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Voices Of The Displaced: Poems From The Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015-2016Voices Of The Displaced: Poems From The Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015-2016 by Sharanya Premanathan; Tshiung Han See (Eds.)

This anthology contains the winning entries of the Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015 and 2016 as well as all the finalists. It contains poetry of migrant workers and refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Syria in 10 languages, including Bengali, Tagalog and Hakha Chin, with accompanying English translations.

Cry Of The Flying RhinoCry Of The Flying Rhino by Ngeow, Ivy

This novel is set in 1996 Malaysia and Borneo, told from multiple viewpoints and in multiple voices. Malaysian Chinese family doctor Benjie Lee has had a careless one night stand with his new employee - mysterious, teenage Talisa, the adopted daughter of a wealthy, crass Scottish plantation owner, Ian, in the provincial Malaysian town of Segamat. Talisa's arms are covered in elaborate tattoos, symbolic of great personal achievements among the Iban tribe in her native Borneo. Talisa has fallen pregnant and Ian forces Benjie to marry her. Benjie, who relished his previous life as a carefree, cosmopolitan bachelor, struggles to adapt to life as a husband and father. Meanwhile, Minos - an Iban who has languished ten years in a Borneo prison for a murder he didn't commit - is released into English missionary Bernard's care. One day, Minos and his sidekick and fellow ex-convict Watan appear in Segamat, forcing Benjie to confront his wife's true identity and ultimately his own fears. Are the tattoos the key to her secrets?

Shadows From Here: Tales Of TerrorShadows From Here: Tales Of Terror by Chang, Raymus

Shadows from Here is Raymus Chang's debut collection of horror stories. At the forefront of a new dawn in Singaporean ghost stories, these are 8 tales of atmospheric horror, based on Singaporean history and culture. A man consumed by ambition; An idol from a faraway place; A girl sings, and is spirited away; A tycoon lives forever; Five shadows haunt an innocent man; A dead soldier yearns to be remembered; A painter sees the end; A man not like others; A forgotten place moans in our woods.

Operation JanusOperation Janus by Cross, Jp

It is 1950s Malaya and the country is in the throes of the Malayan Emergency. As the British do battle with Communist terrorists hiding deep in the jungle, one British officer, a Communist sympathizer, has come to the attention of the staff at the Yam Yam. When Alan Hinlea, a British Gurkha captain with a hatred of a class system that has always kept him down, deserts to the guerillas and is spirited away to the jungle Communist HQ, Chin Peng, the leader of the Malayan Communist Party gloats at what he hopes will be a major propaganda victory. Operation Janus is the first in a trilogy of books involving Gurkha military units that may be read in any order. The author, JP Cross, a retired Gurkha colonel, old 'jungle hand' and counter-insurgency expert, draws on real events he witnessed during his time fighting in the Malayan Emergency and on true characters, including a British officer of his own battalion who attempted to join the Communist terrorists.

Gone Case: The Graphic Novel Complete EditionGone Case: The Graphic Novel Complete Edition by Chua, Dave; Koh Hong Teng

Set in a Singaporean housing estate, Gone Case is a moving yet unsentimental coming-of-age story. Yong, a 12-year-old boy has to deal with the dreaded PSLE exams while his family undergoes an upheaval. His friendship with his childhood friend Liang also undergoes strain as the exams approach. The novel won a commendation award in the Singapore Literature Prize in 1996 and is regarded as an essential work of Singapore Literature.

Being ArcadiaBeing Arcadia by Chesterman, Simon

Arcadia Greentree confronts her past - and her future. The pieces of Arcadia's life are slowly falling into place when Moira returns to scatter them once more. Arcadia must now choose whether to trust her nemesis as they uncover the dark secret of their birth.

Finding ArcadiaFinding Arcadia by Chesterman, Simon

To understand the present, Arcadia Greentree must dig deep into her past. Her family torn apart by tragedy, Arcadia tries to locate the "professor" whom she believes to be ultimately responsible. A series of clues lead her to Oxford University and a confrontation with her enemy-but all is not as it seems.

Raising ArcadiaRaising Arcadia by Chesterman, Simon

Arcadia Greentree knows she isn't exactly normal. But then she discovers she isn't Arcadia Greentree either. Arcadia sees the world like no one else. Exceptionally observant, the sixteen-year-old is aware of her surroundings in a way that sometimes gets her into trouble - and out of it again. But when she seeks to unravel a mystery at school, a tragedy at home forces her to use her skills to catch a killer.

Little Miss Cloud WritesLittle Miss Cloud Writes by Afiqah

A collection of my original poetry writings where I'd settle and spill such honest, absorbing and a couple of seething thoughts I've compiled into this book and course, to share with the rest of the world whose hearts speaks poetry as well.

Lost Nostalgia: StoriesLost Nostalgia: Stories by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed; Nazry Bahrawi (Trans.)

A rainbow is glimpsed in the enveloping darkness of Mohamed Lati? Mohamed's stories. Precious because it is mostly ?eeting-a herd of cattle ?nds deliverance from slavery in heroic resistance and death; a ?sherman disappears of his own free will to escape the disintegration of island life. These and other characters experience conditions, often described in hyper-realistic detail, that speak to our appreciation of change, injustice, and other facts of life-religion, family, friendship, love, to name a few. While salvation does not come easy or even happen in Latiff's stories, there are exceptional moments that can push readers into the outer limits of their existence.

