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Just Another Day In ParadiseJust Another Day In Paradise by Yeo, Felix

"The photographs in this book were taken by my late brother, Felix, between 2013 and early 2017. Felix was very passionate in photographing Singaporeans going about their daily lives. Despite his exhausting 12-hour shift at the data centre, he would capture these scenes on his way home from work or on his off-days. Rarely was he seen without his camera when he left home. Within a fraction of a second, Felix's style of capturing Singaporeans was consistently candid. He never interacted with the subjects, never had to make them pose for the camera, and they were usually unaware he had recorded that fleeting moment of their lives. His patient style of gradually blending into the crowd enabled him to highlight their emotions of joy, stress, relief, boredom, sadness, tiredness and of being absorbed in thought. While Felix took each shot individually, the pictures can be enjoyed on its own as a single strong image or even collectively as if going through your own daily routine of working, exercising, shopping, commuting or resting." - Gabriel Yeo, April 2019

Serve And FServe And F by Loh, Esmond

For some artists, being in the army might be a straitjacket for creativity, but not Esmond Loh. For two years whilst serving in mandatory National Service, he armed himself with his sketchbook and pen, documenting his experience in the form of drawings and notes. Initially intended for personal reflection, this series of over 130 artworks and accompanying inscriptions represents a rare entry point into the often closed and esoteric rite of passage unique to Singaporean males. Keenly observed and underscored with affection and surprising emotional heft, this book details Loh's years in the military in ways that range from the mundane to the dramatic, evocative and downright comedic. Serve And F_______ is the entirely original and earnest result of the grappling of an artist with both the freedoms and limits that come with being in the military.

Soo Pieng: Drawings - A Centenary ReflectionSoo Pieng: Drawings - A Centenary Reflection by Koh Seow Chuan; Seah Tzi-Yan

Cheong Soo Pieng (1917-1983) made more than 2,000 drawings in the course of his life's work, from which he produced a large body of major artworks in many expressions. He is now hailed as an important artist of the post-war Chinese diaspora. This book closely examines Soo Pieng's lifetime of drawings from 1943 to 1983, tracing it in tandem with developments of the artist's major works. This is the first detailed study on the drawings of Soo Pieng. It explores the basis for the thousands of drawings he made, many previously unseen in public, and how these are intrinsic to an understanding of his life's work. Both essay and image sections provide fresh insights into the way the artist chose his subjects, drew and re-drew, composing copiously, providing a deeper and more sensitive understanding of his art. Includes 250 artwork images.

Modern Art Of Southeast Asia: Introductions From A To ZModern Art Of Southeast Asia: Introductions From A To Z by Roger, Nelson

Modern Art of Southeast Asia: Introductions from A to Z features 60 concise and accessibly written accounts of the key ideas and currents underlying modern art in the region. These are accompanied by over 250 beautifully reproduced artworks from the collection of National Gallery Singapore, and other public and private collections in Southeast Asia and beyond. The book offers an informative first encounter with art as well as refreshing perspectives, and is a rewarding resource for students.

Homecoming: Chen Wen Hsi Exhibition @ KingsmeadHomecoming: Chen Wen Hsi Exhibition @ Kingsmead by Ma Peiyi (Ed.)

This 96-page exhibition catalogue is published in conjunction with the landmark exhibition Homecoming: Chen Wen Hsi Exhibition @ Kingsmead at 5 Kingsmead Road, Singapore, from 12 April-3 May 2019. 5 Kingsmead Road is the former residence of Singapore pioneer artist Chen Wen Hsi. It is the only private residence that has been marked as a historic site under two categories by the National Heritage Board, specifically culture and community, and art. The exhibition opens this private residence to the public for the first time to showcase two historic mural works created by Chen Wen Hsi in the period of 1959-1964. Around 35 paintings drawn from private collections are also on exhibit inside the house, which offers audience a unique opportunity to view some of the best works created by the artist in his lifetime. This catalogue features around 35 colour plates of Chen Wen Hsi's paintings, an essay on the history of Chen Wen Hsi's former residence and painted murals by Ms. Chow Yian Ping, Lianhe Zaobao Senior Correspondent & former Assistant Director (Programmes and International Relations) and Curator at Singapore Art Museum, an essay on designing for conservation by Ms. Angelene Chan, CEO of DP Architects, and a reproduced essay self-written by Chen Wen Hsi in 1976.

