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LamentvilleLamentville by Hummel, Kathryn

Set against a background of social media and post-truth politics, Lamentville reflects on what we might lose as the world passes through a digital age - and whether this is cause for celebration, regret, or just another step in our inevitable evolution. Suspended between loss and recovery, Lamentville comments on the way humans interact, form and express identity in spaces saturated with digital technology and virtual hyperactivity, while emphasising the value of remembrance and emotional depth. Through unusual perspectives, subtle experimentation and a bold command of language, Lamentville celebrates diverse poetic forms and sites of composition while drawing on self-awareness, satire and issues of belonging and displacement. Lamentville holds a place for all of us - from the post-Millennial to those who clearly recall an analogue world.

SaviourSaviour by Ngin, Andrew

Charlie Yam wants fame, fortune, and power; the quickest road to achieving all three is to fight for the chance to be the next Party Leader of Future Singapore. However, earning a place within the inner circle of the Party demands high moral standards, especially in the marital domain. One day, Charlie Yam discovers a small gift box left on his doorstep. Inside the box are fingernails which Charlie recognizes as belonging to his mistress. He employs his right-hand man, a scarred and terrifying enforcer to find out the perpetrator. Charlie's scandalous affair is eventually exposed. Charlie is ex-communicated, but with the help of a psychotic blogger, he devises a plan to claw his way back into the good graces of the Party. Inspired by events that happened in Singapore, Saviour is a darkly comic take on power and what it takes to keep it.

Chrita Chrita Baba: A Collection Of Short Stories In Baba Malay by Chan, Kenneth Y K

Chrita-Chrita Baba, which means Baba Stories in the Peranakan language, is a collection of short stories, written in both Baba Malay and English presented side-by-side on facing pages. The tales draw from Southeast Asian folklore, featuring both adaptations of familiar fairytales with a twist, and elements from local customs, traditions, and beliefs. All stories, as with most folk tales of the past, revolve around the teaching of a moral lesson. Chrita-Chrita Baba is the spiritual successor to the Chrita Dulukala, the last collection of stories translated into Baba Malay in the early 1900s by the Peranakan Chinese. However, while those were faithful translations of Chinese classics for the enjoyment of the non-Chinese speaking Baba Nyonya community, this book features both adaptations of old Nusantara folk tales and original stories for the enjoyment of the contemporary reader. The book was written in response to the Baba language being listed as an endangered language with fewer than 1000 fluent speakers in Singapore. With recent Baba language revitalisation efforts by the Peranakan community, new learners of the language will now have something to read and look forward to.

Incantations/ IncarcerationsIncantations/ Incarcerations by Chauly, Bernice

Incantations/Incarcerations is a rumination on ageing, menopause, losing one's children to the world, climate change, and the slow decline of the body. In this collection, Bernice Chauly will once again chart the unsayable and the confessional, and speak from places where few dare to write from - of the older woman, desire and loneliness, and of the certainty of death. Chauly is one of Malaysia's most forceful contemporary poets, and remains one of the country's most urgent and necessary voices.

Furrie And Shortie Number 02: A Time For EverythingFurrie And Shortie Number 02: A Time For Everything by Ampulets; Yvonne Tham; James Teo

In this second volume, Furrie and Shortie encounter the trials and joys of adulthood even as they revisit their childhood dreams, and encounter that lesson we are may come to: that there is a time for everything. All this while, Furrie and Shortie live, love and laugh in their usual silly ways.

Roti Kaya & Guyu #2Roti Kaya & Guyu #2 by Lau, Johnny; Dan Kuah

First published in 1994, Roti Kaya and Guyu tells a tale of a retired Singaporean superhero team as they deal with societal and environmental issues in a changing world which has left them behind. Originally penned by Mr. Kiasu creator Johnny Lau and illustrated by Dan Kuah, this new volume catches up on the original team 25 years after the events of the first book!

