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Chinese Ghosts Revisited: A Study Of Paranormal Beliefs And ExperiencesChinese Ghosts Revisited: A Study Of Paranormal Beliefs And Experiences by Emmons, Charles

Do the Hong Kong Chinese experience ghosts, hauntings, spirit mediumship, ESP and other paranormal phenomena just like British and Americans? Or is their culture so different that the ghost accounts in this book will seem bizarre to anyone else? This classic presentation of cases is based on 3,600 interviews, questionnaires and observations in Hong Kong in 1980/81, updated by recent materials over 30 years later. For this 2017 edition, Charles Emmons has revisited his earlier conclusions and added new material that has come to light in the intervening years. This book remains the only major cross-cultural study comparing Chinese with Western ghost experiences.

Tiger Hunters Of Tai O, TheTiger Hunters Of Tai O, The by Saeki, John

Hong Kong, 1954. The British colony was not yet ready to hear about a Eurasian policeman having an affair with the police commissioner's daughter. Twenty-two-year-old Simon Lee tasted swift punishment. He was banished to the outer fringes of the territory, to the far tip of a wild and distant island a stone's throw from mainland Chinese waters - to Tai O, the ancient and murky trading post where fishermen, salt-farmers and refugees were thrown together with spies, pirates and triads. Pink dolphins swam the waters, eagles fished the sea, and some still believed that a tiger prowled the hills at night. Life was unpredictable for the band of beer-swilling misfits that staffed Tai O Police Station. Some said they needed reining in. But when a stranger was murdered on a beach, accused of being a Communist spy, Lee found himself on an unexpected collision course with his own masters in Central. Who had the dead man been working for? What did the secret agents know? Why was Central so eager to brush the execution aside? And who or what really was the 'tiger'?

Local Encounters In A Global City: Singapore StoriesLocal Encounters In A Global City: Singapore Stories by Paul, Anju Mary (Ed.)

What is the impact of a constant flow of people and capital in one of the most globalised cities in the world? In this collection of essays, the authors pursue an ethnographic approach to globalization, and while they were informed by official statistics and social theory, they relied mostly on first-hand observations of life and experiences in Singapore. From iconic Singapore locations like the Botanic Gardens, Raffles Place and ION Orchard Shopping Mall to the seamier side of globalisation in the red-light district of Geylang and disused factories housing migrant workers, the authors relate their narratives in telling details and street insights. There is no single position for or against globalisation in this collection. The diverse views show the complex effects of global capital and labour flows on the culture and cityscape of Singapore at a time when sustained challenges are emerging to the global economic and political order of a past generation.

I Want To Go HomeI Want To Go Home by Aroozoo, Wesley Leon

On the 11th of March, 2011, Yasuo Takamatsu lost his wife to the tsunami during the Great East Japan earthquake. Since that fateful day, he has been diving in the sea every week in search for her. Compelled and inspired to share his story, I Want To Go Home is a journey from Singapore to Onagawa through the lens of the intrigued to meet him. Of unlikely friendships across borders and languages; to share a man's loss, recovery and determination to reunite with his wife. The novel's feature film has also been selected for the 2017 Busan International Film Festival. This book also includes a Japanese translation by Miki Hawkinson.

Singapore Chronicles: MalaysSingapore Chronicles: Malays by Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman & Azhar Ibrahim

The vicissitudes of history, from Raffles' purchase of the Singapore island from a Malay sultan to the short-lived merger with Malaya, have left a lasting mark on the Malays of Singapore. This book offers a glimpse of the community as it adapted to its minority status and responded to the myriad challenges of historical, social and political changes. Unlike among the Chinese and the Indians, there is remarkable cohesiveness within the community as most speak Malay and practise Islam. Yet, like the other communities, it struggles to retain its culture, tradition and values against the onslaught of urbanisation and Westernisation. With a focus on Malay leadership, education, religion, Syariah laws, language and literary tradition, this book evaluates how these aspects have evolved over the decades. Problems pertaining to the community's socio-economic progress and future challenges are also discussed. This primer is an introduction to one of Singapore's small yet resilient and remarkable communities.

Those Were The DaysThose Were The Days by Jurgen Herbert Friele

Filled with joy, laughter and good memories, this collection comprises 50 short stories set in Malaysia during the 1950s to the 1970s. Carefully constructed and delivered with a lot of heart, these uplifting stories are still relatable today. Friele's lively narrative revolves around his colourful experiences. From the moment he arrived in Malaya, his eventful days were dotted with a host of sentimental, hilarious and crazy moments. The author's love for this magical era shines through, along with his in-depth observations and insights. With the author's unique voice interspersed with a myriad of emotions, this collection offers an unforgettable stroll down memory lane. There is also a pictorial supplement, with more than 100 photos and images from the author's personal collection covering the period from the late l940s to the l970s.

