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Yayoi Kusama: Infinity MirrorsYayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors by Mika Yoshitake (Ed.)

This book explores Yayoi Kusama's best-known and most spectacular series?the Infinity Mirror Rooms?and its influence on the course of contemporary art over the past 50 years. World-renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has worked in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, performance art, and installation. Kusama's iconic Infinity Mirror Rooms, which originated with Phalli's Field in 1965, situate viewers in kaleidoscopic spaces filled with multicolored lights or whimsical forms. These mirror-lined installations reflect endlessly, distorting rooms to project the illusion of infinite space. Over the years, the works have come to symbolize different modalities within the various contexts they have inhabited, from Kusama's "self-obliteration" in the Vietnam War era to her more harmonious aspirations in the present. By examining her early unsettling installations alongside her more recent ethereal atmospheres, this volume aims to historicize the body of work amidst the resurgence of experiential practices within the global landscape of contemporary art. Generously illustrated, this publication invites readers to examine the series' impact over the course of the artist's career. Accompanying essays, an interview with the artist, and a scholarly chronology round out the book.

Striking Patterns: Global Traces In Local Ikat FashionStriking Patterns: Global Traces In Local Ikat Fashion by

Ikat refers to the originally Indonesian art and technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving the fabric, creating complex patterns on handwoven textiles. Since time immemorial, master weavers in eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste have embraced ideas and motifs from elsewhere and integrated them in their own designs. Striking Patterns takes readers into the world of a handicraft that is beloved of both laypeople and experts. Ikat is practiced primarily in Indonesia, India, and Central and South America, and its techniques have continuously developed over the course of centuries. Foreign influences were absorbed and creatively integrated into local patterns. The main objects of research in this volume are works by female master weavers from eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste, whose fabrics reflect not only fashion and modernity but also aspects of globalization.

101 Danish Design Icons101 Danish Design Icons by Lars Dybdahl (Text)

Denmark has long loomed large in international design history. Today, Danish furniture, textiles, home appliances and utensils from the 1960s and '70s are more popular than ever, for sale at design galleries and a rarity at flea markets. This publication provides an extensive overview of those everyday objects that have to this day written design history both in Denmark and worldwide. Among the design classics included are the Carlsberg lager label, the Dursley-Pedersen bicycle, the PH lamp, Dansk Standard cutlery, the Beolit 39 radio, the Spoke-Back Sofa, the Flag Halyard Chair, Kobenstyle kitchenware, the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner, LEGO, the Trinidad stacking chair and ECCO shoes.

Treasures Of Asian Art: The Asia Society Museum CollectionTreasures Of Asian Art: The Asia Society Museum Collection by Leidy, Denise Patry; A. Proser; M. Yun

Reflected in the holdings of Asia Society, this book shows how contemporary artists from Asia and the diaspora have responded to seismic shifts in sociopolitical, economic, and cultural conditions. The book groups artworks to emphasize the strengths of the collection and to allow for broader discussion of the connections between historic and contemporary art. Lavishly illustrated, this book acknowledges the enormous transformations that have taken place in Asian cultures, while also commemorating the continent's magnificent contributions throughout the history of art.

50 Modern Artists You Should Know50 Modern Artists You Should Know by Weidemann, Christiane

Starting with James Abbott McNeill Whistler and ending with Matthew Barney, nearly every prominent figure in Modern art is represented in vibrant double-page spreads that show how these artists redefined norms and challenged tradition. Fascinating biographical and anecdotal information about each artist is provided alongside large reproductions of their most celebrated works, stunning details, and images of the artists themselves.

Impressionism: The Art Of LandscapeImpressionism: The Art Of Landscape by Ortrud Westheider; Michael Philipp (Eds.)

This magnificently illustrated book draws on the latest scholarly research to reveal new perspectives on the techniques and influences of Impressionist landscapes. This breathtaking survey takes a multi-faceted approach in its study of 90 seminal works of Impressionist art. The book features contributions by six leading scholars who examine a wide range of themes, from the use of repetition and variation to the ecological climate in which the artists worked. The book also explores the influence of modern poetry and photography on the creation of these paintings. With beautiful reproductions from the masters, including Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, and Renoir.

Egon Schiele: LandscapesEgon Schiele: Landscapes by Leopold, Rudolf

Best known for his depictions of the human form, Schiele was also interested in portraying the beauty and structure of the world he inhabited. In fact, Schiele's paintings of the countryside and his native Vienna comprise a large proportion of his body of work. Nearly one hundred of the artist's landscapes are exquisitely reproduced in this handsome book and presented alongside photographs of the scenes he depicted, taken from the vantage point of the original works.