Roti Kaya And Guyu #1Roti Kaya And Guyu #1 by Lau, Johnny; Dylan Teo

First published in 1994, Roti Kaya and Guyu tells a tale of a retired Singaporean superhero team as they deal with societal and environmental issues in a changing world which has left them behind. Originally penned by Mr. Kiasu creator Johnny Lau and illustrated by Dylan Teo, this new edition features a revised afterword and new cover art!

Beijing Conspiracy, TheBeijing Conspiracy, The by Flint, Shamini

"I need your support. There is no one else I can trust. Please help her. Please help our daughter." When ex-Marine Jack Ford receives a letter containing news of a daughter he never knew he had, he feels compelled to return to China, a country he hasn't visited since 1989 when, as a young American spy, he fell in love with a beautiful student activist and found himself caught up in the horrors of the Tiananmen Square massacre. But why has Xia got in touch now, after a thirty-year silence? On arrival in Beijing, Jack finds himself accidentally in possession of an explosive piece of information both the Chinese and American governments are desperate to get their hands on. Alone in a strange city, suspected of being a traitor by his own side, not knowing whom to trust, Jack is faced with an impossible dilemma: should he save his new-found daughter or prevent a new world war from breaking out?

Pensioner, ThePensioner, The by Said, Adam

Khalid Arshad lives in retirement with his wife Azizah in a suburb of George Town, Penang. He has had a disappointing career in the civil service, the result both of adverse circumstances at work and of innocent missteps on his own part. Having initially enjoyed retired life he begins to show symptoms of boredom until he runs into Bala, a friend from his schooldays, who introduces him to the joys of reading. In the course of his regular trips into town in search of second-hand books, he begins to discover aspects of his native city that had previously remained hidden from him. Although the story is about the life of one individual, it also shows how easily a country's politics, administration and culture can change within a single lifetime. The events and characters that we encounter may not have required any particular setting to be brought to life, but the fabric on which the narrative is woven makes this a distinctively Malaysian novel.

Alfian Sa'at Collected Plays Three: Nadirah, Parah, Your Sister's Husband, Grc (Geng Rebut Cabinet)Alfian Sa'at Collected Plays Three: Nadirah, Parah, Your Sister's Husband, Grc (Geng Rebut Cabinet) by Alfian Sa'at

Alfian Sa'at explores the Malay identity and racial relations in this third volume of the Collected Plays series. This volume collects plays written and staged in Malay, and translated to English for the very first time. In Nadirah, a young woman is shocked to find out her mother wants to marry a non-Muslim. In Parah, a group of students can no longer ignore the stereotypes and prejudices that divide the races, and the strain it puts on their friendship. In Geng Rebut Cabinet (GRC), we're transported to an alternate reality where the Chinese are the minority in Singapore. And in Your Sister's Husband, five sisters try their hardest to reckon with their superstitious, old-fashioned eldest to farcical ends, raising questions about black sheep, outcasts and sociopaths.

ParsetreeforestfireParsetreeforestfire by Hamid Roslan

parsetreeforestfire is a bilingual book of poetry in which poems in Singlish occupy one side of the book, and poems in English on the other. Conventionally such a book functions as a way for a person to learn a new language, but it remains to be seen if translation has successfully occurred, or if the book even intends to teach any reader how to speak either language. Instead, if poetry is intense attention to language, then this book can be considered to be the product of such scrutiny on the languages the book is written in.

Beng Beng Revolution: A NovelBeng Beng Revolution: A Novel by Lu Huiyi

Beng Hock and his brother, Beng Huat (who prefers to go by Archibald), find themselves navigating a tumultuous Singapore in the near future that has run out of oil and gas. Running afoul of the growing gangs could mean slavery or death, jobs are scarce and food scarcer, and home is a crumbling shanty-town behind the City Hall Steam-Engine Station. And as if these changes aren't drastic enough, a great power awakens inside Beng Hock, and he must learn how to control it before it destroys everyone and everything in his way.

