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Chasing DreamsChasing Dreams by Swiatkowski, Dennis

Growing up between the Netherlands and South Africa, Dennis Swiatkowski knew early on that sunny climates suited him best. As a result, much of his fashion photography emanates with warm, dreamy light. This gorgeous book features signature works including spreads in Glamour, Elle, and Vice and for brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger. Many of these photographs feel like cinematic stills, capturing moments of a larger story. Others celebrate expansive landscapes - beaches, mountains, grassland, and forests. Together they show why this young photographer is one of the most sought-after in his field.

Graphic Design For Art, Fashion, Film, Architecture, Photography, Product Design And EverythingGraphic Design For Art, Fashion, Film, Architecture, Photography, Product Design And Everything by Cooke, Andy

This guide explores ways in which graphic designers can successfully collaborate with other creative professionals and sectors, whether it be a more sophisticated logo for a product, a better-designed lookbook for a fashion brand, or a more intuitive wayfinding system for a museum. The book features exceptionally conceived design solutions across a variety of industries - from architecture and product design to art, fashion, and film. Through dynamic spreads, readers will discover the Berlin-based studio Hort's transformative campaign for Nike; Base's responsive, flexible logo for Munich's Haus der Kunst museum; how design agency Bond worked with ArtRabbit, a website and app that catalogs contemporary art exhibitions, on a clever identity rollout; and how John Haslam, managing director of bespoke paper company G.F Smith, feels about the process of working with designers. Each example illustrates the significance of the graphic designer's role in making a campaign marketable and successful. Insights from clients and the designers themselves reveal the inner workings of the design process. An indispensable reference for the graphic design industry, this visually arresting and informative volume shows how excellence can be achieved when creative minds work together.

50 Contemporary Artists You Should Know50 Contemporary Artists You Should Know by Weidemann, Christiane; Brad Finger

From painters and photographers to sculptors and performance artists, fifty of the most influential contemporary artists are profiled in this colorful and engaging book that traces the various artistic movements and radical changes of the second half of the twentieth century. Presented chronologically, each artist is featured in one or two double page spreads that include brilliant reproductions of their most important works, a succinct text about their work and life, an insightful biography with key dates in their career, and informative background on major developments in the art world. As diverse and inspiring as the artists themselves, this book is a voyage of discovery into art's cutting edge.

50 Impressionist Paintings You Should Know50 Impressionist Paintings You Should Know by Engelmann, Ines Janet

No artistic education is complete without a healthy dose of Impressionism. Here fifty of the most important works from the early nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries are gorgeously reproduced, including the best of Monet, Degas, van Gogh, Renoir, Cézanne, Cassatt, Manet, Seurat, and Pisarro. Each piece is given a brief overview establishing its place in the Impressionist pantheon as well as in its artist's oeuvre. An introductory text explains the Impressionistic style, tracing the movement's development, while an appendix offers biographies of the artists. The result is a veritable tour on Impressionism, offering an enjoyable and practical art history lesson that everyone can enjoy.

Mohan Samant: PaintingsMohan Samant: Paintings by Samant, Mohan

Mohan Samant (1924 - 2004), among the earliest of the post-Independence modern Indian artists to train in India and settle as a successful mature artist in the West, has been called 'one of the few artists who has successfully made the bridge between Eastern and Western traditions.' This volume, the definitive work on the artist, presents a comprehensive overview of Samant's life and work, and includes essays on his place in the development of modernism in post-Independence India, a chronological survey of the styles, techniques, and themes employed by the artist and analyses of the media and techniques he utilized.

Chandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier's City TodayChandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier's City Today by Fynn, Shaun

A photographic journey through a remarkable modernist landscape, it pays homage to the works of Le Corbusier with reflective observations on Chandigarh.

Yan Wang Preston: ForestYan Wang Preston: Forest by Cheatle, Zelda; Amy Cutler (Text)

Planting trees, you put down roots. And what about those who dig them up? In China, the country where cities are springing up, transplanting nature is big business. In the photo series Forest Yan tracks down many uprooted creatures that are now in concrete deserts, once again questioning our sense of the meaning of homeland.

