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Europe In The RenaissanceEurope In The Renaissance by Aikema, Bernard; Peter Burke Et Al.

The Renaissance experienced some of the most important advances in human history. All the discoveries and creations would have been unimaginable without cultural exchange. The Renaissance was an era of dialogue and new horizons in thinking over great distances and time. Based on numerous examples - works of art, instruments and everyday objects - this substantial publication invites readers to trace the various paths of transference. Renowned authors take us to antiquity and the Orient, to Italy and through half of Europe.

Malaysian And Their IdentitiesMalaysian And Their Identities by Yeoh Seng Guan (Ed.)

Malaysians and their Identities presents a kaleidoscope of insights based on original empirical research by young Malaysian scholars. Among others, their topics cover festive TV advertisements, connoisseur café culture, the smartphone, online sports gaming, Islamic fashion, women indie musicians, men's health magazines, inter-racial marriages, and friendships in private universities. These chapters show the variety of everyday identity-making in Malaysia, and how these actions are also entangled with wider social, economic and technological processes in the world.

Onstage Offstage by Lee, Bob

The getai is a live stage performance held each year during the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore and Malaysia. It forms an integral part of the month-long festival: local Chinese would burn incense paper to appease the spirits and performances would be held at various neighborhoods. In the past, performances were Chinese opera or puppet shows but have since evolved into a kitschy and gaudy combination of songs, dance and stand-up comedy. In Onstage Offstage, Lee questions the longevity of these performances, how long would it be before it becomes just that - a memory ?

Singapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes And DreamsSingapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes And Dreams by Braga-Blake, Myrna; Ann Ebert-Oehlers Et Al (Eds.)

This book offers insight into the Singapore Eurasian community, one of Singapore's minority communities. This book is the definitive record of Eurasian history and heritage in Singapore, and serves to educate the younger generation of Eurasians about their roots, the community's achievements and its collective hopes and dreams for the future, as well as provide a useful resource for others to learn more about the Eurasian community. In addition, it also covers the growth and developments of the Eurasian community within the last 25 years, and how the Eurasian Association, as a Self-Help Group since 1994, has been helping the less fortunate through its programmes, as well as being the main force in driving the preservation and sharing of the Eurasian culture for its future generations.

Lky Story, The - Lee Kuan Yew, The Man Who Shaped A NationLky Story, The - Lee Kuan Yew, The Man Who Shaped A Nation by Yoshio Nabeta; Yoshihide Fujiwara (Illus.)

Lee Kuan Yew, informally known by his initials LKY, is recognised as Singapore's founding father and the man who propelled a small nation from The Third World to First under his leadership. In this brilliantly illustrated graphic novel biography, we catch a glimpse into the life of the man before he made history. From his early years and education in Raffles College, to his experiences in World War II and work as a lawyer, the book traces the events that shaped Lee Kuan Yew's ideals that would lead him towards championing the rights of the people and the fight for an independent Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur Undercover IiKuala Lumpur Undercover Ii by Ewe Paik Leong

As eight sexy girls strut their stuff on stage, spandex shorts swathing their behinds as tightly as the lotus-leaf wrappings of a Chinese dumpling, author Ewe Paik Leong once again finds himself on the trail of Kuala Lumpur's ladies of the night. Following the success of his original book, which resulted in several red-light areas being closed down by the Malaysian authorities, he is back with new girls, new locations and new, shocking material.

If You Only Live TwiceIf You Only Live Twice by Jasonyolt

This book recounts the true story of a young man's tragic accident and his journey to recovery. Alone and left for dead in a foreign country, a series of miraculous interventions led to his location and ultimate rescue. Told with heart-breaking and refreshing honesty, we are taken on a journey of the author's physical and psychological healing and newfound awareness and appreciation of life. Ultimately a story of personal self-discovery, he has decided to share his painful account in the hopes of offering others a fresh perspective on life --and we are all forced to ask ourselves the compelling question: Do you really need a death certificate before you decide to live?

Man With A Mission, The: A Life Well-Lived Ron Chandran-Dudley 1934-2015Man With A Mission, The: A Life Well-Lived Ron Chandran-Dudley 1934-2015 by

Enter the world of Ron Chandran-Dudley (1934-2015), an only child born into a Ceylonese immigrant family who had to shelve his dreams of becoming a brain surgeon when he found out that he would not be able to see again. He kept on walking, sometimes quitting, sometimes camping and sometimes climbing. He overcame the challenges his disability presented and found love and the drive to fulfil his mission of helping others with disabilities in Singapore and overseas.

