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Stories On The Blessing Of GivingStories On The Blessing Of Giving by Lee, Bernice (Ed.)

Using money to advance the Kingdom of God - that is precisely what Tiang Siew has done with his money, and a key way he has done this is by investing in the lives of people. This book is a collection of stories of people who have benefited from Tiang Siew's investment. They illustrate how one person's choices have blessed people who have in turn gone on to bless others.

Call Me By My Name: Stories Of Faith, Identity, And Special NeedsCall Me By My Name: Stories Of Faith, Identity, And Special Needs by Leow Wen Pin & Anne Wong-Png (Eds.)

Stories from Christians with special needs, their families, and those serving in the special needs community; sharing their faith and how they have grown in their identity in light of their experience of special needs.

Fulfilling The Trust: 50 Years Of Shaping Muslim Religious Life In SingaporeFulfilling The Trust: 50 Years Of Shaping Muslim Religious Life In Singapore by Norshahril Saat (Ed.)

Muslims constitute about half a million or 15 percent of Singapore's multiracial and multireligious population. In 1968, the Singapore Parliament passed the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), which led to the formation of Muis or the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). The formation of Muis has brought about better administration of Muslim affairs in Singapore in meeting the religious needs of the Muslim community in areas like the issuance of fatwa (religious rulings), provision of halal food, management of haj (religious pilgrimage), collection and disbursement of zakat (charity tithe), running of madrasahs (religious schools) and having access to sound Islamic education. This is the first book that comprehensively studies the development of Muis' policies over the last 50 years since its founding in 1968. It offers an insight into the multi-faceted considerations and the overall context of the development of such policies, providing a wide-ranging and evaluative analyses of their evolution in the various work domains.

Bribery And Corruption: Biblical Reflections And Case Studies For The Marketplace In AsiaBribery And Corruption: Biblical Reflections And Case Studies For The Marketplace In Asia by Tan Soo-Inn (Ed.)

This short book is one attempt to respond to the need to help Christians in Asia find a biblical response to the real pressures they face in the marketplace. It takes seriously both the Scriptures and the context in which Asian Christians function. It begins with a theological framework for grappling with real-time problems, continues with responses from various theologians on the framework presented, and concludes with actual case studies from the marketplace. This second edition includes additional content.

Good News For Bruised Reeds - Walking With Same-Sex Attracted FriendsGood News For Bruised Reeds - Walking With Same-Sex Attracted Friends by Hor, Joanna; Ng Zhi-Wen & Bernice Tan Et Al (Eds.)

This book seeks to both encourage those who are serious about following Christ but who are struggling with same-sex attraction, and to challenge the church to lend a listening ear and a helping and welcoming hand. The stories in this book are told with pathos, honesty, and courage.

3-2-1: Following Jesus In Threes3-2-1: Following Jesus In Threes by Tan Soo-Inn

How can we practise the discipline of spiritual friendship in today's busy world? Popular author and preacher Soo-Inn Tan presents a highly doable model for spiritual friendship in this groundbreaking book. 3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes seeks to explain both the whys and hows of 3-2-1 triads. This small book contains all you need to understand and practise a 3-2-1 approach to spiritual friendship.

Brethren Story, The: 150 Years Of History In SingaporeBrethren Story, The: 150 Years Of History In Singapore by Tong Suit Chee

The beginnings of the Brethren movement in Singapore can be traced back to the arrival of an English businessman, Mr Philip Robinson. In 1857, he set foot in Singapore and a year later, founded Robinson & Company, which still exists today. By the early 1860s, the Robinson home was open to believers for Bible study and fellowship. The desire for a public Christian witness grew among these saints, and so on 3 July 1864, the Missions Room was opened at 108 Bencoolen Street, followed on 30 September 1866 by Bethesda Chapel at 77 Bras Basah Road. This book chronicles the growth of the Brethren churches over the past 150 years and help Singapore Brethren discover and appreciate their rich legacy and shared beliefs. Besides the historical accounts, the book also includes contributions from Brethren members reflecting on missions and outreach, and contemporary issues and perspectives.

