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Korean Wife's Secret RecipesKorean Wife's Secret Recipes by Chae Minji

Follow the simple steps and treat your family to a real Korean home-cooking treat of all the familiar and favourite Korean dishes everyone enjoys. As the daughter and granddaughter of great cooks, traditional Korean home cooking has always been an important element of Minji Chae's life. Her marriage brought her to Hong Kong, where she has worked as a Korean-cooking tutor and, because she excels at menu development and food styling, also acts as a consultant to cafes and restaurants, utilising the international environment Hong Kong offers to develop both exciting new Korean recipes and fusion Korean cooking.

Best Of Chef Wan Volume 2: A Taste Of MalaysiaBest Of Chef Wan Volume 2: A Taste Of Malaysia by

In this companion volume to The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1, Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador and Asia's most recognisable chef, Chef Wan shares more than 60 recipes for some of his favourite Asian dishes that he has carefully perfected over the years. Recipes include classic Malaysian dishes such as Tok Wan Beef Rendang, Kam Heong Crab and Hokkien Mee, as well as regional specialties such as Chettinad Chicken and Prawn and Mango Salad. Written in an easy-to-follow format and with an illustrated glossary that highlights the ingredients used.

Best Of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste Of MalaysiaBest Of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste Of Malaysia by

Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador and Asia's most notable chef, Chef Wan shares more than 60 of his favourite Asian recipes in his book, The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1. In this exciting collection, Chef Wan combines the rich flavours of his Malay heritage with his passion for cooking, and presents a mouth-watering range of recipes from hearty meat and poultry dishes, to lighter fish and seafood dishes, and refreshing salads and vegetable dishes.

Shojin Ryori: The Art Of Japanese Vegetarian CuisineShojin Ryori: The Art Of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine by Chu, Danny

Shojin ryori is the art of Japanese vegetarian cuisine that originated from the Japanese Zen temples, but is today widely popular all over the world for its healthful and well-balanced meals prepared without meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. With clearly written step-by-step instructions and insightful cooking tips, chef Danny Chu of Enso Kitchen will show you how to transform simple, readily available ingredients into creative, flavourful and satisfying shojin ryori meals in your home kitchen.

Asian Seafood: Steamed & Boiled, Grilled & Baked, Fried, Stir-FriedAsian Seafood: Steamed & Boiled, Grilled & Baked, Fried, Stir-Fried by Lee Geok Boi

Steamed and Boiled. Grilled and Baked. Fried. Stir-Fried. Accumulating years of intensive research and rigorous taste-testing, Lee Geok Boi returns with another cookbook, gathering timeless classics and modern favourites that hail from the various regions of Asia in this stunning compendium of seafood recipes. More than 80 recipes showcase the delicious potential of the vast array of seafood available. With illustrated step-by-step instruction for cleaning and preparing of the seafood and a unique illustrated glossary for fresh and dried seafood, this is a complete guide to making delicious seafood dishes whatever the occasion.

Debbie Teoh's Favourite RecipesDebbie Teoh's Favourite Recipes by Teoh, Debbie

Debbie Teoh's Favourite Recipes is a delightful collection of 42 mouth-watering recipes, each with a theme of hidden taste sensations from one of Malaysia's most well-loved Peranakan chefs. Classic items such as pot stickers, samosas and Vietnamese rice paper rolls, and Peranakan favourites such as pulut inti, sweet potato kuih ku and Nyonya lepat kacang, are included, while popular treats such as five-spice rolls, baked pau, rice dumplings and steamed meat dumplings are reinterpreted to offer exciting new variations.

Hunger Management: Easy Recipes For The Lazy And Ravenous CookHunger Management: Easy Recipes For The Lazy And Ravenous Cook by Tan Hsueh Yun

Tan Hsueh Yun is editor of the Life section of The Straits Times and The Sunday Times, and also writes about food. This book is a collection of some of her favourite recipes from her fortnightly cooking column, Hunger Management, which has been running in The Sunday Times since 2008.

