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Signs Of LifeSigns Of Life by O Tham Chin

A mysterious terrorising force hounding a group of schoolgirls at a campfire. A couple trying to conceive in a post-apocalyptic world. Two gay men, the last of their kind, getting acquainted in a laboratory for the purpose of scientific observation. A Christ-like figure raising the dead in the heartlands. Strange and suspenseful, these stories offer a whole other world of voices, plot and imagery that opens up new terrain in what is possible and imaginable. With wit, sensitivity and dexterity, O's characters slip from their ever-present reality into the surreal and unknown, and find in the process their hungers, desires and pains coming fully awake, thrumming with exultant life. To read these stories is to enter a new universe where nothing is taken for granted and everything is truly, readily possible.

Messiah Virus, TheMessiah Virus, The by Boey Meihan

The Empress has guided the expansion of the colonised universe for millenia - the operating system of a vast civilisation, a shepherd whose overriding priority is the survival and prosperity of her sheep - the entire human race. But not everyone follows Her light. When the Messiah virus descends, disabling the Empress' influence, a powerful little Psion girl is humanity's only hope. Fatima, however, has chosen strange companions.

Move Over, BirdMove Over, Bird by Kinnas, Miho

Miho entertains you with various forms of poetry she follows or invents. In seven poems from the first section, the poet breaks an ordinary day into pieces and rebuilds them in fourteen sentences. She also writes a song-like poem - a style she learned from reading a vast range of haiku. In this collection, she also translated her own Japanese haiku and tanka into English. She delights in connecting with readers through her delicate and transcendental artistry of her ongoing poetic musings.

Prince Of Mount Tahan, ThePrince Of Mount Tahan, The by Ishak Haji Muhammad (Pak Sako)

Ishak Haji Muhammad (1909-1991) was one of Malaysia's pioneer nationalists. He was a fearless critic of colonialism and became one of the leaders of the now defunct Malay Nationalist Party. For his pains he was imprisoned by the British both before and after the Second World War. As part of and beyond politics, Ishak was a prolific writer of articles, novels and poems. His best-known work The Prince of Mount Tahan (Putera Gunung Tahan), published in 1937, was his first novel and also a pioneering work in the Malay genre of satire.

Nomad Principle, TheNomad Principle, The by Rodrigues, Crispin

The Nomad Principle is a collection of poems based on comings and goings, and considers how physical and emotional distances map themselves on the geography of the human heart. In between history, culture, art and disease, these poems grapple with heartbreak and loss while scavenging for a concession with one's mortality.

In These Curved SpacesIn These Curved Spaces by Yew, Andrea

Our memories are not entirely ours, each is a patch handed to us, shaped with hands that are both ours and not. Together, they form a patchwork quilt we drape to give us the shape of who we are. But what about the memories that have been lost through time, circumstance? If memories anchor who we are, what do we do with these gaps? Do we make up our own stories in its wake? Plug the gaps from the scraps of a memory? What does that say about us? In These Curved Spaces explores the relationship between memory, time and identity. It is about memory. It is about questions. It is the most important ten-year series of your life but the answer key is lost in a cardboard box of things you thought you no longer needed. What do we do when time is a hard, cold wall and we have left pieces of ourselves on the other side? It is about how to write your own answers.

Roadkill For BeginnersRoadkill For Beginners by Chan, Stephanie

Roadkill for Beginners is Stephanie Chan's first collection of poetry. It's part scrapbook of love letters to places, part field guide to the people in them. It's a messy celebration of open mics, bonfires, and poetry stages around the world, the connections that grow up around them and the adventures that happen after. It explores desire, moving, belonging, and everything in between. It's got apocalyptic hawker centres, magical night bus rides, and hungry turkey vultures. It's about growing up, and not. For you, it hopes to feel like the lyrical equivalent of spooning in strange buildings then flying at full speed down a steep empty road on a bike at two in the morning.

William Somerset Maugham: The Master Storyteller by Y.P. Deshpande

NOTE: SPINE IS DAMAGED. The present book reviews W. Somerset Maugham's stories from psychological, historical and literary criticism points of view. Chapter One places Maugham in the context of the art of story writing. In chapter Two Freud's model of psychoanalysis has been explained. Chapter Three, Four and Five contain detailed analysis of Maugham's stories. In the Conclusion we have reviewed Maugham's characters in the context of Albert Memmi's concept of Messiah complex. In a nutshell Maugham's art of storytelling involves an imaginative use of his extensive reading, experience, an insight in understanding of human nature and a deceptively simple style.

Love, Lies And IndomeeLove, Lies And Indomee by Nuril Basri

Independent career woman Ratu needs a boyfriend-now. She can't stand her mother's nagging, and she'd rather die than be forced into an arranged marriage. Taking matters into her own hands, she trawls the internet in hopes of finding her dream man: tall, slim and look like a model. So when she meets a handsome stranger online who ticks all the boxes, will he turn out to be Mr Right? Love, Lies and Indomee is a sharp and witty novel about the struggles of finding love in 21st-century Jakarta.

Gathering Of Themes, AGathering Of Themes, A by Thumboo, Edwin

This collection contains Prof Thumboo's latest works. Especially interesting are the poems based on biblical characters, something very close to his heart in recent years. Some evergreens of his works are included, such as "A poet reading", to make this a most collectible set of his published works. The sections are named: Chin (for his wife), Tribes, Togetherness, Cultures, I to i, By Quiet Waters and Words.

