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Buddhism Plain And Simple: The Practice Of Being Aware, Right Now, Every DayBuddhism Plain And Simple: The Practice Of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day by Hagen, Steve

When the Buddha was asked to sum up his teachings in a single word he said awareness experiencing the whole of reality, seeing what is, and being entirely in the present. In this way, the mind is made free. In Buddhism Plain and Simple, Zen priest and long-time teacher Steve Hagen presents this heart of Buddhist teaching, pared down to its essence and explained in simple, everyday language. This best-selling beginner's guide to Buddhism text has served international readers at all levels of study and practice since it was originally published over a decade ago.

Genesis Genealogies, The: God's Administration In The History Of Redemption (New Revised Edition)Genesis Genealogies, The: God's Administration In The History Of Redemption (New Revised Edition) by Park, Abraham

A fundamental part of understanding one's ancestors is knowing when they were born, how long they lived, and when they died. Here in The Genesis Genealogies lies that crucial core information about the forebears of Christianity. Rev. Abraham Park has meticulously analyzed the information in The Book of Genesis. Taking the explicit date references in Genesis and performing math calculations forward and backward in time, he builds a complete chronological Biblical timeline from Adam to the Exodus, including the duration of construction of Noah's ark.

Way Of The Modern Warrior, The: Living The Samurai Ideal In The 21St CenturyWay Of The Modern Warrior, The: Living The Samurai Ideal In The 21St Century by Kaufman, Stephen

Learn how to apply bushido philosophy and long-standing samurai strategies to your modern-day practice - and lifestyle - in this guide from a former soldier and martial arts expert. This book provides an explanation of the samurai philosophy, or Bushido, of Japan's fiercest warriors, practiced for over 1,000 years. The author, Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, has been a warrior for 50 years, first as a member of the military, then as an advisor to the military, and finally as one of the world's most distinguished martial arts philosophers.

Complete Book Of Everyday Christianity, The: A Comprehensive Guide To Following Christ In Every Aspect Of LifeComplete Book Of Everyday Christianity, The: A Comprehensive Guide To Following Christ In Every Aspect Of Life by Banks, Robert; Paul R. Stevens (Eds.)

A lot has happened since The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity was first published in 1997 by IVP. We felt that for the book to be really useful for the reader today, we had to add a few critical articles. Some of them include climate change, global financial crisis, restorative justice, social media, and shame. Here, in one book, is the complete guide you need for every part of your life - family, money, relationships, job, church, entertainment and more. This sound, biblical handbook shows you how to resolve conflicts biblically, understand aging, find God in the ordinary aspects of life, work effectively with committees, discover the benefits of walking, choose the best radio stations to listen to, keep shopping under control, avoid pitfalls of grandparenting, think critically about movies, and much more.

Jesus: The Path To Human Flourishing - The Gospel For The Cultural ChineseJesus: The Path To Human Flourishing - The Gospel For The Cultural Chinese by I'ching Thomas

This book seeks to present the Gospel in a way that seamlessly corresponds with Confucius's ideals for humanity but with a realistic solution. In fact the uniqueness of one's culture and ethnicity is affirmed, as the Lord of Heaven is the Creator of all. There will be no identity dilemma - one can be a Chinese and a Christian with honor.

Dao Of Healing, The: Christian Perspectives On Chinese MedicineDao Of Healing, The: Christian Perspectives On Chinese Medicine by Pak-Wah Lai

The last 50 years have seen the popularity of Chinese medicine grow exponentially. In China, Korea, Japan and Singapore, Chinese medicine has been incorporated into their healthcare systems to varying degrees. In the West, it is no longer uncommon for patients to consult Chinese medicine doctors, many of whom are non-Chinese. However, among Christians in many parts of the developed world, Chinese medicine is still viewed with suspicion and negativity. Are these fears justified? How can we better understand the roots and practices of Chinese medicine? The Dao of Healing takes us on an in-depth exploration of the histories and philosophies that have shaped both Western biomedicine and Chinese medicine in order that we might make informed judgements about them.

Hamka And Islam: Cosmopolitan Reform In The Malay WorldHamka And Islam: Cosmopolitan Reform In The Malay World by Khairudin Aljunied

Since the early twentieth century, Muslim reformers have been campaigning for a total transformation of the ways in which Islam is imagined. Islam in the Malay World has a long list of innovative Muslim reformers. The author Haji Abdullah Malik Abdul Karim Amrullah, commonly known as "Hamka," is one of the most influential. In Hamka and Islam, Khairudin Aljunied employs the term "cosmopolitan reform" to describe Hamka's attempt to harmonize the many streams of Islamic and Western thought while posing solutions to the various challenges facing Muslims in the Malay world. Among the major themes explored by Aljunied are reason and revelation, moderation and extremism, social justice, the state of women in society, and Sufism in the modern age, as well as the importance of history in reforming the minds of modern Muslims. Aljunied argues that Hamka demonstrated intellectual openness and inclusiveness towards a whole range of thoughts and philosophies to develop his own imaginary and vocabulary of reform, attesting to Hamka's unique ability to function as a conduit for competing Islamic and secular groups.