Shanghai In 12 Dishes: How To Eat Like You Live ThereShanghai In 12 Dishes: How To Eat Like You Live There by

So many places to visit, so many delicious things to eat. Where to start, in a strange, new city? These nifty guides take visitors through the potentially bewildering process of finding authentic eats, across a variety of destinations.? Welcome to eating like a local, Shanghai style!

Wedding Prelude: Your Definitive Guide To Wedding PlanningWedding Prelude: Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning by Teo, Peiru

Not sure where to start planning your wedding, but know you want to avoid ending utterly stressed out? Want a wedding that looks like a million dollars without bursting your budget? If you need a friendly expert to guide you through your wedding planning, Wedding Prelude: Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning is the book to choose. This book will help you to ask the questions that matter, and avoid the devastating mistakes that most first time married couples to be tend to make. Expect insider scoops, behind-the-scenes stories, practical solutions, step by step checklists and comprehensive coverage of everything wedding related from setting a budget to gown selection to honeymoon planning.

Cook With Ami: Plan, Cook, Enjoy - Japanese Home-Style Dishes For Family & FriendsCook With Ami: Plan, Cook, Enjoy - Japanese Home-Style Dishes For Family & Friends by Ami Yamashita

Despite the long hours Ami spends at the busy Japanese artisan patisserie she runs with her husband, her day doesn't end when they lock up in the evening. Back home, she dons the domestic apron and prepares a full meal that the two of them can enjoy. These meals usually consist of a soup, a staple, three to four side dishes and a dessert, and it doesn't take long to put it all together. In this book, Ami reveals her secrets to whipping up scrumptious yet healthy dishes on a daily basis, and in double quick time.

Miniature Moss Gardens: Create Your Own Japanese Container GardensMiniature Moss Gardens: Create Your Own Japanese Container Gardens by Megumi Oshima & Hideshi Kimura

Miniature Moss Gardens presents expert advice and techniques from the birthplace of miniature gardening-Japan. Friendly enough for total beginners and full of ideas and tips that experienced gardeners will love to read about, this moss gardening book brings you information on the following: Finding and collecting moss; Cultivation and maintenance; Choosing soils and other components; Designing your garden for visual effect; Choosing the best plants for your mini garden; How to make a perfect Kokedama or moss ball; Enhancing your moss garden with rocks and other elements; How to make a gorgeous terrarium and much more!

Tropical Colors: The Art Of Living With Tropical FlowersTropical Colors: The Art Of Living With Tropical Flowers by Sakul Intakul

In this stunning book, renowned Thai floral artist Sakul Intakul combines colorful tropical flowers, exotic foliage and other unusual design materials in refreshingly original floral displays suitable for any occasion and any setting. Photographed in the spectacular, contemporary homes of Thailand's leading artists, designers and professionals, the simple but imaginative floral displays evoke the essence of a modern Asian style.

Art Of Chinese Flower ArrangementArt Of Chinese Flower Arrangement by Cai Zhongjuan

This colorful flower arranging book features instructions and designs from one of the world's greatest living masters. This book records the origin and development of Chinese flower arrangement. Besides the principle of composition, techniques of modeling, and configuration of flowers and materials, you will also discover the techniques of production and ten actual flower arrangement projects. You can either follow the lessons step by step or capture the ideas and be inspired to develop your own flower arrangement artwork.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Chinese Style: An Illustrated Stitch GuideSilk Ribbon Embroidery Chinese Style: An Illustrated Stitch Guide by Yuan Weilin

Silk ribbon embroidery is a handicraft that uses colorful and delicate ribbons as the main material to stitch floral patterns on fabric. The patterns are three dimensional with defined layering effect which are suitable to decorate evening gowns, sweaters, cushions, and even craft pictures. This ribbon embroidery book breaks through the traditional style of western silk ribbon embroidery by incorporating traditional Chinese elements such as simple layout with liubai (leaving blank) as well as incorporating the contemporary Chinese art to create silk ribbon embroideries that are unique and ethereal. Readers will find dozens of basic stitching techniques with detailed steps and illustrations that are ranging from small scale decoration on mirror and handheld fan to large scale stitch art.