India: Art NowIndia: Art Now by Gether, Christian; S. Hoholt; R. Hoskute Et. Al.

Contemporary art in India has enjoyed a tremendous flourishing since the early 1990s. As Indian artists establish an ever-stronger presence on the global art scene, India: Art Now shows how their negotiations of the global and the local are yielding fascinating fruit. Leading Indian critics, scholars, writers and artists discuss new developments and artistic positions in Indian contemporary art, and its role on the global art scene.

Contemporary Korean PhotographyContemporary Korean Photography by Suejin Shin (Ed.)

The 77 photographers selected in this project observe and interpret social and cultural changes in Korea from their own perspectives. Korea is expressed through portraits, cityscapes, records of daily life and digitally reconstructed works by, among others, Bien-U Bae, Sungsoo Koo, Soonchoel Byun and Sanghyun Lee.

Michael Rakowitz: Backstroke Of The WestMichael Rakowitz: Backstroke Of The West by

Iraqi-American Michael Rakowitz's provocative multimedia projects confront popular political histories, particularly those of the US and Iraq. Whether serving Iraqi cuisine from his Enemy Kitchen food truck alongside Iraqi refugees and war vets, or recreating items lost during the 2003 looting of the National Museum in Baghdad, Rakowitz works to address the trauma created by Saddam Hussein's regime and the US. The book explores ten of Rakowitz's most renowned works and a new commission.

In The Fields Of Empty Days: The Intersection Of Past And Present In Iranian ArtIn The Fields Of Empty Days: The Intersection Of Past And Present In Iranian Art by Komaroff, Linda

The past is a continuous and inescapable part of Iranian art and culture. This book beautifully demonstrates this notion with examples dating from the 1970s to the present - a time of turmoil and political upheaval. Featuring a dizzying variety of works - from paintings and photography to political cartoons and posters - this volume shows how contemporary artists appropriate and recontextualize myth and history to tell powerful new stories about life in Iran.

3D: Double Vision3D: Double Vision by Salvesen, Britt (Ed.)

This book follows the cyclical development of 3D media from the 1830s to the present, tracing an alternate history of modernism in which virtual depth takes precedence over material flatness. Encompassing nearly 200 years of innovation and covering a wide range of genres, artists, and media-from sophisticated perceptual experimentation to popular cinema-this volume explores how and why 3D images remain wondrous to 21st-century artists and audiences. Each book includes 3D viewing apparatuses to allow readers to fully engage in this multi-dimensional history of artistic expression.

Mr Chow: 50 YearsMr Chow: 50 Years by Conran, Terence

In the mid-sixties, armed with desire and passion, M (aka Michael Chow) established his vision of bridging the East with the West through the cuisine of China in a participatory theater of art, architecture, and design. Portraits of multiple generations of the Chow family by the most prominent artists of the 20th and 21st centuries portray how M holds court in the artistic community. Images of all iconic Mr Chow restaurants, spread throughout the globe from London to New York, Mexico City, and Beverly Hills, are captured here as well. The volume also features an illustrated history for Mr Chow's famous Beijing duck and hand-pulled noodles.

Photography In India: A Critical History From 1840 To The PresentPhotography In India: A Critical History From 1840 To The Present by Gaskell, Nathaniel

India has one of the richest and most extensive histories of photography in the world with the camera arriving in the country only a few years after its invention in Europe. Organized chronologically, this book covers over 150 years of photographs, divided into ten chapters which focus on themes and genres such as archaeology and ethnography, portraiture, photojournalism, social documentary, street photography, modernism, and contemporary art.

