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Amazing Love: A Personal TestimonyAmazing Love: A Personal Testimony by Khoo, Julie

Julie Khoo has been teaching language and communications skills for more than twenty years. She currently teaches various courses at NUS and NTU. Here, she recounts her journey in discovering and experiencing love and happiness despite the odds and difficulties, and shares her thoughts and reflections on some important issues in life. One regarded as a problem child, she was eventually transformed and found the true meaning of life.

Love With Passion And Perspective: Pearls From A Cross-Border Divorce And The Hague ConventionLove With Passion And Perspective: Pearls From A Cross-Border Divorce And The Hague Convention by Lim, Adele M.

Adele M. Lim, author, innovator, change catalyst, and mother dives into the deep and troubling realities of cross-border divorce and the harsh legalities of child custody. She tells us the emotional stories of several families, including her own, whose already difficult marital upheaval was further complicated by the regulations of the Hague Abduction Convention of 1980. Designed to hasten the return of abducted children to their country of habitual residence, the Convention has loopholes when applied to contentious separation cases despite its positive intent. Adele offers an expansive view that aims at meeting the Convention in light of our evolution as a global village, so that individually and collectively we enable a healthier systems balance and heal cross-generational trauma by attending to the family system.

Robert Kuok: A MemoirRobert Kuok: A Memoir by Tanzer, Andrew, Robert Kuok

Robert Kuok is one of the most highly respected businessmen in Asia. In these memoirs, the 94-year-old Kuok tells the remarkable story of how, starting in British Colonial Malaya, he built a multi-industry, multinational business group. In reflecting back on 75 years of conducting business, he offers management insights, discusses strategies and lessons learned, and relates his principles, philosophy, and moral code. Kuok has lived through fascinating and often tumultuous times in Asia - from British colonialism to Japanese military occupation to post-colonial Southeast Asia and the dramatic rise of Asian economies, including, more recently, China. From his front-row seat and as an active participant, this keen, multi-cultural observer tells nearly a century of Asian history through his life and times. Readers interested in business, management, history, politics, culture and sociology will all enjoy Robert Kuok's unique and remarkable story.

Singapore Ethnic Mosaic, The: Many Cultures, One PeopleSingapore Ethnic Mosaic, The: Many Cultures, One People by Mathews, Mathew (Ed.)

Far from being a melting pot, multi-racial Singapore prides itself on the richness of its ethnic communities and cultures. This volume provides an updated account of the heterogeneity within each of the main communities - the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian and Others. It also documents the ethnic cultures of these communities by discussing their histories, celebrations, cultural symbols, life cycle rituals, cultural icons and attempts to preserve culture. While chapters are written by scholars drawing insight from a variety of sources ranging from academic publications to discussions with community experts, it is written in an accessible way.

Stranger To Myself: Diary Of A Bangladeshi In SingaporeStranger To Myself: Diary Of A Bangladeshi In Singapore by Md Sharif Uddin; Theophilus Kwek (Ed.)

The sacrifices of migrant workers are written in every inch of Singapore - in the bricks of buildings, ship irons, under the floor of houses. Thousands of years later, someone may hear the story of our pain and sacrifice from the walls of this city. After about a decade here, I have many stories and recollections to share with you. This diary contains the collected fragments of my experiences. It is not my intention to write anything against my homeland or this country. No hurt feelings, please. I have just written down the most valuable moments of my life here. This diary records observations from my reality. - Preface

Criteria For Those Who Reach The Top, The: To Lead With Mind And HeartCriteria For Those Who Reach The Top, The: To Lead With Mind And Heart by Egawa, Toshio; Ako Egawa & Ooi Kee Beng (Eds.)

The world is no doubt full of self-improvement books. What sets Toshio Egawa's book apart is that its focus is more about being at The Top than about getting there. Of course, the traits that get you there and the traits that keep you there overlap in many cases. One could go further to say that it is not always clear whether one is on the way to the top, is at the top or is on the way down from the top. But there are ethical goals and self-reflections; social attitudes and pragmatic shrewdness, as well as a sense of time passing, which should be cultivated in any case if one is to live a full and meaningful life. The Top may not be a place that we can easily locate.

Rosalie And Other Love SongsRosalie And Other Love Songs by Saidah Rastam

Beautiful music, born from an eclectic mix of cultures, was created in Malaya in the period leading up to country's independence in 1957. But this cultural history has yet to be told, until now. Saidah Rastam draws on extensive interviews with those who made that history, corroborating and elaborating this testimony by trawling through contemporary newspaper cuttings, and referencing hundreds of songs and scores of films. As a point of entry into this fascinating story, she explores the controversies surrounding the provenance of Malaysia's national anthem, 'Negara Ku', and embroiders a kind of detective story, drawing the reader into broader, contextual issues to do with culture, politics and society. The result is an innovative and perceptive account: well researched, splendidly constructed, deeply knowledgeable, beautifully illustrated and stylishly written in a way that captures the very musicality of its topic. The first edition of Rosalie and Other Love Songs was enthusiastically received, and this new, revised edition will be welcomed by all those with an interest in Malaysian culture and history, as well as fans of popular music worldwide.