100 Great Street Photographs100 Great Street Photographs by David Gibson

Over the past few decades, the long tradition of street photography has been wholly transformed by the proliferation of digital cameras, the Internet, and smartphones. A new generation of photographers have embraced this modern technology to capture the world around us in a way that is un-staged, of-the- moment, and real. Exploring this rich seam of emergent and exciting street photography, the 100 photographs featured in this book are presented on double-page spreads along with commentary about the work and its creator.

Big Picture, The: Contemporary Art In 10 Works By 10 ArtistsBig Picture, The: Contemporary Art In 10 Works By 10 Artists by Israel, Matthew

Written in an engaging, straightforward style by prominent art historian Matthew Israel, this book presents ten outstanding examples of contemporary art, each with significant historical or cultural relevance to contemporary art's big picture. Drawn from the fields of photography, painting, performance, installation, video, film, and public art, the works featured here combine to create a bigger picture of the state of contemporary art today. From Andreas Gursky's large-scale color photograph Rhine II to Kara Walker's acclaimed installation in the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, each work is carefully explored within the larger perspective of its social and artistic milieu.

Picasso And Rivera: Conversations Across TimePicasso And Rivera: Conversations Across Time by Govan, Michael; Diana Magaloni

Examining the artistic development of Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera, two towering figures in the world of modern art, this generously illustrated book tells an intriguing story of ambition, competition, and how the ancient world inspired their most important work. The book showcases nearly 150 iconic paintings, sculptures, and prints by both artists, along with objects from their native ancient Mediterranean and Pre- Columbian worlds. It gives an overview of their early training in national academies; important archaeological discoveries that occurred during their formative years; and their friendly and adversarial relationship in Montparnasse.

Battle Of The Sexes: From Franz Von Stuck To Frida KahloBattle Of The Sexes: From Franz Von Stuck To Frida Kahlo by Kramer, Felix (Ed.)

Featuring a selection of 140 works, including paintings, sculptures, graphic art, photography, and film, this book traces the artistic investigations of ever-changing gender roles from the mid-19th century to the end of World War II. Drawing from the considerable holdings of the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, this sweeping examination explores the artistic representations of sexuality and gender. This comprehensive book offers insights into the complexity of gender issues and sheds light on the art-historical dimension of an eminently relevant subject.

Figurative Pollock, TheFigurative Pollock, The by Helfenstein, Josef; N. Zimmer; K. Basel

This beautiful book focuses on the distinctive and expressive power of Jackson Pollock's figurative paintings, drawings, and prints; a rarely studied aspect of his artistic career. It features 100 paintings and works on paper. From rolling landscapes to experiments in non-Western totemic painting to sketches and drawings fueled by Jungian analysis, the enormous range of Pollock s early and late work is presented here. Brimming with confidence and a sense of freedom, distinct yet so easily related to Pollock's most famous oeuvre, these works contribute to an understanding of how the artist found his voice.

Klimt And The Women Of Vienna's Golden Age, 1900-1918Klimt And The Women Of Vienna's Golden Age, 1900-1918 by Natter, Tobias

This authoritative and generously illustrated book highlights Gustav Klimt's portrayals of women in his work. Klimt was a central figure in Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century, and a crucial link between nineteenth-century Symbolism and Modernism. His sensual portrayals of women are among his most celebrated works and the focus of this book.

Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms - Unsichtbare RaumeFrancis Bacon: Invisible Rooms - Unsichtbare Raume by Stuttgart, Staatsgalerie; Ina Conzen

This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book on the work of Francis Bacon, one of the 20th century s greatest painters, takes an in-depth look at his trademark motif of figures imprisoned within ghostly frames. Arguably one of the most influential and original painters of the 20th century, Francis Bacon painted haunting portraits that employed themes of crucifixion, torment, and isolation. Incorporating the insights of The Logic of Sensation, French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's seminal criticism of Bacon's work, this volume highlights Bacon's approach to space as one of the defining forces of his work.

Paul Klee: Irony At WorkPaul Klee: Irony At Work by Lampe, Angela (Ed.)

Offering a fresh look at one of the major artists of the 20th century, this book illustrates how Paul Klee's critical and ironic take on life was evident in every stage of his oeuvre. Known for its whimsy and levity, Paul Klee's art is often considered gleefully childlike. This groundbreaking volume argues that Klee's style emerged from a philosophical school that originated with early German Romanticism and consisted of perpetual shifts between satire and affirmation of the absolute, finite and infinite, and real and ideal. Featuring approximately 250 works, this careful appreciation of Klee connects each stage of his career to the larger philosophical context.