No Rohingya - A NovelNo Rohingya - A Novel by Bourny, Yves

No Rohingya interweaves the narrative of the family of Arun, a young Rohingya in Arakan, Burma, with the tales recounted to the children of the community by his elderly grandmother Tameema. As the family itself becomes increasingly ensnared in personal and political persecution, Tameema's stories, centering on a child raised by wild dogs surviving in a jungle of injustice, provide an alternative world for the memories and morals of the community. As their misfortunes increase and their options narrow, tragedy ultimately permeates both their real and imagined worlds. The stories and experiences in No Rohingya are, unfortunately, solidly grounded in the on-going real life tragedy that faces the Rohingya in Burma. It is both an elegy for a community facing annihilation and a reflection on the nature of history, belonging, and memory.

My Lot Is A Sky: An Anthology Of Poetrty By Asian WomenMy Lot Is A Sky: An Anthology Of Poetrty By Asian Women by Powers, Rowena; Rena Minegishi (Eds.)

My Lot Is A Sky is an anthology of poetry by Asian women. Named after a poem by Forough Farrokhzad, an influential Iranian writer and filmmaker, this collection provides a space for long-underrepresented voices to express themselves. Curated by Melissa Powers and Rena Minegishi, this book is not for those seeking work on what it specifically means to be an Asian woman today. You'll find that the poetry within these pages is, really, about what it means to be human.

GustosingaGustosinga by Maclean, Maguerite

This biographical novel takes place in Singapore and Africa. Based on truth and told with imagination, the story has an intercultural message, teaching us a strong respect for wildlife.

Somewhere Else, Another YouSomewhere Else, Another You by De Rozario, Tania

False starts, chance encounters, careless mistakes, strokes of luck: Are we the sum of our actions, or of our possibilities? Somewhere Else, Another You is a literary game-book inspired by theories of the multiverse: Each time the reader makes a choice, the universe of the narrative splits, creating a story in which all outcomes exist at the same time but cannot be experienced concurrently. A cross between a Pick Your Own Path novel and an existential crisis, this book invites you to meander through its paths, and towards your own conclusions.

Best Of Mekong Review, TheBest Of Mekong Review, The by Minh Bui Jones (Ed.)

Over the past three years, the Mekong Review has transformed itself from an obscure magazine born in Cambodia to an acclaimed quarterly of culture and ideas and one of the most recognised titles in Southeast Asia. It publishes long-form reviews, essays, interviews, profiles, poetry and fiction from the region and beyond - whose common features are their range, their knowledge and their fearlessness. The Best of Mekong Review presents a selection of engaging essays and reviews selected by Minh Bui Jones, the founding editor, from over 250 pieces the magazine has published.

Sense And Sensitivity: A Guide To Unseen Poetry For The Gce 'O' And 'N' Level ExamSense And Sensitivity: A Guide To Unseen Poetry For The Gce 'O' And 'N' Level Exam by Choo, Suzanne; Robert Yeo

Sense and Sensitivity provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to developing skills for critical close reading of poetry. Students will be taught how to gain a "big-picture" sense of the poem before acquiring sensitivity to form and literary techniques including word choice, figurative language, symbolism, word order, and sound among others. The 15 chapters in this book include classic and contemporary poems, poems from Singapore and around the world as well as a variety of visual and comparative exercises that will develop students' appreciation of poetry.

Epic Of Durable Departures, AnEpic Of Durable Departures, An by Wee, Jason

This new poetry collection stands as a record of a friendship between two artists formed in the shadow of illness and mortality. Using the renga and haiku as departure points, Wee wrestles with the limits of art and of the document even as he summons werewolves, ghosts, and other myths. Faces with the inadequacies of witness, An Epic Of Durable Departures moves towards the living in reverse time, opening with obituaries and ending with a renewed beginning.

Call And Response: A Migrant/Local Poetry AnthologyCall And Response: A Migrant/Local Poetry Anthology by Ip, Joshua; R.O.Espanola; Z.H. Khokan (Eds.)

Who truly deserves the title 'local', and how far removed is your average 'local poet' from the term 'migrant worker'? The anthology Call and Response gathers the voices of more than thirty 'migrant' poets, and pairs them with a creative response from the same number of 'local' writers in this initiative. Metaphors and memories are reflected and refracted through each poet's unique prism of language, but the light catches the page, whether harsh or warm, to illuminate. The editors Rolinda Onates Espanola, Zakir Hossain and Joshua Ip call you into the reader's space - we hope you respond.

Singpowrimo 2018: The AnthologySingpowrimo 2018: The Anthology by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde; Ng Yi-Sheng Et Al

Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or as we affectionately call it, SingPoWriMo. Write one poem a day for thirty days in the cruel month of April: that was the challenge we first gave the internet in 2014. In its third year, our anthology gathers the best of the 5,110 poems that were submitted in 2018. Daily chellenging prompts reflected on the Singaporean condition, with verses written for every MRT and LRT station, poems that upgraded other poems that upgraded other poems and so on. We are proud to feature first-time poets beside established bards, a wide swath of languages - with poems in Minion next to poems in HTML - and the recently-revived form of the udaiyaathathu alongside the ground-breaking twin cinema and asingbol.

Finders & Keepers: Poems Inspired By 3 Words Given By StrangersFinders & Keepers: Poems Inspired By 3 Words Given By Strangers by Tie, Adam

Strangers give me three words and I weave them into poems. This is the premise of my poetry. It's about trying to do someone justice even though I know next to nothing about them. Then eyebrows are raised, a small hint of a smile.... Even though these poems are written for people you have never met, you'll feel like you already know them. It's as though this book was written for you. Our longings are universal, you see. You are not alone. Here, the weight of experiences is made vivid in spilled ink.