Presidents Of Singapore, The: Yusof IshakPresidents Of Singapore, The: Yusof Ishak by Lim Wk, Edmund

Every time we use a Singapore bank note, we see his face - the face of Yusof Ishak, the first President of Singapore. But did you know that he had to overcome challenges in his life and was also a champion in sports such as weightlifting and boxing? This book, which is targeted at upper primary and lower secondary pupils, will make this icon of Singapore come alive. It is suitable for anyone who wants an overview of the life and background of the first President of Singapore. General readers will come away with a better appreciation of him as a leader, a newspaperman and a family man, and will enjoy the many photographs of Yusof Ishak, at formal occasions and in less formal moments.

Rhetorical Territories: Thoughts About The Nebulous Kampung Spirit In Singapore by White, Tom

From communal villages to high-rise flats, how has the "kampung spirit" of old survived the transition? For those who call Waterloo Centre home, sharing comes organically. A funeral turns private grief into public spectacle - a community appears, gathers, mourn and then disappears. Photographer Tom White memorably captures how this coexistence takes place at every moment through subtle acts of "negotiation" rather than government policy. The book also documents the responses of 50 viewers from all walks of life. Their opinions, recollections and musings offer us a fascinating, multifaceted look at private vs public space, cultural commonality, and the meaning of home in Singapore.

Puan Noor Aishah: Singapore's First LadyPuan Noor Aishah: Singapore's First Lady by Tan, Kevin Y L

Noor Aishah Mohammad Salim was all of 26 years old when she became Singapore's first First Lady in 1959 as the wife of Yusof Ishak, Singapore's Yang di-Pertuan Negara and later first President. Puan Noor Aishah: Singapore's First Lady tells the story of how this shy, quiet girl who grew up in Penang was catapulted into the public limelight and into the role of 'mother' to a new state and nascent nation. Filled with a wealth of archival and private photographs, many of which have never been published before, Puan Noor Aishah: Singapore's First Lady traces the lives of both Yusof Ishak and Noor Aishah: from their younger days before and after the Second World War, to their first meeting in 1949, their happily married life in Kuala Lumpur, and then Yusof Ishak's call to duty in 1959, when he became Singapore's Head of State - and Noor Aishah became the first First Lady.

Sundays With SumikoSundays With Sumiko by Tan, Sumiko

Sumiko Tan wrote her first personal column as a young reporter in 1994. Over the next 22 years, her fortnightly column in The Sunday Times gathered a faithful readership and made her a household name. This is a collection of her most representative columns over the past two decades, exploring family, love, friends, career, dogs, death, and marriage. The book follows Sumiko's journey from horizon-broadening travels and singlehood woes of the Nineties, to musings about romance and ageing in the Noughties, to an exciting reunion with a junior college friend that culminated in marriage. In the last section of the book, Now, Sumiko explores married life, negotiates her new role as a stepmum, and reaffirms the importance of everyday moments of happiness. Her columns also explore the lighter side of things: whether it is learning to swim as an adult, waxing nostalgic about Yaohan supermarket, finally getting Lasik eye surgery, or the woes of having different air-conditioning preferences from her husband.

Penniless Boy, Chew Joo Chiat, APenniless Boy, Chew Joo Chiat, A by Chew, Philip

A direct descendant of Chew Joo Chiat, Philip Chew was born in 1935 and is a pioneer of Singapore in his own way. A Penniless Boy, Chew Joo Chiat tells the story of a forgotten pioneer of Singapore. It shows how Philip's fact-finding exercise becomes a search for roots, unearthing lost relations and strengthening the family bonds of the Chew family. His example will inspire you with the desire to uncover, safeguard and pass on your own family stories.

Remembering S R Nathan: A Mentor For All SeasonsRemembering S R Nathan: A Mentor For All Seasons by Mushahid Ali; Kumar Ramakrishna

This is a collection of essays commemorating the life of Singapore's sixth President, the late Mr. S.R. Nathan. The book aims to give greater insights into the wide-ranging roles he had in his various contributions to Singapore. It reviews his leadership and influence, his distinguished civil service career, and his commitment to social service. The organisation of the sections in the book reflects the extensive footprints Mr. Nathan has left in many different sectors: foreign service; security and intelligence; community building and social welfare; labour and trade unions; media; and research and academia. This book also contains views on his remarkable career from foreign observers.