Indian Spa, The: Ayurveda, Yoga, Wellness, BeautyIndian Spa, The: Ayurveda, Yoga, Wellness, Beauty by Inglis, Kim; Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photo.)

India is well known for its studies in the art of meditation, in yoga as well as natural medicines. Delving into India's rich history and culture of natural medicine, beauty and wellness, The Indian Spa is a must have guide to India's luxury spas and spa treatments. The Indian Spa is the first book of its kind to cover the plethora of wellness therapies that originated in the Indian subcontinent. The country's four healing systems -Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Tibetan traditional medicine are covered, along with yoga, meditation and more. A comprehensive chapter also highlights the exotic places where you can try the treatments, including luxury spas, resorts, Ayurvedic institutions, yoga retreats and more.

Kawaii Bread: Little Miss BentoKawaii Bread: Little Miss Bento by Wong, Shirley

Bestselling cookbook author Shirley Wong (Little Miss Bento) presents a brand new collection of adorable bood creations using another favourite staple, bread. In this book, she shares basic techniques and essential know how on making cottony soft Asian-style bread, moulding the dough to take on a host of different shapes and forms, and preparing a range of yummy fillings that can be mixed and matched with different breads. With a wide range of recipes for plain and filled buns, as well as loaves and pull-part bread, you can now add a dash of colour and a touch of magic to your baking with 'Kawaii Bread.'

Chefs Collective: Recipes, Tips & Secrets From 50 Of The World's Greatest ChefsChefs Collective: Recipes, Tips & Secrets From 50 Of The World's Greatest Chefs by Tchea, Michelle

Around the world, Asian chefs are making their mark in the culinary arena with their innovative menus and forward-looking dishes. Chefs Collective is an exciting book that sees more than 50 of these rising and renowned chefs with Asian roots come together to share their award-winning recipes through author and food and travel professional, Michelle Tchea. With candid insights into their philosophy of food and cooking, and expert tips to preparing their most requested dishes, Chefs Collective is the definitive introduction and guide to these rising stars of the culinary world.

Periscope Magazine: The Hand-Made IssuePeriscope Magazine: The Hand-Made Issue by Chan Wei Chee (Ed.)

Periscope is a lifestyle publication that explores the stories of people and their passions. This issue features people and organisations who work with their hands.

Meatmen Cooking Channel - Zi Char At Home Hearty Home-Style Singaporean DishesMeatmen Cooking Channel - Zi Char At Home Hearty Home-Style Singaporean Dishes by

Zi char (a Hokkien term, literally translated "cook fry") is widely recognised in Singapore to refer to a variety of dishes that one can order from any Chinese cooked food (zi char) stall in coffee shops across the island. In continuing their efforts to inspire others to have fun whipping up their own meals, the MeatMen share 30 popular zi char dishes including crab bee hoon, san lou hor fun, cereal prawns, har cheong gai and sambal kangkong in this second cookbook. All dishes are prepared in their usual effortless style that requires no fancy tools, equipment or special skills, and come with the promise that anyone with a passion for good food and cooking can be a zi char expert at home!

Simply Natural Health: Harnessing The Healing Power Of NatureSimply Natural Health: Harnessing The Healing Power Of Nature by Kelly-Wong, Juliet

Natural therapist Juliet Kelly-Wong shares her personal journey of good health, life improvement and more in Simply Natural: Health and dispenses practical advice in this informative and essential step-by-step manual to natural health and remedies. Whether it's the common cold, food allergies or a persistent skin condition, Juliet aims to open readers to the world of natural alternative treatments that have changed her life. From its index of common ailments to its comprehensive illustrated subject content, Simply Natural: Health is a comprehensive guide and a must-have for those looking for alternative sources of remedies and treatments!