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To Gather Your Leaving: Asian Diaspora Poetry From America, Australia, Uk And EuropeTo Gather Your Leaving: Asian Diaspora Poetry From America, Australia, Uk And Europe by Boey Kim Cheng; Arin Alycia Fong & Justin Chia

Tracking the developments of Asian diaspora poetry in America, Australia, UK and Europe, To Gather Your Leaving is a groundbreaking global anthology that explores new ways of looking at nation, culture, identity, and place. Gathered here are established and new poets who are émigrés, refugees, and descendants of Asian migrants, poets who straddle two or more languages, cultures, and places, and who question and complicate the notion of home in the age of global change and transnational crossings. The poems collected here, spanning over three decades and representing three generations, eschew straightforward answers to the questions of identity and citizenship, offering profoundly rich, diverse and moving perspectives on what it means to belong on this earth.

In This Desert, There Were SeedsIn This Desert, There Were Seeds by Tan, Elizabeth; Jon Gresham

Endangered tigers connecting telepathically through time-travel; a guard's ethical dilemma at a history museum; a slaughterhouse worker's memories of his dead wife; a monochrome town upended by a wild watermelon…This is an intimate collection of past and future dreams, featuring exciting new and established literary voices from Western Australia and Singapore. From our shifting sense of community and identity, to our frustrations with existing political, social and economic structures-this anthology transcends boundaries and captures the persistence of ordinary lives in deserts literal and metaphorical.

Yang Menamakan KitaYang Menamakan Kita by Pang, Alvin; Annaliza Bakri & Imran Taib (Trans.)

Beliau mendapat ilham dari sebuah buku, bukan seperti buku terakhir yang kamu baca dan gemari, yang kulit sensasinya tidak lagi kamu ingati. Untuk kanvas, dia tidak menggunakan kulit, melainkan kehidupannya sendiri dan menghabiskan hari seolah-olah dia dicipta daripada ciri-ciri orang lain yang terserlah. Untuk melakukan ini, dia belajar memantau secara senyap dan merenung secara mendalam di sebalik keriuhan sehingga dia mengerti warna-warna di sebaliknya. Satu persatu akan dia berikan nama serta menyulamnya di dalam jiwa pada malam hari yang pekat. Kamu pernah disentuhnya di mana dia meminjam bahagian-bahagian kisahmu secara selamba. Mereka masih di sini, sekiranya kamu ingin melihatnya.

11X9: Collaborative Poetry From The Philippines And Singapore11X9: Collaborative Poetry From The Philippines And Singapore by

Eleven writers from the Philippines and nine from Singapore were connected via Google Docs and a pining for "the composition of alternatives, other realms and planes, a space upon which another kind of lived experience could be had." Seven pairs and two threesomes wrote back and forth toward what could be called "cross-cultural literature if not a mess." The result: this volume. An encounter with annotated small talk, versified duets, digitally mediated dances, riffs against blackouts, and cryptic/triptych meditations --- this was/is an experiment. What was experienced and what was meant? The book is the form readers may now complete.

Words On Art: AyatanaWords On Art: Ayatana by Thumboo, Edwin

Edwin Thumboo, one of Singapore's pioneering literary voices, brings his incisive awareness of socio-cultural history to this volume of poetry. With a humanist's eye, narratives spanning the domestic, the politic and the mythic form intertexual responses to the works of art hanging on the walls of the National Gallery Singapore. This volume is the second title in the Gallery's Words on Art series: books dedicated to examining the intersections between visual and literary art.

New Sun Rises Over The Old Land, A: A Novel Of Sihanouk's CambodiaNew Sun Rises Over The Old Land, A: A Novel Of Sihanouk's Cambodia by Suon Sorin; Roger Nelson (Trans.)

A New Sun Rises Over the Old Land traces the story of Sam, a young man who leaves the countryside for the capital after the death of his parents. Once there he is exposed to the hardships and injustice of the city's capitalist society. The city takes its toll on Sam and his wife, Soy, despite the kindness and generosity offered by their friends who are also only barely managing to scrape by. As the country develops and Sam's fortunes change, he realises that while the life of a farmer is far from easy, it is one that has the potential to bring fulfilment and happiness. First published in 1961, eight years after Cambodia gained independence from French colonial rule, A New Sun Rises Over the Old Land by Suon Sorin is an iconic work of modern Khmer literature. The novel - a singularly illuminating historical document of the new nation -offers a fresh view into a period of profound transformation in Cambodia and a region that was coming to know itself and to be known as "Southeast Asia."