Basket And The Rope, The: A Baby-Boomer Remembers Singapore's Old-World CharmBasket And The Rope, The: A Baby-Boomer Remembers Singapore's Old-World Charm by Chew, Jane

Street food hawkers, pirate taxis, monkeys in the Botanic Gardens, Great World Amusement Park, the Tai Tian Kiew Circus. Jane Chew, a former journalist, sub-editor and columnist with The Straits Times, recounts her growing-up years in British colonial Singapore with nostalgia and lots of humour. It is a journey worth re-visiting, as it captures a way of life that is now gone, never to return.

Twin Cities: An Anthology Of Twin Cinema From Singapore And Hong KongTwin Cities: An Anthology Of Twin Cinema From Singapore And Hong Kong by Ip, Joshua; Tammy Ho Lai-Ming (Eds.)

In this anthology, poets from the twin cities of Singapore and Hong Kong tackle the challenge of the twin cinema form in tandem with their own interpretation of lines that bind or divide us. We share a familiar postcolonial history, rich financial centres and trading ports bustling with energy, in the shadow of a hinterland yawning across the water. Yet we also rival each other ceaselessly, and are cleaved by language, geography, and politics. This is fertile ground for a poetry of proposition or opposition - and may it grow cities.

Death WishDeath Wish by Gwee Li Sui

Gwee Li Sui once again shatters expectations from his verse with this gloriously macabre book. Death Wish distils almost two decades of his personal meditations on the state of death-in-life. In a series of charged, reinventive styles, the poems bring shape to dying in monotony, love, reason, indignation, religiosity, and memory. This collection is a striking invitation to understand our psyche's regressive tendency towards self-destruction.

Phat Planet ComethPhat Planet Cometh by Kon Zhicheng-Mingde, Desmond

"A playlist, a syllabus, a rollcall and a spell, Phat Planet Cometh is a righteous act of literary vengeance for Unica Zürn, Freud's Dora, Virginia Woolf, and any other figure of illicit femininity who has been straitjacketed by society's regime of compulsory wellness. In the examination room, on the dark side of the moon, 'A is for one more apocalypse against the rest of them.' " - Joyelle McSweeney, Recipient of Leslie Scalapino Prize

Guidebook To Nanyang DiplomacyGuidebook To Nanyang Diplomacy by Lim Cheng Tju; Benjamin Chee

The Sepoy Mutiny. An Assassin's Determination. An Agent's Sense of Duty. A Mutineer's Lament. A Mysterious Servant. The Beginning of the End of Empire. The Rise of the Dragon. It all happens in Singapore, February 1915. Recorded in this long out-of-print Guidebook to Nanyang Diplomacy. A colonial classic.

Final Resting PlaceFinal Resting Place by Tan, James

Abandoned by his own parents at the Bukit Brown cemetery, the boy has to find a way out. Lost among the graves, he can only rely on his wits and resourcefulness. Will he prevail or perish?

Coalition Of The Savoury Spare PartsCoalition Of The Savoury Spare Parts by Oh Yong Hwee; Koh Hong Teng

The annual Fifth Milestone Kway Chap Competition looms but the reigning champion old Mdm Lam is missing! Can LORR, her newly arrived intergalactic kitchen helper, defend her title? Or is he deluded by the Kitchen God? Is everything a ploy by Quek Kee Fishballs as the fledgling Hawkers' Party threatens its domination plan?

Crackle Of Flames, A Circle Of Rainbow, A: Selected Poems 1967-1977Crackle Of Flames, A Circle Of Rainbow, A: Selected Poems 1967-1977 by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Mohamed Latiff Mohamed's poems are not written to be pretty: there is blood, pus, rape, slime, and death. How else can they be, if they are songs for the destitute, hums of the hungry, and tears of the wretched who have lost everything? And who else are they for, but the New Malays, who are cursed to inherit what has been lost. These are the heroes whose stories have faded, who may yet rise again under tomorrow's moon. This book brings together two collections of poems, published originally in Malay as Segumpal Api Selingkar Pelangi (A Crackle of Flames, A Circle of Rainbow) and Bila Rama-Rama Patah Sayapnya (When a Butterfly Broke its Wing), and translated into English respectively by Zakaria Ali and Muhammad Herwanto Johari.

Lontar #9: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative FictionLontar #9: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction by Lundberg, Jason Erik Et Al (Eds.)

This issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Also included is a special supplement: the continuing seralisation of Dean Francis Alfar's brilliant novel Salamanca, winner of the Palanca Award Grand Prize for the Novel and the Gintong Aklat Award for Literature. LONTAR is the world's only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction.

Epigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume ThreeEpigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume Three by Cyril Wong & Lundberg, Jason Erik (Eds.)

The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume Three gathers the finest Singaporean stories published in 2015 and 2016, selected by guest editor Cyril Wong from hundreds published in journals, magazines, anthologies and single-author collections. Accompanying the stories are the editor's preface and an extensive list of honourable mentions for further reading. This volume features short story contributions from Eva Aldea, Joelyn Alexandra, Jennifer Anne Champion, Andrew Cheah, Clara Chow, Noelle Q. de Jesus, Melissa De Silva, SC Gordon, Jon Gresham, Philip Holden, Amanda Lee Koe, Su Leong, Leonora Liow, Manish Melwani, Sam Ng, Nuraliah Norasid, O Thiam Chin, Jollin Tan, Verena Tay, Jason Wee, Daryl Qilin Yam, Yeo Wei Wei, Yeoh Jo-Ann, Yeow Kai Chai, Ovidia Yu, and Andrew Yuen.