Sheriff Of Wan Chai: How An Englishman Helped Govern Hong Kong In Its Last Decades As A British ColonySheriff Of Wan Chai: How An Englishman Helped Govern Hong Kong In Its Last Decades As A British Colony by Mann, Peter

In 1976, Peter Mann left a gloomy England for the last corner of the British empire: Hong Kong. As a police inspector, he commanded a sub-unit and led a district vice squad in Kowloon, before joining the colonial government's Administrative Service and working in the fields of transport, housing, security, environment and tourism. He also served as District Officer for Wan Chai. From raids on gambling dens to organising Governors' visits, his work involved him in all levels of Hong Kong society. Mann's memoir is an anecdotal, historical and racy account of Hong Kong's last decades as a British colony and the colourful story of a young Englishman in the twilight of empire.

PerfectionPerfection by Lee, Debbie

Growing up in Singapore wasn't as easy as it seemed. It was competitive yet conservative at the same time. In this personal memoir, Debbie Lee recounts how she survived self-doubt, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide and the struggles she faced during recovery. Debbie shares how reverse psychology and being competitive can cause emotional damage to your child. How girls should treasure their body and sexuality. How she picked herself up from the mess she was in when she was sexually abused. How she was suddenly at the top of the world and her life was perfect. How she couldn't keep up with perfection and fell. How she struggled during the lowest point of her life when she was depressed and suicidal. How she tamed her demon.

Passage Of Time: Singapore Bookstore Stories, 1881-2016 (Chinese Edition)Passage Of Time: Singapore Bookstore Stories, 1881-2016 (Chinese Edition) by

Bookstores often carry the little-known literary aspirations of the owners. Admired by many but understood by few - this tricky situation is what the bookstores in the 21st century find themselves in. However, the seemingly sluggish bookstore industry was once an important catalyst for the vitality in the Lion City and, indeed, the entire Southeast Asia. The content of this book is divided into five sections: Bookstore Genesis, Bookstore Chronicle, Bookstore Stories, Bookstore Memories and Bookstore Listing. This is the Chinese edition of the book.

Passage Of Time: Singapore Bookstore Stories, 1881-2016Passage Of Time: Singapore Bookstore Stories, 1881-2016 by Sing Song Chin Et Al (Eds.)

Bookstores often carry the little-known literary aspirations of the owners. Admired by many but understood by few - this tricky situation is what the bookstores in the 21st century find themselves in. However, the seemingly sluggish bookstore industry was once an important catalyst for the vitality in the Lion City and, indeed, the entire Southeast Asia. The content of this book is divided into five sections: Bookstore Genesis, Bookstore Chronicle, Bookstore Stories, Bookstore Memories and Bookstore Listing.

Culture Of Copying In Japan, The: Critical And Historical PerspectivesCulture Of Copying In Japan, The: Critical And Historical Perspectives by Cox, Rupert (Ed.)

This book challenges the perception of Japan as a 'copying culture' through a series of detailed ethnographic and historical case studies. It addresses a question about why the West has had such a fascination for the adeptness with which the Japanese apparently assimilate all things foreign and at the same time such a fear of their skill at artificially remaking and automating the world around them. Countering the idea of a Japan that deviously or ingenuously copies others, it elucidates the history of creative exchanges with the outside world and the particular myths, philosophies and concepts which are emblematic of the origins and originality of copying in Japan. The volume demonstrates the diversity and creativity of copying in the Japanese context through the translation of a series of otherwise loosely related ideas and concepts into objects, images, texts and practices of reproduction, which include: shamanic theatre, puppetry, tea utensils, Kyoto town houses, architectural models, genres of painting, calligraphy, and poetry, 'sample' food displays, and the fashion and car industries.

Re-Writing Culture In TaiwanRe-Writing Culture In Taiwan by Shih Fang-Long, Stuart Thompson Et Al (Eds.)

This inter-disciplinary volume of essays opens new points of departure for thinking about how Taiwan has been studied and represented in the past, for reflecting on the current state of 'Taiwan Studies', and for thinking about how Taiwan might be re-configured in the future. As the study of Taiwan shifts from being a provincial back-water of sinology to an area in its own (albeit not sovereign) right, a combination of established and up and coming scholars working in the field of East Asian studies offer a re-reading and re-writing of culture in Taiwan. They show that sustained critical analysis of contemporary Taiwan using issues such as trauma, memory, history, tradition, modernity, post-modernity provides a useful point of departure for thinking through similar problematics and issues elsewhere in the world. With chapters on nationalism, anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, religion and museum studies, the breadth of ground covered is truly comprehensive.