Mr Kiasu In Singapore HistoryMr Kiasu In Singapore History by Lau, Johnny

Unravel Singapore's History through the eyes of Mr Kiasu! Journey back in time as we unravel the colourful history of Singapore's past, with Singapore's popular comic book icon, Mr Kiasu! Featuring re-imagined stories inspired by important moments in history and the famous characters who shaped Singapore to the way it is today, this fun and light-hearted comic will set you thinking about Singapore's past, present and future! It's history the way it's never been told!

SightlinesSightlines by Nair, Marc (Poems); Tay Tsen-Waye (Photos)

Sightlines is a series of poems mapped onto a collection of black and white images shot on film. These are notes on passing through diverse places with an unnamed female traveler, who is both photographer and protagonist. The poems are a commentary on her perspectives, allowing the reader a sideways glance at moments that are written with and against the image.

Painted Alphabet, The: A Mythical Story Of Bali (Second Edition)Painted Alphabet, The: A Mythical Story Of Bali (Second Edition) by Darling, Diana

Magic, depravity, spiritual ambition, sensuality, and love - It binds mythic and modern time together in a rich, slyly suggestive novel based on an old Balinese poem. In a fresh and startling picture of Bali - where witches coexist with tourists and talking animals - the novel explores a kaleidoscope of vanity, desire, and the longing for goodness.

Impractical Uses Of CakeImpractical Uses Of Cake by Yeoh Jo-Ann

Sukhin is a 35-year-old teacher who lives alone. His life consists of reading, working and visiting his parents' to rearrange his piles of "collectibles". He has only one friend, another teacher who has managed to force Sukhin into a friendship by sheer doggedness. While on an errand one afternoon in Chinatown, he encounters a homeless person who recognises him. This chance reunion turns Sukhin's well-planned life upside down, and the pair learns about love and sacrifice over their shared fondness for cake.

Movie That No One Saw, The - A NovelMovie That No One Saw, The - A Novel by Seah, May

Adjonis Keh (the "d" is silent) is a successful actor who apparently has everything: looks, adoration, a shelf filled with acting awards, and all the vanilla yogurt he can eat (thanks to a hefty endorsement deal). He also has a dark secret: he can't act. So far, he has managed to fool the world with a clever little trick-until the day he meets an inquisitive young journalist whose unexpected friendship causes him to question everything in his life.

Diary Of One Who Disappeared - A NovellaDiary Of One Who Disappeared - A Novella by Lundberg, Jason Erik

The year is 2040 and an envoy of the North American Union finds himself a fugitive in the Southeast Asian nation of Tinhau. Lucas Lehrer is tasked with travelling from the North American Union to the island-nation of Tinhau to extend the offer of political partnership. When negotiations break down, Lucas decides to request asylum, and he soon encounters an odd series of coincidences in which his deep-seated desires start coming true. Among the backdrop of societal instability and growing nativism, he befriends a young woman who is not what she seems, and who may not be from our universe at all.

Signs Of LifeSigns Of Life by O Tham Chin

A mysterious terrorising force hounding a group of schoolgirls at a campfire. A couple trying to conceive in a post-apocalyptic world. Two gay men, the last of their kind, getting acquainted in a laboratory for the purpose of scientific observation. A Christ-like figure raising the dead in the heartlands. Strange and suspenseful, these stories offer a whole other world of voices, plot and imagery that opens up new terrain in what is possible and imaginable. With wit, sensitivity and dexterity, O's characters slip from their ever-present reality into the surreal and unknown, and find in the process their hungers, desires and pains coming fully awake, thrumming with exultant life. To read these stories is to enter a new universe where nothing is taken for granted and everything is truly, readily possible.

Messiah Virus, TheMessiah Virus, The by Boey Meihan

The Empress has guided the expansion of the colonised universe for millenia - the operating system of a vast civilisation, a shepherd whose overriding priority is the survival and prosperity of her sheep - the entire human race. But not everyone follows Her light. When the Messiah virus descends, disabling the Empress' influence, a powerful little Psion girl is humanity's only hope. Fatima, however, has chosen strange companions.