Sadhu Sundar Singh: A Biography Of The Remarkable Indian Disciple Of Jesus ChristSadhu Sundar Singh: A Biography Of The Remarkable Indian Disciple Of Jesus Christ by Thompson, Phyllis

Half an hour before his attempt to take his own life, the young Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889-1929) had a dramatic vision of Jesus Christ. Immediately, the emptiness and despair that had filled his heart lifted, and his search for inner peace was over. Read about Sundar Singh's remarkable ministry and his spirit of simplicity, holiness and sacrifice, deftly captured by Phyllis Thompson.

Navigating Pull-Back Effects: Leading Growing Churches In The Midst Of Cultural ResistanceNavigating Pull-Back Effects: Leading Growing Churches In The Midst Of Cultural Resistance by Huan, Philipp

When a leader seeks to bring change in a church, there may be a "laden baggage"-a cultural resistance-that could pull back on leadership efforts and resist positive change. Many external leadership methods, while important and needful, often advocate pushing through the resistance, moving resistive elements to the periphery so that positive change can occur. Yet, such an approach alone may result in hurts and suppressed emotions which could inevitably return to haunt at a later stage. How may a leader lead differently, using internal leadership methods, to navigate cultural resistance in the hearts and minds of people? Philip seeks to share cultural resistances he has observed that often block positive leadership change. Through this book, Philip hopes to: Increase the awareness of church DNA/Cultural issues in a leadership setting; Share and recap the top five cultural resistances observed in churches; Provide a framework for navigating values in tension.

Blessed To Be A Blessing: A Biography Of Goh Ewe KhengBlessed To Be A Blessing: A Biography Of Goh Ewe Kheng by Yap, David L T; Joshua S G Teo

Described as a quintessential Christian businessman, Goh Ewe Kheng recognised that the Lord had led him into the business world. Business was the primary platform from which he served. At heart, he knew that he was in the King's business, to fulfil the Master's bidding. He sought to be a faithful steward of the resources placed in his hands - his time, talents and earthly treasures. Amazingly, the Lord opened doors for him to minister - in discipling, Bible distribution, equipping teachers of the Word, prisons, church planting, missions and evangelism and the promotion of inter-church partnerships for the gospel. Goh Ewe Kheng ran the race of faith with perseverance and with joy.

Like A Fire In My Bones: A Journey Of DiscipleshipLike A Fire In My Bones: A Journey Of Discipleship by Lee, Darius

A brave and honest question, asked by a young man raised in a Christian family. As Darius Lee asked this question, and many more, God answered with clarity and power. This book challenges us to answer our Lord's call to discipleship, and to actively bring Christ into the fallen world we live in, with its increasingly confused notions of Truth, Love and Identity. Ultimately, this is a book that will not only challenge you, but will equip you to address some of the most controversial issues of our day, including secularism, same-sex marriage and abortion.

Light For The Writer's Soul: 100 Devotions By Global Christian WritersLight For The Writer's Soul: 100 Devotions By Global Christian Writers by

Christian writers from around the globe have contributed to this exciting journal, a unique commemorative book for LittWorld 2015, an international conference for Christians in publishing to be held in Singapore. Containing 100 devotional articles by 80 contributing writers from 27 countries, this book aims to inspire and encourage Christian writers to harness their gifts and keep writing for God. MAI hopes their words will make a difference in the hearts and minds of their readers.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2018 #21: Islam Nusantara As A Promising Response To Religious Intolerance And RadicalismTrends In Southeast Asia 2018 #21: Islam Nusantara As A Promising Response To Religious Intolerance And Radicalism by Ahmad Najib Burhani

The Indonesian government has tried to defeat terrorist groups and uproot radicalism, both through military and cultural-ideological approaches. The recent attack at Mako Brimob Depok, West Java, and the bombing in Surabaya, East Java, however, have shown that radical Islam and terrorist groups are not defeated yet. The government has been supporting Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in promoting Islam Nusantara, widely believed to be the ideological antidote for radicalism and terrorism. Among Indonesian Muslims, including NU, Islam Nusantara has received varied responses and been met by resistance. The introduction of Islam Nusantara is further hampered by the attitude of some of its proponents who emphasize its exclusivity by identifying Islam Nusantara only with NU. Barring its current limits, Islam Nusantara has the potential to become an exceptional form of Islam or a template for tolerant Islam that can be emulated by Muslims in other parts of the world, especially in terms of its ability to accommodate local culture and multiculturalism.