Hua Shuo: Yan Chu Xin Sheng Ju Zi Shen: Tong Zhenshi You Hua Yu Chen Zhirui Shi Ge (The Painting Speaks: Paintings By Tong Chin Sye And Poems By Tan Chee LayHua Shuo: Yan Chu Xin Sheng Ju Zi Shen: Tong Zhenshi You Hua Yu Chen Zhirui Shi Ge (The Painting Speaks: Paintings By Tong Chin Sye And Poems By Tan Chee Lay by Tan Chee Lay; Tong Chin Sye

This hardback publication features a collection of almost 40 ekphrastic poems by award-winning scholar, poet and educator Dr. Tan Chee Lay; each composed in response to a different painting by veteran painter Tong Chin Sye. The book is published in conjunction with the exhibition, The Painting Speaks: Paintings by Tong Chin Sye and Poems by Tan Chee Lay at The Arts House from 4-15 April 2018. The ekphrastic poetry by Dr. Tan Chee Lay relates an interesting literary dimension to appreciating Tong Chin Sye's oil and mixed media paintings (completed mostly between the 1980s-2012). Several paintings capture the street scenes and character of Old Singapore as experienced by Tong Chin Sye, before the rapid onslaught of urbanisation redefined the island. Also included are Tong Chin Sye's paintings of portraits and overseas landscapes, similarly enriched by Dr. Tan Chee Lay's poetry.

Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Charles LimNg Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Charles Lim by Storer, Russell (Ed.)

This catalogue spotlights the third work in the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission series, SEA STATE 9: proclamation garden by Singaporean artist Charles Lim. It features a text by curator Adele Tan, alongside full-colour images of the commission and more than 30 species of plants selected to transform the Gallery's roof garden landscape, whose transplantation, adaptation to survive and eventual disposal tell the stories of Singapore's urban and coastal developments.

Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Rirkrit TiravanijaNg Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Rirkrit Tiravanija by Storer, Russell (Ed.)

Rirkrit Tiravanija has created the second Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission artwork for National Gallery Singapore. Featuring an interlocking bamboo structure with a simple wooden tea house at its centre, this site-specific installation springs from the artist's interest in fostering social engagement and human interaction through art. With homes in Chiang Mai, New York and Berlin, Tiravanija's nomadic life is a constant negotiation of cultures, and a source of inspiration for his practice. This catalogue illuminates this influential artist's fascinating oeuvre through newly commissioned essays and full-colour images of the installation.

Brand New Art From China: A Generation On The RiseBrand New Art From China: A Generation On The Rise by Pollack, Barbara

A unique and visionary generation of young Chinese artists are coming to prominence in the art world - just as China cements its place as the second largest art market on the planet. Renowned critic Barbara Pollack presents the first book to tell the story of how these Chinese millennials, fast becoming global art superstars, negotiate their cultural heritage, and what this means for China's impact on the future of global culture. It is the first collection to showcase the dynamic new art coming from Chinese artists, and features full-colour photos and video stills throughout - with many works being published in book-form for the first time.

Guo Pei: Chinese Art And CoutureGuo Pei: Chinese Art And Couture by Yoong, Jackie

Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture includes full-colour images of everything in the exhibition. Highlights are the gorgeous images and closeups of Guo Pei's dramatic, sculptural gowns made specially for this book by world-renowned Singaporean photographer Russel Wong. An essay by curator Jackie Yoong surveys Guo Pei's career so far. Serving as points of encounter and departure, Chinese artworks from the collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum are juxtaposed with Guo Pei's works, creating a dialogue between historical and contemporary Chinese design. The exhibition and catalogue invite contemplation on how Guo Pei references and reimagines Chinese art and tradition for China and the world today.

Language Of Bugs, TheLanguage Of Bugs, The by Zhu Yingchun

A contemporary art book by Chinese artist and book designer created using the natural characters and movements of bugs.

Carpets Of Afghanistan, TheCarpets Of Afghanistan, The by Parsons, R. D.

Carpets of Afghanistan is without a doubt one of the most detailed analysis of Afghanistan rug production ever published. Author Richard Parsons, for many years a buyer in Afghanistan for the well-known firm O.C.M (London) Ltd, treats the reader not only to a veritable feast of carpets and rugs, all with their attendant tribal origins and motifs vividly explained, but also to a fascinating journey through the history of a diverse and colorful country.

Cacaform BirdsCacaform Birds by Zhu Yingchun

Step into the world of Cacaform Birds - a world that exists a half-pace to one side of our own, at the confluence of imagination, art and reality. The book contains three parts, the first containing doctored photographs that show these birds interacting with sepia cityscapes, alternately goggled at and overlooked by the passers-by. The second introduces us to each individual species through poetic verse, while the third section must be carefully unsealed by the reader in order to reveal how the Cacaform Birds came into being. A blend of bestiary, spotter's guide and poetic anthology, this book demonstrates that art and amusement can be found everywhere, if you only care to look.