Antibiotic Tales, TheAntibiotic Tales, The by Liew, Sonny; Hsu Li Yang

This comic by award-winning graphic novelist Sonny Liew and Hsu Li Yang from National University of Singapore Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health answers questions and dispels the myths and misconceptions about antibiotics. Can antibiotics be used to treat the common cold? How much antibiotics should we be taking? In this easy-to-read book, Liew and Hsu break down the complexity of the medication, effects of overusage and its adaptation in the farming industry.

Epigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume FourEpigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume Four by Nansi, Pooja (Ed.)

The best short fiction published by Singaporean writers in 2017 and 2018, selected by guest editor Pooja Nansi from hundreds published in journals, magazines, anthologies and single-author collections. Accompanying the stories are the editor's preface and an extensive list of honourable mentions for further reading.

Most Excellent And LamentableMost Excellent And Lamentable by Lundberg, Jason Erik

Unearthly stargirls exist side by side with snake goddesses, talking wombats, posthuman immortals and a wise fish. Enter the mind of Jason Erik Lundberg, hailed by The Guardian for having "the enviable talent of achieving emotionally resonant effects within just a few pages". Here, Lundberg remixes the idea of the fiction collection by presenting fourteen stories in a fresh context.

Professor, TheProfessor, The by Faisal Tehrani; Brigitte Bresson (Trans.)

Suliza is a feminist professor who discovers her sexuality while at an Islamic religious school. After her first relationship ends in tragedy, Suliza moves to the United States to continue her studies; there, she starts researching and advocating for human rights, a journey which takes her from Cornell to Geneva and Stockholm. Upon her return to Malaysia, she and her lawyer friend Maria are frequently the targets of conservative groups for their activism and sexuality but when Suliza meets Hashimah, a cleaner at her university whose abusive husband is a wanted terrorist, the dangers become even greater. When Hashimah's husband is arrested an Islamist mob descends on Suliza's house, leading to her tragic death. Crossing borders and cultures, Faisal Tehrani's The Professor is a love story but also a mediation on the meaning of justice, sexuality and religion in a society increasingly dominated by extremism.

New Indonesian Plays by Muhammad Abe & Gunawan Maryanto (Foreword)

Six contemporary plays by established and emerging playwrights in Indonesia.

LamentvilleLamentville by Hummel, Kathryn

Set against a background of social media and post-truth politics, Lamentville reflects on what we might lose as the world passes through a digital age - and whether this is cause for celebration, regret, or just another step in our inevitable evolution. Suspended between loss and recovery, Lamentville comments on the way humans interact, form and express identity in spaces saturated with digital technology and virtual hyperactivity, while emphasising the value of remembrance and emotional depth. Through unusual perspectives, subtle experimentation and a bold command of language, Lamentville celebrates diverse poetic forms and sites of composition while drawing on self-awareness, satire and issues of belonging and displacement. Lamentville holds a place for all of us - from the post-Millennial to those who clearly recall an analogue world.

Chrita Chrita Baba: A Collection Of Short Stories In Baba MalayChrita Chrita Baba: A Collection Of Short Stories In Baba Malay by Chan, Kenneth Y K

Chrita-Chrita Baba, which means Baba Stories in the Peranakan language, is a collection of short stories, written in both Baba Malay and English presented side-by-side on facing pages. The tales draw from Southeast Asian folklore, featuring both adaptations of familiar fairytales with a twist, and elements from local customs, traditions, and beliefs. All stories, as with most folk tales of the past, revolve around the teaching of a moral lesson. Chrita-Chrita Baba is the spiritual successor to the Chrita Dulukala, the last collection of stories translated into Baba Malay in the early 1900s by the Peranakan Chinese. However, while those were faithful translations of Chinese classics for the enjoyment of the non-Chinese speaking Baba Nyonya community, this book features both adaptations of old Nusantara folk tales and original stories for the enjoyment of the contemporary reader. The book was written in response to the Baba language being listed as an endangered language with fewer than 1000 fluent speakers in Singapore. With recent Baba language revitalisation efforts by the Peranakan community, new learners of the language will now have something to read and look forward to.