Place Of Music In The Church And In Society, ThePlace Of Music In The Church And In Society, The by Kristanto, Billy

Music is an unavoidable part of our humanity. Like religion, music too is a universal phenomenon because human beings were created with aesthetic aspect. This booklet discusses the importance of music both in the Church and society. It begins with a description of music from the perspective of the aesthetic mode. After placing music in its relation with the aesthetic aspect, it describes music from the biblical perspective and proceeds to draw insights from the Reformers on their theology of music. The three general typology of church music will be analyzed and examined. Finally, the place of music in society is discussed, before concluding.

Daily Work As Divine Vocation - A Christian PerspectiveDaily Work As Divine Vocation - A Christian Perspective by Banks, Robert

This book explores how our daily work can also reflect God's ongoing work in the world; and why our everyday occupations and activities are a vital channel through which He works to fulfil His present and future purposes. It does this by Taking a fresh look at biblical instructions on, and stories about work; Considering the views of some leading Christian theologians who connect God's work with ours; Tracing important historical developments on work as vocation up to the present day; and Providing practical steps to help readers discern how much their work aligns with God's plans for their lives. The book culminates with examples of the difference it makes to view our daily work as a divine vocation, and with a glimpse at the place of work in God's coming kingdom.

Labour Justice And Low-Paid Migrant Workers In Singapore - A Christian PerspectiveLabour Justice And Low-Paid Migrant Workers In Singapore - A Christian Perspective by Chok, Stephanie

This book attempts to evaluate Singapore's approach to and treatment of low-paid temporary migrant workers from a justice-oriented framework. This framework is congruent with a Christian perspective that prioritises social justice. Justice features prominently in the Bible, and Christian social teachings on justice, poverty and oppression illuminate the moral dimension of human rights and international labour standards and reveal the truth a faith that is alive to the suffering and hardships of others. These teachings contribute to an ethical framework convergent with fundamental values enshrined in core labour standards and rights. They also cohere with other major spiritual and religious traditions, thus demonstrating a viable path for solidarity and cooperation between and among not just diverse faith-based communities but equally with secular groups in pluralistic societies.

World To Win, A: The Life And Works Of Karl MarxWorld To Win, A: The Life And Works Of Karl Marx by Liedman, Sven-Eric

Epic new biography of Karl Marx for the 200th anniversary of his birth. In this essential new biography - the first to give equal weight to both the work and life of Karl Marx - Sven-Eric Liedman expertly navigates the imposing, complex personality of his subject through the turbulent passages of global history. A World to Win follows Marx through childhood and student days, a difficult and sometimes tragic family life, his far-sighted journalism, and his enduring friendship and intellectual partnership with Friedrich Engels.

Buddhism, Politics And Political Thought In MyanmarBuddhism, Politics And Political Thought In Myanmar by Walton, Matthew J.

This is the first book to provide a broad overview of the ways in which Buddhist ideas have influenced political thinking and politics in Myanmar. Matthew J. Walton draws extensively on Burmese language sources from the last 150 years to describe the 'moral universe' of contemporary Theravada Buddhism that has anchored most political thought in Myanmar. In explaining multiple Burmese understandings of notions such as 'democracy' and 'political participation', the book provides readers with a conceptual framework for understanding some of the key dynamics of Myanmar's ongoing political transition. Some of these ideas help to shed light on restrictive or exclusionary political impulses, such as anti-Muslim Buddhist nationalism or scepticism towards the ability of the masses to participate in politics. Walton provides an analytical framework for understanding Buddhist influences on politics that will be accessible to a wide range of readers and will generate future research and debate.

Buddhism In Asia: Revival And ReinventionBuddhism In Asia: Revival And Reinvention by Nayanjot Lahiri & Upinder Singh (Eds)

The birth of Buddhism goes back to the sixth century BCE and, over the centuries, there has been considerable variety as well as considerable change in its doctrines, practices and propagation across the different parts of Asia. This volume showcases the expansion in the religion's contours and popularity in Asia in modern times. Focusing on India, Sri Lanka and China, the essays in the book highlight the cross-fertilization between Buddhism and contemporary discourses which makes the phenomenon of Buddhist revival in Asia unambiguously modern. This is a historically rich and readable volume which will interest general readers as well as students and scholars of history and of Buddhism.

Q&A With An Islamophobe: Concise Responses To Counter Irrational IslamophobiaQ&A With An Islamophobe: Concise Responses To Counter Irrational Islamophobia by Siddiq Bazarwala

Concise responses to over 200 most vile, widely debunked and yet variedly repeated Islamophobic comments levelled against ordinary Muslims and Islam today by renowned Islamophobes, anti-Muslim groups, talk-show hosts, presidential candidates and right-wing politicians, either out of intolerance or ignorance. This book is a collection of such remarks and more importantly, long overdue counter-points responding to the oft-repeated Islamophobic statements increasingly commonplace today. Given the wide-ranging, divisive and worrying questions some of our children or teenage children are bound to be confronted with - or are asking - or sooner or later will start asking, this book will hopefully serve as a quick reference point.