Xing Danwen: Captive Of LoveXing Danwen: Captive Of Love by Tarek Abou El Fetouh

Since 1989, when she began photographing the lives of artists squatting on the fringes of Beijing, Xing Danwen has forged a significant identity in the Chinese art world. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue, Captive of Love, focus on Xing's relationship to Beijing and feature works from all of her major series Through photographs, installations, and videos, Xing positions herself inside the event as a subject, a model, or a critical eye, creating a visual language that is both subversive and poetic.

Dot Art: Sticker SeuratDot Art: Sticker Seurat by Alter, Yoni

The perfect fun and relaxing art project for adults and children, this activity pack includes everything needed for readers to make their own Pointillist sticker masterpiece. Containing 14 sticker sheets with over three-thousand colored circular stickers and a poster "canvas" of colored outlines, readers simply need to match the colored stickers to the outlines found on the poster to recreate the painting. With a handy folder-style flap that allows for easy storage and transportation of the artwork in progress, this is the perfect activity to take on vacation or to unwind after a busy day.

Latiff Mohidin: Pago Pago (1960-1969)Latiff Mohidin: Pago Pago (1960-1969) by Shabbir Hussain Mustafa; Catherine David (Eds.)

Latiff Mohidin’s life work has been discussed extensively within national and, to some extent, regional frameworks, yet his contribution to global modernism remains understudied. Seen as a step toward addressing this gap, this catalogue seeks to position the artist within Berlin art circles of the 1960s, and unravel what could be contingently described as painting from within the tradition. The catalogue also explores the formative role of Latiff Mohidin’s Pago Pago series not only in his oeuvre, but also in our very ability to write about Southeast Asian history.

Buddhist Visual Cultures, Rhetoric, And Narrative In Late Burmese Wall PaintingsBuddhist Visual Cultures, Rhetoric, And Narrative In Late Burmese Wall Paintings by Green, Alexandra

Step into a Burmese temple built between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries and you are surrounded by a riot of color and imagery. The majority of the highly detailed wall paintings display Buddhist biographical narratives, inspiring the devotees to follow the Buddha's teachings. Alexandra Green goes one step further to consider the temples and their contents as a whole, arguing that the wall paintings mediate the relationship between the architecture and the main Buddha statues in the temples. This forges a unified space for the devotees to interact with the Buddha and his community, with the aim of transforming the devotees' current and future lives. These temples were a cohesively articulated and represented Burmese Buddhist world to which the devotees belonged. Green's visits to more than 160 sites with identifiable subject matter form the basis of this richly illustrated volume, which draws upon art historical, anthropological, and religious studies methodologies to analyze the wall paintings and elucidate the contemporary religious, political, and social concepts that drove the creation of this lively art form.

Colours Of Impressionism: Masterpieces From The Musée D’OrsayColours Of Impressionism: Masterpieces From The Musée D’Orsay by Kisiel, Marine; Paul Perrin (Eds.)

One of the great innovations of the Impressionists was their radical use of colour: their application of strokes of complementary or contrasting hues captured the shifting effects of light and foregrounded the nature of vision. Using colour as the lens through which to magnify the movement's intricacies, this catalogue sweeps us from Manet's rich blacks, through green and blue landscapes of Monet and Cézanne, to the sensuous pinks of Renoir. Along this journey, scientific discoveries and emerging definitions of modernity are explored, illuminating the profound innovations of the Impressionists and the shifting preconceptions of their art.

Islamic BookbindingIslamic Bookbinding by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Islamic Bookbinding is dedicated to highlight the development of the binding tradition in the Islamic world. Over 70 bindings from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia are analysed and presented within their historical context. Bindings made of leather, lacquer and textile, gilded or blind tooled or exquisitely painted form the catalogue section of this publication. Moreover, the catalogue take a comprehensive look into the bookbinding technique discuss the stitching process, the preparation of the binding and its doublure, and flap. The catalogue also explores the art of bookbinding from around the Islamic world, spanning geographically from the Maghreb and moving eastward to cover the Malay world and China, and covering the various practices and decorative repertoire of binding known to Islamic dynasties such as the Mamluk, Ottoman, Safavid and Qajar.