Fractured Thoughts 1: A Collection Of Short Comics By Ray TohFractured Thoughts 1: A Collection Of Short Comics By Ray Toh by Toh, Ray

Fractured Thoughts Vol 1 is a collection of short comics by Ray Toh. There is a total of 5 short stories. They are Detective D which follows a murder investigation done by a cyborg, Gentleman of the Forest which tells a story about a boy's encounter with magic, A.S.T. which tells the story about a special unit that deals with future Augmentation threats only to come across another advancement in crime, The Fellowship of the Golden Cockroach which follows the quest of a prince from the Golden Cockroach tribe with his two friends and the last story is set in a Sci-Fi wuxia world with a character trying to stop a creature from destroying a town.

Incantations/ IncarcerationsIncantations/ Incarcerations by Chauly, Bernice

Incantations/Incarcerations is a rumination on ageing, menopause, losing one's children to the world, climate change, and the slow decline of the body. In this collection, Bernice Chauly will once again chart the unsayable and the confessional, and speak from places where few dare to write from - of the older woman, desire and loneliness, and of the certainty of death. Chauly is one of Malaysia's most forceful contemporary poets, and remains one of the country's most urgent and necessary voices.

Loving And The Dead, TheLoving And The Dead, The by Lim, Catherine

Catherine Lim's free-wheeling imagination cheerfully dispenses with all constraints to tell stories of that other world. Written with an exaggerated sense of earnestness and caution, the eighteen tales in this collection elicit in the reader the very goosebumps of terror she had herself experienced as a child listening to such tales. As an adult, these goosebumps persist for her. However, they no longer arise from fear, but from a sense of awe and mystery that she feels when she considers this large existential question: Despite our extensive scientific knowledge today, what do we know of the supernatural? What can we know of the supernatural?

Ghost Who Pinched Me, TheGhost Who Pinched Me, The by Gan, Mabel

Something made me look from the amahs to the frangipani tree in the corner. And there she was--Ying. She was looking up at me. I shivered. Was my fever making me imagine things? I needed to tell Ma and Papa right away, but at this very moment, they were at Bukit Brown Cemetery, tending to Ying's funeral. Ten-year-old Bee Ling grows up sheltered and privileged in 1940s Singapore, jealous of her beautiful, perfect elder sister, Ying. When the Japanese attack Singapore, Ying is killed in an air raid at school. Shortly afterwards, Singapore is occupied by the Japanese and the family endure the wartime hardship and horrors that ensue. Her sister returns as a spirit to guide, protect and reassure her that she will survive the war. Bee Ling grows to appreciate what she has left and gains an understanding of the bonds of love that exist even in the face of devastating loss. Written with unflinching clarity through the innocent eyes of a child, this coming-of-age novel is an intimate portrait of love, family, resilience, and the power of sisterhood.

Furrie And Shortie Number 02: A Time For EverythingFurrie And Shortie Number 02: A Time For Everything by Ampulets; Yvonne Tham; James Teo

In this second volume, Furrie and Shortie encounter the trials and joys of adulthood even as they revisit their childhood dreams, and encounter that lesson we are may come to: that there is a time for everything. All this while, Furrie and Shortie live, love and laugh in their usual silly ways.

Roti Kaya & Guyu #2Roti Kaya & Guyu #2 by Lau, Johnny; Dan Kuah

First published in 1994, Roti Kaya and Guyu tells a tale of a retired Singaporean superhero team as they deal with societal and environmental issues in a changing world which has left them behind. Originally penned by Mr. Kiasu creator Johnny Lau and illustrated by Dan Kuah, this new volume catches up on the original team 25 years after the events of the first book!

Roti Kaya And Guyu #1Roti Kaya And Guyu #1 by Lau, Johnny; Dylan Teo

First published in 1994, Roti Kaya and Guyu tells a tale of a retired Singaporean superhero team as they deal with societal and environmental issues in a changing world which has left them behind. Originally penned by Mr. Kiasu creator Johnny Lau and illustrated by Dylan Teo, this new edition features a revised afterword and new cover art!