Siamese Melting Pot: Ethnic Minorities In The Making Of BangkokSiamese Melting Pot: Ethnic Minorities In The Making Of Bangkok by Van Roy, Edward

Ethnic minorities historically comprised a solid majority of Bangkok's population. They played a dominant role in the city's exuberant economic and social development. In the shadow of Siam's prideful, flamboyant Thai ruling class, the city's diverse minorities flourished quietly. In tracing the social, political, and spatial dynamics of Bangkok's ethnic pluralism through the two-and-a-half centuries of the city's history, this book calls attention to a long-neglected mainspring of Thai urban development. While the books primary focus is on the first five reigns of the Chakri dynasty (1782-1910), the account extends backward and forward to reveal the continuing impact of Bangkok's ethnic minorities on Thai culture change, within the broader context of Thai development studies.

Ghosts Of The TsunamiGhosts Of The Tsunami by Parry, Richard Lloyd

On 11 March 2011, a massive earthquake sent a 120-foot high tsunami smashing into the coast of north-east Japan. By the time the sea retreated, more than 18,000 people had been crushed, burned to death, or drowned. This is an account of an epic tragedy, told through the personal accounts of those who lived through it.

Madonnas And Mavericks: Power Women In SingaporeMadonnas And Mavericks: Power Women In Singapore by Chen, Loretta

This book is a tribute to the women who have contributed to the growth of Singapore. The women have been selected across varying fields ranging from legal, financial, medical, fashion, sports, arts to even the now ubiquitous "social media". These women have demonstrated their ability to rise above the ordinary and to push the margins as frontier. These women may not be always in the limelight but they certainly have contributed to our nation's growth and success.

Abc Explore SingaporeAbc Explore Singapore by Lowbeer, Michelle (Text); Carolynn Yoe (Illus.)

Welcome to Singapore - a "little red dot" right near the equator; a small melting pot! From the ArtScience Museum all the way to the Zoo, there is much to explore; let us share it with you! ABC Explore Singapore is a beautifully illustrated picture book, which takes the reader on an adventure to 26 diverse destinations across Singapore - all the way from A-Z. It is a must-have keepsake for residents and visitors to Singapore, and the perfect gift for those living (or moving) abroad!

M Quotient, The - From Muar To Singapore: Extraordinary Stories Of Resilence, Drive And LoveM Quotient, The - From Muar To Singapore: Extraordinary Stories Of Resilence, Drive And Love by Low, Lilian

This book celebrates the lives of 13 prominent personalities who had migrated from the small town of Muar in the Malay peninsula to Singapore, where they were able to pursue their dreams and attain prominence. They include the late former President of Singapore S R Nathan, renowned architect Liu Thai Ker, historian Chiang Hai Ding and his dramatist brother, Michael Chiang, and leading psychiatrist Professor Kua Ee Heok. The author tells the fascinating stories of her fellow Muarians who shared the same unique Muar spirit, culture and values - the M Quotient - that were to serve them well in their later years as they went on to achieve noteworthy success in their chosen fields. This book extols their resilience and perseverance, which saw them through great odds in life.

Sky Tales: More Insights From A Life In The SkiesSky Tales: More Insights From A Life In The Skies by Lim Khoy Hing

Sky Tales - the much anticipated follow up to Captain Lim Khoy Hing's first bestseller Life in the Skies - is a new fascinating collection of tips, advice, anecdotes and tales from his distinguished flying career.In his frequently entertaining and always enlightening style, Captain Lim's insight ranges from aviation safety and the rigorous training airline crew go through, to details on aircraft technology and navigation in tricky weather conditions.

Northeast Hinterland: Thoughts About Land Custodianship In SingaporeNortheast Hinterland: Thoughts About Land Custodianship In Singapore by Lee, Wy Kevin

Northeast Hinterland captures evocative and thought-provoking night scenes of Punggol - a northeastern suburb that has been touted as "a waterfront town of 21st-century Singapore". This series of photographs shows a side of Punggol that we do not normally see, where "sleep and sight are paradoxical", and where "histories, mythologies and legacies ... play hide and seek". The book also documents the responses of 105 viewers from all walks of life. Their opinions, recollections and musings triggered by the photos offer us a fascinating, multifaceted look at history, identity, and the ambiguities of land custodianship in Singapore.

What Was I Thinking?What Was I Thinking? by Singh, Gurmit

If Phua Chu Kang's yellow boots and permed hair are all you know about Gurmit Singh, you need this book. The actor, host, singer and now entrepreneur, shares not just his funny moments in life but also bares his personal moments in this book and proves that the funnyman image is just one of his many Real facets. Read about the first car he drove as a child, the neighbour with the EYE, the rat that almost ate his finger when he was a baby, how he dealt with the loss of his parents and many more stories. Caution: This is not a how-to book on being a better entertainer, but you will walk away with a better understanding of this man.