort: The Nordic Art Of Creative Living by Sailsbury, Austin & Gestalten (Eds.)

This book brings together the people, endeavors, and ideas that best embody the hygge way of life, focusing on scandinavian furniture and interior design while also venturing into the outdoors, the kitchen, and the atelier. This book is a modern guide to nordic talent that is both admirable and inspiring. Scandinavian design and creativity are synonymous with cozy homes and architecture that combine style with tradition, indoors with outdoors, natural materials with rich colors, and playfulness with clarity.

Kitchen Living: Kitchen Interiors For Contemporary HomesKitchen Living: Kitchen Interiors For Contemporary Homes by Pearson, Tessa

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Combining inspiring interior design and professional knowledge, this is a tasteful guide to creating spaces that go beyond mere function. The kitchen is the new living room- not just a place to cook but also to celebrate, share, relax, and live life. From rustic to industrial, from quirky to Nordic, this book is the essential guide to the incredible diversity on offer. It showcases the most inspiring designs and introduces the producers and innovations at the forefront of the field. Discover how to build sustainably, where to find the best countertop materials or how to decorate on a budget. Whether you are looking to make the most of your current kitchen or are starting again from scratch, Kitchen Living will undoubtedly feed the imagination.

Bedmar & Shi In The Tropics (2 Volumes): Vol 1: Thirty Years; Vol 2: Ten Houses - SingaporeBedmar & Shi In The Tropics (2 Volumes): Vol 1: Thirty Years; Vol 2: Ten Houses - Singapore by Ojeda, Oscar Riera (Ed.)

This two volume slipcased monograph presents a comprehensive portrait of the works of Singaporean firm Bedmar & Shi. Established in 1986, Bedmar & Shi is known today as one of the most successful high end residential architecture firms in the South East Asia / Pacific region.

Korea StyleKorea Style by Iwatate Marcia; Kim Unsoo

Korea Style is the first book devoted to the country's architecture and interior design-featuring twenty-two exceptional homes, studios, and public and heritage buildings. They range from vernacular to cutting-edge creations and are a celebration of Korea's culture, natural landscape, arts and crafts, and architectural history juxtaposed with a drive towards invention, experimentation and individuality.

Tropical House, The: Cutting Edge Design In The PhilippinesTropical House, The: Cutting Edge Design In The Philippines by Reyes, Elizabeth; Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photo)

Pore over this collection of cutting edge home designs from The Philippines.

Southeast Asia's Modern Architecture: Questions Of Translation, Epistemology And PowerSoutheast Asia's Modern Architecture: Questions Of Translation, Epistemology And Power by Chang Jiat-Hwee & Imran Bin Tajudeen (Eds.)

What is the modern in Southeast Asia's architecture and how do we approach its study critically? This pathbreaking multidisciplinary volume is the first critical survey of Southeast Asia's modern architecture. It looks at the challenges of studying this complex history through the conceptual frameworks of translation, epistemology, and power. Challenging Eurocentric ideas and architectural nomenclature, the authors examine the development of modern architecture in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, with a focus on selective translation and strategic appropriation of imported ideas and practices by local architects and builders.

Colonial Architectural Heritage Of MalaysiaColonial Architectural Heritage Of Malaysia by Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi

The presence of the English Colonialist brought many important changes in Malaysia and the most glaring and obvious of all are the language of buildings and planning of towns.The English had brought their great ideas of humanistic living through their cultivation of the towns with public squares, streets, and nooks and crannies that create a more humane modern living condition.

Bawa Staircases by Robson, David; Sebastian Posingis (Photo.)

Bawa Staircases is a compelling addition to the works on the architectural legacy of Sri Lanka's preeminent architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Aimed at students, professionals and his numerous admirers, Bawa Staircases focuses on his fascination with staircases through the ages and how Bawa incorporated these elemental features into his innumerable designs - residential, public works and hotel and resort architecture.

Upstart!: Visual Identities For Start-Ups And New BusinessesUpstart!: Visual Identities For Start-Ups And New Businesses by Gestalten

Upstart! presents fresh branding ideas for entrepreneurs and designers. To stand out in a land of consumerist plenty, the new generation of small business entrepreneurs has learned to set high design standards. Poised between playfulness and professionalism, their holistic visual identity concepts become an integral part of their core business. From hemp farmers to local box clubs to eyelash extension services, fresh start-ups and spin-offs from all sorts of sectors present themselves as inventively and style-savvily as ever before. Communicating through vivid visual languages that unfold across media applications, they involve the customer in authentic styles and stories. Upstart! explores the contemporary start- up scene's manifold ventures. With a focus on creativity and transformational branding ideas, the compilation covers classic stationery designs, innovative merchandise, interior concepts, and fresh digital applications that have been skillfully orchestrated to leverage business.

Shoplifter! New Retail Architecture And Brand SpacesShoplifter! New Retail Architecture And Brand Spaces by

Shoplifter! explores innovative store concepts and provides expert insights into how brands can engage with their customers in novel ways. Disrupted by online shopping, shops and brands find themselves in a permanent battle over the most innovative store concepts, striking window displays, and genius presentation of goods, to breathe new life into the traditional retail flow. This creative struggle has heralded a golden era of retail design. Brand experiences now stretch far beyond the end product; the dialogue between a shop and its consumers is becoming increasingly important. Companies are tapping the talents of top designers and using them in sophisticated flagship stores or unexpected temporary venues. Shoplifter! showcases the most outstanding concepts across a number of industries, introducing the most innovative brands with rich, in-depth case studies.

Petite Places: Clever Interiors For Humble HomesPetite Places: Clever Interiors For Humble Homes by Klanten, Robert (Ed.)

When cities are great, living space is limited, giving rise to the question: How can I get the most out of my compact apartment? But any living room, kitchen, or bedroom can reveal immense possibilities if its interior is well considered. Clever furniture and storage solutions create more space to relax, cook for friends, or read in a cozy nook. Petite Places shows a variety of projects in different styles, from Scandinavian minimalism to cozy nostalgia, together with insights from interior designers and decorators. Learn how to achieve striking results with easy and practical ways to change a tiny apart- ment using light, color, and textiles, where to purchase products, and which materials to use to add interest.

Modern Spaces: A Subjective Atlas Of 20Th-Century InteriorsModern Spaces: A Subjective Atlas Of 20Th-Century Interiors by Grospierre, Nicolas; A.Prado; E. Redstone

In Modern Forms, Nicolas Grospierre traveled the globe to sample the best modernist buildings from the 20th century. Now, he takes his camera indoors to show how modernist ideas are manifested within the walls of buildings both famous and obscure. Rather than a chronological or geographical tour, these photographs are organized in a visual flow, that allows readers to appreciate similar characteristics in interiors that would normally never be grouped together. Shot in the same distinctive and striking manner as his previous book, these images reveal the forms that define modernism. Built with forward-looking, Utopian ideals, decades later, they exist in a startling range of conditions, from dazzling to downtrodden. Through the visual flow of the book, readers can make connections between a private residence in Sri Lanka, a stair-way at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, a cinema in Bangkok, a bus station waiting room in Odessa, and the vaults of a bank on Wall Street, New York. Responding to our desires to categorize and catalog, this photographic journey crosses spatial and cultural borders to tell the story of modern architecture.