Stitches Of Love: Hidden Blessings In Children's Clothing & Accessories by

In ancient Chinese culture, children's clothing and accessories often featured motifs that sought to bestow blessings of good fortune, longevity and health upon their wearers, while others conferred protection from harm. This volume was published in conjunction with a special exhibition co-presented by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and the Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion from Guangzhou, China. The exhibition features over 99 clothing and accessory items from the late Qing to early Republican period, such as hats, ear muffs, bibs and shoes.

Mak Yong: World Heritage TheatreMak Yong: World Heritage Theatre by Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof

Mak Yong was designated a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005, and included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008. The ancient dance-theatre is believed to have originated in the province of Patani in southern Thailand and the state of Kelantan in Malaysia. This book, illustrated with 1970s photographs from the author's fieldwork, is intended to alert the public and authorities to the importance of Mak Yong and its current state of endangerment, and to spur efforts towards its safeguarding.

It Speaks To Me: Art That Inspires ArtistsIt Speaks To Me: Art That Inspires Artists by Finkel, Jori

Imagine your favorite artist leading you through a museum to the very work of art they can't stop thinking about. That's the experience at the heart of It Speaks to Me. In lively and intimate interviews, some of today's most acclaimed artists share the compelling details that make an artwork memorable and meaningful to them. Together these artists bring to life a wide range of museum pieces, from celebrated masterpieces to little-known gems, or from a Rembrandt self-portrait to a social- protest drawing. In the process they remind us of why we look at art at all: to share in the spark of creativity that can jump from an artwork across countries and centuries and to experience the extraordinary sensation of being inspired.

Olympian Gods: From The Dresden Sculpture CollectionOlympian Gods: From The Dresden Sculpture Collection by Koja, Stephan; M. Philipp; O. Westheider

Featuring ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, this book explores the history and legacy of ancient statues of Olympian gods. For people in ancient Greece, ornately and imposingly fashioned statues depicting the gods symbolized power or ideal beauty. During the Roman Empire, when sculptors copied Greek models, the sculptures conveyed an aura of education and scholarship. This volume showcases antique sculptures that represent the most important Greek Olympian gods. Culled from the collection of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, one of the most important collections of antiquities, this book features objects ranging from the 6th century B.C.E. to the 4th century C.E.

Picasso: The Late Work From The Collection Of Jacqueline PicassoPicasso: The Late Work From The Collection Of Jacqueline Picasso by Westheider, Ortrud; Michael Philipp

Featuring rarely and never-before-seen works from the collection of Picasso's wife and muse, Jacqueline, this book celebrates the sheer force of Picasso's creativity in his final years. In his late years, Picasso embraced painting, drawing, and sculpture with renewed vigor. His obsession with the female form grew more intense as he portrayed Jacqueline Picasso, his second wife, in hundreds of works, more than any of his other muses. This book offers the public the first chance to view never-before exhibited works and many that are rarely seen, all dating from the late period of Picasso's career.

Enduring Legacy Of Weimar, The: Bauhaus, Dada, New Typography 1919-1933Enduring Legacy Of Weimar, The: Bauhaus, Dada, New Typography 1919-1933 by Purvis, Alston;

This vibrant book tells the history of the Modernist design movement and how it completely revolutionized graphic design. Graphic Design as an artistic genre wasn't universally accepted until the early 20th century. This striking book focuses on the pivotal years of 1919-1933 to show how fifty artists redefined the field and helped create modern graphic design. Art historian and graphic artist Alston Purvis provides a concise and engaging overview of the dawn of modern graphic design and the artistic possibilities that were laid bare in a seismically shifting Europe. Featuring the designs of 50 pioneering artists, such as Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, and El Lissitzky, this book shows how their work in color, typography, and composition broke conventions and set new standards in a seminal period of graphic design.

Textiles Of JapanTextiles Of Japan by Murray, Thomas; Virginia Soenksen

From rugged Japanese firemen's ceremonial robes and austere rural work-wear to colorful, delicately-patterned cotton kimonos, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Japan's rich tradition of textiles. Numerous examples of these fabrics, photographed in exquisite detail, offer insight into Japan's complex textile history as well as inspiration for today's designers and artists. This volume explores the range and artistry of the country's tradition of fiber arts and is an essential resource for anyone captivated by the Japanese aesthetic.