Resilience And The Localisation Of Trauma In Aceh, IndonesiaResilience And The Localisation Of Trauma In Aceh, Indonesia by Smith, Catherine

Aceh is a region that is no stranger to violent conflict and tragedy. In this book, Catherine Smith examines the global reach of the contested, yet compelling, concept of trauma. She explores how what is considered "trauma" has expanded well beyond the bounds of therapeutic practice to become a powerful cultural idiom shaping the ways people understand the effects of violence and imagine possible responses to suffering. In Aceh, conflict survivors have incorporated the ideas of trauma into their local languages, healing practices, and political imaginaries. The appearance of this idiom of distress into the Acehnese medical-moral landscape provides an ethnographic perspective on suffering and recovery, and contributes to our contemporary debates about the international reach of psychiatry and the cultural consequences as it spreads beyond the domain of medicine.

Rebound: Laolao's Guide To Giving UpRebound: Laolao's Guide To Giving Up by Lim, Jayden

In February 2010, LaoLao, then a player for the Singapore Slingers and National Team, had a near-fatal accident while he was training. He sustained a major head injury that put him out of commission from basketball. Though he survived, LaoLao lived with a hole in his head for four months before he underwent a second operation that replaced part of his skull with plastic. Despite the intense mental and physical strain, LaoLao could not turn his back on his ultimate goal as a sportsman. In October 2010, he returned to basketball, fought his way back to earn a spot on the Men's Team, and represented Team Singapore one last time at the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia. Now, LaoLao shares his story in this light-hearted, personal retelling of his life.

Magic Circle, TheMagic Circle, The by Chan, Charmaine

The Magic Circle tells the story of what happens when Charmaine Chan's sister Elaine is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. As the illness progresses, family members living on different continents gather together during Elaine's last days. Striving to distract Elaine from the worst effects of the cancer, Charmaine takes to the pen: conjuring up the vanished world of their childhood in Singapore, and discovering a way to keep her promise to Elaine's six-year-old daughter. A contemplation on grief and loss, nostalgia and yearning, The Magic Circle is for anyone who's been torn apart and put back again by the inexplicable power of memory.

White ButterfliesWhite Butterflies by Mcphedran, Colin

After the Japanese invasion of Burma in late 1941, 11-year-old Colin McPhedran fled his homeland on foot, crossing the rugged Patkoi Mountain Ranges on foot to reach safety in India. Colin, along with his mother, elder brother and sister and thousands of others, many of whom died, battled monsoon rains, hunger, disease and exhaustion during the 500-kilometre journey. McPhedran's autobiography recalls his childhood as part of a large Anglo-Burmese family in colonial Burma, and provides a dramatic account of his harrowing trek to freedom. He eventually settled in Australia, where his memoir was first published. This edition, issued in Southeast Asia for the first time, includes a new afterword that supplies details left out of the story as originally published.

Chinese Ghosts Revisited: A Study Of Paranormal Beliefs And ExperiencesChinese Ghosts Revisited: A Study Of Paranormal Beliefs And Experiences by Emmons, Charles

Do the Hong Kong Chinese experience ghosts, hauntings, spirit mediumship, ESP and other paranormal phenomena just like British and Americans? Or is their culture so different that the ghost accounts in this book will seem bizarre to anyone else? This classic presentation of cases is based on 3,600 interviews, questionnaires and observations in Hong Kong in 1980/81, updated by recent materials over 30 years later. For this 2017 edition, Charles Emmons has revisited his earlier conclusions and added new material that has come to light in the intervening years. This book remains the only major cross-cultural study comparing Chinese with Western ghost experiences.

Tiger Hunters Of Tai O, TheTiger Hunters Of Tai O, The by Saeki, John

Hong Kong, 1954. The British colony was not yet ready to hear about a Eurasian policeman having an affair with the police commissioner's daughter. Twenty-two-year-old Simon Lee tasted swift punishment. He was banished to the outer fringes of the territory, to the far tip of a wild and distant island a stone's throw from mainland Chinese waters - to Tai O, the ancient and murky trading post where fishermen, salt-farmers and refugees were thrown together with spies, pirates and triads. Pink dolphins swam the waters, eagles fished the sea, and some still believed that a tiger prowled the hills at night. Life was unpredictable for the band of beer-swilling misfits that staffed Tai O Police Station. Some said they needed reining in. But when a stranger was murdered on a beach, accused of being a Communist spy, Lee found himself on an unexpected collision course with his own masters in Central. Who had the dead man been working for? What did the secret agents know? Why was Central so eager to brush the execution aside? And who or what really was the 'tiger'?