In Spirit And In Truth: Thoughts On WorshipIn Spirit And In Truth: Thoughts On Worship by Solomon, Robert M.

Worshipping God is the highest and deepest human experience because we are made to worship the living God. We will find our greatest fulfilment when we worship Him, both on earth and in heaven. Yet there is much that can be improved in the way we worship personally and corporately. This book contains 59 short articles that provoke deeper thinking into Who we worship, how we ought to worship and what can be done to deepen our experience of worship. Many of the articles are written "on the slant"-like the parables, their message comes up on the reader obliquely. The book is written for pastors, worship leaders and teams, and for everyone who desires to worship God more deeply in spirit and in truth.

How The World Thinks: A Global History Of PhilosophyHow The World Thinks: A Global History Of Philosophy by Baggini, Julian

Julian Baggini travels the globe to provide a hugely wide-ranging map of human thought. He shows us how distinct branches of philosophy flowered simultaneously in China, India and Ancient Greece, growing from local myths and stories - and how contemporary cultural attitudes, with particular attention to the West, East Asia, the Muslim World and Africa, have developed out of the philosophical histories of their regions. Interviewing thinkers from all around the world, he asks why, for instance, do our European systems of governments and justice differ so widely from the East? Why can Islam not easily incorporate secular knowledge? How do we understand China? By gaining greater knowledge of how others think, we can become less certain of the knowledge we think we have, the first step to greater understanding.

Buddhism Plain And Simple: The Practice Of Being Aware, Right Now, Every DayBuddhism Plain And Simple: The Practice Of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day by Hagen, Steve

When the Buddha was asked to sum up his teachings in a single word he said awareness experiencing the whole of reality, seeing what is, and being entirely in the present. In this way, the mind is made free. In Buddhism Plain and Simple, Zen priest and long-time teacher Steve Hagen presents this heart of Buddhist teaching, pared down to its essence and explained in simple, everyday language. This best-selling beginner's guide to Buddhism text has served international readers at all levels of study and practice since it was originally published over a decade ago.

Genesis Genealogies, The: God's Administration In The History Of Redemption (New Revised Edition)Genesis Genealogies, The: God's Administration In The History Of Redemption (New Revised Edition) by Park, Abraham

A fundamental part of understanding one's ancestors is knowing when they were born, how long they lived, and when they died. Here in The Genesis Genealogies lies that crucial core information about the forebears of Christianity. Rev. Abraham Park has meticulously analyzed the information in The Book of Genesis. Taking the explicit date references in Genesis and performing math calculations forward and backward in time, he builds a complete chronological Biblical timeline from Adam to the Exodus, including the duration of construction of Noah's ark.

Way Of The Modern Warrior, The: Living The Samurai Ideal In The 21St CenturyWay Of The Modern Warrior, The: Living The Samurai Ideal In The 21St Century by Kaufman, Stephen

Learn how to apply bushido philosophy and long-standing samurai strategies to your modern-day practice - and lifestyle - in this guide from a former soldier and martial arts expert. This book provides an explanation of the samurai philosophy, or Bushido, of Japan's fiercest warriors, practiced for over 1,000 years. The author, Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, has been a warrior for 50 years, first as a member of the military, then as an advisor to the military, and finally as one of the world's most distinguished martial arts philosophers.

Building A Christ-Centred SelfBuilding A Christ-Centred Self by Su, Joshua Y J

The world calls us to improve and promote ourselves. Is this being self-exalting and selfish? But Scripture actually reveals that the human self has great honour and worth before the Lord. In Building a Christ-Centred Self, Bible teacher Dr Joshua Su shows you the difference between being self- and Christ-centred, and presents a path of self-development that grows from worship of the true and living God.

Jubilee And The Destiny Of Nations: Understanding The Lord's Jubilee For Singapore And BeyondJubilee And The Destiny Of Nations: Understanding The Lord's Jubilee For Singapore And Beyond by Thio, Li-Ann

Whether God judges a nation to be a sheep or goat nation depends on whether it is a righteous nation which fulfils God's plans for its destiny. How it treats Israel is key, as God promised Abraham He would bless/curse the nations that blessed/cursed Israel. In these last days before the Second Coming of Christ, the watchmen on the wall are commissioned to watch and pray. This book explores how the saints are to understand the times and to exercise their executive authority through prayer and prophetic intercession.