Vanishing Beauty: Asian Jewelry And Ritual Objects From The Barbara And David Kipper CollectionVanishing Beauty: Asian Jewelry And Ritual Objects From The Barbara And David Kipper Collection by Ghose, Madhuvanti Et La (Eds.)

This book commemorates the remarkable gift of over 400 works from the collection of Barbara and David Kipper to the Art Institute of Chicago. These outstanding pieces of jewellery and ritual objects offer a material record of vanishing ways of life. Used as portable forms of wealth, as personal adornment, and in religious practice, they represent a broad spectrum of cultures. The majority comes from the Himalayan region, including Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia, and other pieces hail from Afghanistan, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The catalogue showcases stunning works-including delicate amulet boxes, other Tibetan Buddhist artifacts, and ornate Turkmen jewelry-through dramatic photography undertaken specifically for this publication. With five essays placing the objects in the contexts of their native regions, Vanishing Beauty offers a beautiful presentation of creativity and craftsmanship from across Asia.

Nyonya Needlework: Embroidery And Beadwork In The Peranakan WorldNyonya Needlework: Embroidery And Beadwork In The Peranakan World by Cheah Hwei-Fe'n

Cheah Hwei-Fe'n examines parallel techniques of embroidery, work with gold thread, lace, and drawn needlework in this profusely illustrated catalogue to accompany an exhibition at the Peranakan Museum, Singapore, held from 24 June 2016 to 18 June 2017. In her careful analysis of the techniques associated with Peranakan objects, she reveals a complex network of cultural connections. The various types of needlework were practised by women and men, and drew upon techniques from Europe, India, China, and the Malay world. Religious and secular schools taught the techniques. There are many cross-cultural surprises within: gold embroidery derives not only from European military brocade but from ancient Chinese thread techniques of gold strips wrapped around paper. And many other techniques were long practised in remote islands of the Malay Archipelago.

Inclusive Arts Practice And Research: A Critical ManifestoInclusive Arts Practice And Research: A Critical Manifesto by Fox, Alice; Hannah Macpherson

Inclusive Arts Practice and Research interrogates an exciting and newly emergent field: the creative collaborations between learning-disabled and non-learning-disabled artists which are increasingly taking place in performance and the visual arts. The authors interview artists, curators and key practitioners in the UK and US. They introduce and articulate this new practice, and situate it in relation to associated approaches. Fox and Macpherson candidly describe the tensions and difficulties involved too, and explore how the work sits within contemporary art and critical theory. The book inhabits the philosophy of Inclusive Arts practice: with Jo Offer, Alice Fox and Kelvin Burke making up the design team behind the striking look of the book. The book also includes essays and illustrated statements, and has over 100 full-colour images. Inclusive Arts Practice represents a landmark publication in an emerging field of creative practice across all the arts. It presents a radical call for collaboration on equal terms and will be an invaluable resource for anyone studying, researching or already working within this dynamic new territory.

Unfettered Ink: The Writings Of Chen Chong SweeUnfettered Ink: The Writings Of Chen Chong Swee by Low Sze Wee (Ed.); Grace Tng (Ed.)

Significant achievements in art notwithstanding, Chen Chong Swee was also a prolific, vivid essayist. His writings-collated here and also translated into English for the first time-range from the value of art education to the responsibilities of the art community, and are imbued with ardour and vigorous clarity. This compilation provides a compelling contribution to our understanding of the artist as a man of unwavering focus, whose thoughts cleaved to the advancement of art.

Rediscovering Treasures: Ink Art From The Xiu Hai Lou CollectionRediscovering Treasures: Ink Art From The Xiu Hai Lou Collection by Low Sze Wee (Ed.); Cai Heng (Ed.)

The Xiu Hai Lou Collection is one of the most extensive private collections of ink art in Singapore. This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition Rediscovering Treasures: Ink Art from the Xiu Hai Lou Collection, and captures the stunning breadth of the Collection. Full-colour image plates showcase works which range from the ancient aesthetics of Ming and Qing painting and calligraphy through to the prized masterpieces of 20th-century ink masters, while newly commissioned essays analyse the unique place of the Collection in local art history. Rounding out the catalogue are an exclusive interview with the current custodians of the Collection as well as an exploration of the ecosystem of collecting.