Eva, Kopi And Matcha 2.0Eva, Kopi And Matcha 2.0 by Neo, Evangeline

Evangeline Neo's gallery of cultural differences continues with this follow-up to Eva, Kopi and Matcha. During her studies abroad in the United States and Japan, Eva's early brushes with how things are in those countries left such an impression on her that she eventually recorded them in webcomics, which featured her imaginary pets: Kopi the dog and Matcha the cat. In this volume, readers are also regaled with often hilarious anecdotes of life abroad and comparisons between her home country of Singapore and places such as the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia and, of course, Japan.

Eva Goes SoloEva Goes Solo by Neo, Evangeline

Eva had always wanted to experience life in Japan. But upon her arrival there in pursuit of a master's degree, she soon finds that it's not entirely like what she'd read in anime and manga. In this follow-up to her previous work, follow Eva's footsteps as she experiences some of the best and not-quite-best Japan has to offer during her postgraduate adventure. Her accounts, sometimes harrowing and informative, show that her fondness for all things Japanese has not waned, despite everything.

Local Encounters In A Global City: Singapore StoriesLocal Encounters In A Global City: Singapore Stories by Paul, Anju Mary (Ed.)

What is the impact of a constant flow of people and capital in one of the most globalised cities in the world? In this collection of essays, the authors pursue an ethnographic approach to globalization, and while they were informed by official statistics and social theory, they relied mostly on first-hand observations of life and experiences in Singapore. From iconic Singapore locations like the Botanic Gardens, Raffles Place and ION Orchard Shopping Mall to the seamier side of globalisation in the red-light district of Geylang and disused factories housing migrant workers, the authors relate their narratives in telling details and street insights. There is no single position for or against globalisation in this collection. The diverse views show the complex effects of global capital and labour flows on the culture and cityscape of Singapore at a time when sustained challenges are emerging to the global economic and political order of a past generation.

Marbles, Mayhem & My Typwriter: The Unfadable Life Of An Ordinary ManMarbles, Mayhem & My Typwriter: The Unfadable Life Of An Ordinary Man by Sabnani, Mano

In a world where so many people believe that they cannot go far because they were not born gifted or with a silver spoon, Mano Sabnani's story provides profound inspiration - showing how an ordinary man can achieve extraordinary things by following a very simple and ethical set of principles. As a top journalist, banker and activist investor as well as intrepid traveller, Mano offers over six decades of unique experience and special insight into a myriad of topics and life itself. This humble man has also enjoyed a front-row seat to the transformation of Singapore since independence and some of the painful trade-offs that have been made as his tiny island nation achieved its phenomenal economic development and physical transformation.

'Others' Is Not A Race'Others' Is Not A Race by De Silva, Melissa

What is a Eurasian? Are Eurasians Singaporean? What does it mean to be a Eurasian living in Singapore? This book is a tapestry that weaves together the multiple genres of narrative fiction, creative nonfiction, literary food writing and family memoir, to offer insight into the micro-minority Eurasian community through the intensely personal lens of the writer's own experience living and growing up as a Eurasian in Singapore. Throughout are interwoven the themes of memory, loss, language, identity and cultural reclamation. Similarly, it is a reflective and provocative journey of self-discovery; a journey the reader may also take to explore what it means to exist at the confluence of being Singaporean and being Eurasian, and to interrogate the liminal space between two cultures, Asian and European, occupied by this community.

I Want To Go HomeI Want To Go Home by Aroozoo, Wesley Leon

On the 11th of March, 2011, Yasuo Takamatsu lost his wife to the tsunami during the Great East Japan earthquake. Since that fateful day, he has been diving in the sea every week in search for her. Compelled and inspired to share his story, I Want To Go Home is a journey from Singapore to Onagawa through the lens of the intrigued to meet him. Of unlikely friendships across borders and languages; to share a man's loss, recovery and determination to reunite with his wife. The novel's feature film has also been selected for the 2017 Busan International Film Festival. This book also includes a Japanese translation by Miki Hawkinson.

Spiaking English: A Companion To How Singaporeans CommunicateSpiaking English: A Companion To How Singaporeans Communicate by Gwee Li Sui

Singlish is a punchy and witty patois used in Singapore. It mixes English with words, phrases, and syntaxes from the languages of different ethnic groups living in the country. Spiaking Singlish doesn't just describe Singlish elements; there are already several such references books. Rather, it aims to show how Singlish can be used in a confident and stylish way to communicate. Gwee Li Sui's collection of highly entertaining articles shares his observation of how Singlish has evolved over the decades.