Lat: My Life And CartoonsLat: My Life And Cartoons by Mohammad Nor Khalid (Lat)

Mohammad Nor Khalid, far better known as Lat, is Malaysia's top cartoonist. In Lat: My Life and Cartoons he tells for the first time the story of his life. From his childhood in the idyllic village atmosphere so evocatively captured by him in his bestselling book Kampung Boy, through his years as a crime reporter in 1970s Kuala Lumpur, and several decades as an editorial and freelance cartoonist, Lat has achieved celebrity status and won the hearts and attention of millions with his inimitable style and perceptive insights. Respected by cartoonists around the world and venerated by the Malaysian public, his cartoons have been translated into nine languages and his animated series Kampung Boy has been broadcast in many countries including Canada. This treasure trove of memories tells the story of a man whose cartoons have come to represent the collective memories of an entire country. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs, memorabilia and carefully selected cartoons.

Singapore Chronicles: TheatreSingapore Chronicles: Theatre by Loon, Robin; Kok Heng Leun

Theatre is the most active and vibrant of the performing arts in Singapore. This book surveys the beginnings, evolution and current state of theatre in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil against the backdrop of Singapore's rise as a nation and as a cultural polity. It examines issues of regulation, cultural linguistic imperatives, and the use of theatre as a mirror, asking the nation and its people to reflect on themselves and their contexts.

Mum Is Where The Heart IsMum Is Where The Heart Is by You Jin

In this uproarious memoir, You Jin employs her wry, inimitable style to look at the parental life as she grows with her children. Beginning with her first trip back to her in-laws' home in Ipoh, she takes us through nearly three decades to when the youngest of her three children leaves home to study overseas, unflinchingly facing the mistakes she makes along the way and the wisdom she- and they- discover in the process. Equally unafraid to acknowledge her own failings and her children's sometimes surprising insights, You Jin bares some of the deepest emotions found in any of her work, feelings that have grown out of some of the most personal observations and events.

Ethnicization And Identity Construction In MalaysiaEthnicization And Identity Construction In Malaysia by Holst, Frederik

This book is the first monograph to provide an in-depth and multifaceted study of the processes of ethnicization and identity construction in Malaysia, from the colonial period until the present. In his analysis, the author takes multiple layers of ethnicization into account and shows how these have shaped Malaysia's socio-political system and society in different ways. A multi-disciplinary approach, substantiated by empirical data based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies, provides a perspective that moves beyond stereotypical narrations of Malaysia as being constituted by mainly three separate, homogenous groups. At the same time, this book gives a detailed and comprehensive account of political and historical developments and constitutes a rich resource for any Malaysia-related research.

Life Beyond Boundaries, ALife Beyond Boundaries, A by Anderson, Benedict

An intellectual memoir by the author of the acclaimed Imagined Communities. Born in China, Benedict Anderson spent his childhood in California and Ireland, was educated in England and finally found a home at Cornell University, where he immersed himself in the growing field of Southeast Asian studies. He was expelled from Suharto's Indonesia after revealing the military to be behind the attempted coup of 1965, an event which prompted reprisals that killed up to a million communists and their supporters. In this book, Anderson recounts a life spent open to the world. Here he reveals the joys of learning languages, the importance of fieldwork, the pleasures of translation, the influence of the New Left on global thinking, the satisfactions of teaching, and a love of world literature. He discusses the ideas and inspirations behind his best-known work, Imagined Communities (1983), whose complexities changed the study of nationalism.

Children Of Las Vegas: True Stories About Growing Up In The World's PlaygroundChildren Of Las Vegas: True Stories About Growing Up In The World's Playground by O'grady, Timothy

Las Vegas is a much regarded city, a global celebrity for its glitter and splash, and its offer of fulfilling all your desires without any repercussions. But what happens to the people who have to grow up there? Award-winning author Timothy O'Grady lived and taught in Las Vegas for two years, and in a class he was teaching, his students began to speak of what it was like to grow up in the world's playground. They spoke of being robbed by their parents, routinely losing their homes and raising themselves while their parents pursued the addictions serviced by the city. There were overdoses, desert shoot-outs, suicides, all before high school was over. This is a collection of ten of their stories, interspersed with short essays about the city by Timothy, and portraits by highly acclaimed photographer Steve Pyke.