Holy Men, Holy Women: A Journey Into The Faiths Of Malaysians And Other EssaysHoly Men, Holy Women: A Journey Into The Faiths Of Malaysians And Other Essays by Zaman, Dina

Needing a break from her first book, I Am Muslim, Dina Zaman embarked on a two-year journey around Malaysia - the length of the peninsula as well as Sabah and Sarawak. She met people of many faiths. And from these encounters she has woven together a tapestry of vital stories: of nuns and shamans, of silat practitioners who she inadvertently offended, of pilgrims and ustaz, of hijabis who pole dance, and she ended up in Memali to discover that tragic tale. This collection of essays - animated, engaging and provocative - opens a window on the sometimes troubled terrain of religious beliefs and practices. The accounts are personal and intimate, and at the same time throw light on some of the most pressing issues that confront society today: mindfulness and worldliness, interfaith relations and lifestyle choices, class and conviction, identity and religiosity.

Faith Of Our Father - The Discipleship Walk Of Peter Yap Huat TuanFaith Of Our Father - The Discipleship Walk Of Peter Yap Huat Tuan by Yap Lt, David

This book provides a close-up view of Yap Huat Tuan Peter, a man who responded to the call of God and who walked as a disciple of Christ, as recounted by his five children. They fondly recall observing Pa's regular appointment with God and recount how the faith of their father was lived out, in his giving attention to the family, serving as a school teacher and ministering as led and enabled by the Lord. They know him as an ordinary man who walked each step fully reliant on the extraordinary God. His life and legacy continues today, evident in the lives of the people he mentioned and touched.

There Your Heart Will Be AlsoThere Your Heart Will Be Also by Szto, Melville

Written as a sequel to Where Your Treasure Is, this book features the work of the Sztos upon their return from Hokkaido after two decades of mission work. In Singapore, they spent eight years training new missionaries, when Melville served as Dean of the Asian Cross-cultural Training Institute. Then they took off to Hokkaido again for another eight years of evangelism and church-planting work until their retirement from field ministry in 2010. The author shares first-hand knowledge and experience about raising a family and educating children on the mission field. This book is a valuable resource for those looking to gain practical understanding of foreign mission, and of what Northern Japan is like, beyond what is portrayed by media and popular culture.

Where Your Treasure IsWhere Your Treasure Is by Szto, Melville

A little over two years after it welcomed the first Japanese to its Sunday worship service, Itoi Church, located in a small town in Hokkaido, baptised its first believer in 1982. During the baptism service, the visibly nervous young believer stood up to share his testimony. It was an act that took great courage, but it was the first visible fruit of three years ploughing, sowing and watering, and it marked the beginning of an amazing chain of events that would lead to more conversions and baptisms. In this autobiography, Melville Szto recounts his pioneering church-planting experiences in Japan - as well as his own spiritual journey - and gives readers inspiring glimpses of the grace of God at work in yielded lives and the power of God at work in hard places.

Muslim Cosmopolitanism: Southeast Asian Islam In Comparative PerspectiveMuslim Cosmopolitanism: Southeast Asian Islam In Comparative Perspective by Khairudin Aljunied

Cosmopolitan ideals and pluralist tendencies have been employed creatively and adapted carefully by Muslim individuals, societies and institutions in modern Southeast Asia to produce the necessary contexts for mutual tolerance and shared respect between and within different groups in society. Organised around six key themes that interweave the connected histories of three countries in Southeast Asia - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - this book shows the ways in which historical actors have promoted better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the region. Case studies from across these countries of the Malay world take in the rise of the network society in the region in the 1970s up until the early 21st century, providing a panoramic view of Muslim cosmopolitan practices, outlook and visions in the region.

On Being The Antioch Of Asia: Global Missions And Missions Partnership Through Asian LensesOn Being The Antioch Of Asia: Global Missions And Missions Partnership Through Asian Lenses by Syn, W M

Has Singapore been living up to its call as the Antioch of Asia? What happens when churches carry out their missions programs without partnering with missions organisations? Is it healthy for churches to apply popular trends or ideas in missions across different cultural fields? W M Syn speaks to 60 missions leaders and pastors about the health of mission practices in churches in Singapore. While churches seem to be embracing this call to be the Antioch of Asia by sending out more missionaries, their lack of partnership with missions organisations and short-term strategies has also led to a host of problems that are negatively affecting the Singapore mission system. This book examines the effectiveness of popular trends and ideas in missions, highlights areas that need strengthening, and proposes a new model of missions partnership between local churches and agencies in order to enable Singapore to fulfil its call as the Antioch of Asia effectively.