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Understanding Global Development: A Guide To Success And Failure by Tiwari, Meera

Why do some development projects succeed where others fail? This book looks at the overlooked success stories and considers what enabled them to alleviate poverty in some of the world's most deprived communities. Using case studies from ten countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia, Tiwari's innovative approach offers a multi-layered understanding of poverty which provides insights into causal, enabling and impeding factors.

China, Africa And The Re-Shaping Of Information Society: New Media, New Politics by Gagliardone, Iginio

China is transforming Africa's information space. It is assisting African broadcasters with extensive loans, training and exchange programmes and has set up its own media operations on the continent in the form of CCTV Africa. In the telecommunications sector, China is helping African governments to expand access to the internet and mobile phones, with rapid and large-scale success. This highly original book demonstrates how China is both contributing to the 'Africa rising' narrative while exploiting the weaknesses of Western approaches to Africa, which remain trapped between an emphasis on stability and service delivery, on the one hand, and the desire to advocate human rights and freedom of expression on the other. Arguing no state can be understood without attention to its information structure, the book provides the first assessment of China's new model for the media strategies of developing states, and the consequences of policing Africa's information space for geopolitics, security and citizenship.

Queer AsiaQueer Asia by Luther, John Daniel; Jennifer Ung Loh (Eds.)

Queer studies is now a rapidly expanding field, as scholars from a variety of disciplines seek to address the long-running marginalisation of queer perspectives and experiences. But there has so far been little effort to unify the study of queer communities outside the West, and much of the current writing views these communities through a narrowly Western lens. Building on the work of the annual Queer Asia conference, this collection represents the most comprehensive work to date on queer studies in an Asian context. Featuring case studies and original research from across the continent, covering the Middle East, South and East Asia, and Asian diasporas, the collection offers a genuinely pan-Asian perspective which places queer Asian identities and movements in dialogue with each other, rather than within a Western framework.

Scroungers: Moral Panics And Media MythsScroungers: Moral Panics And Media Myths by Morrison, James

Long a popular scapegoat for all manner of social ills, under austerity we've seen hostility towards benefit claimants reach new levels of hysteria, with the 'undeserving poor' blamed for everything from crime to even rising levels of child abuse. The proliferation of social media has added a disturbing new dimension to this process, spreading and reinforcing scare stories, while normalising the perception of poverty as a form of 'deviancy' that runs contrary to the neoliberal agenda. Provocative and illuminating, Scroungers explores and analyses the ways in which the poor are portrayed both in print and online, placing these attitudes in a wider breakdown of social trust and community cohesion.

Last Days Of The Mighty MekongLast Days Of The Mighty Mekong by Eyler, Brian

Celebrated for its natural beauty and its abundance of wildlife, the Mekong river runs thousands of miles through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Its basin is home to more than 70 million people and has for centuries been one of the world's richest agricultural areas and a biodynamic wonder. Today, however, it is undergoing profound changes. Brian Eyler travels from the river's headwaters in China to its delta in southern Vietnam to explore its modern evolution. Along the way he meets the region's diverse peoples, from villagers to community leaders, politicians to policy makers. Through conversations with them he reveals the urgent struggle to save the Mekong and its unique ecosystem.

They Told Us To Move: Dakota-CassiaThey Told Us To Move: Dakota-Cassia by Ng Kok Hoe & The Cassia Resettlement Team (Eds.)

What happens when an entire community is moved? Dakota Crescent was one of Singapore's oldest public housing estates and a rental flat neighbourhood for low-income households. In 2016, its residents - many of whom are elderly - were relocated to Cassia Crescent to make way for redevelopment. To help them resettle, a group of volunteers came together and formed the Cassia Resettlement Team. They Told Us to Move tells the story of the relocation through interviews with the residents from the Dakota community and reflections by the volunteers. Accompanying these are essays by various academics on urban planning; gender and family; ageing, poverty, and social services; civil society and citizenship; and architectural heritage and place-making.

Public Trust In SingaporePublic Trust In Singapore by Chan, David (Ed.)

It is clear that public trust plays a critical role in developing a vibrant economy and a strong society. This book is organised into four parts. Part 1 provides an overview of issues involved in thinking about public trust. Part 2 examines public trust in the context of upholding public accountability and discusses specific issues of public transport in Singapore. Part 3 analyses the relationships linking trust to social media analytics as well as healthcare. Part 4 addresses specific questions on public trust in Singapore in terms of social harmony, race and religion, education, civil society, social inequalities, dealing with differences and disagreements, political leadership, and relationships between people and government.

National Service In SingaporeNational Service In Singapore by Shu Huang Ho & Graham Ong-Webb (Eds.)

National Service (NS) is one of Singapore's foundational public policies. First implemented by the British in 1954, amended in 1967 to provide a means to defend a fledgling independent nation, and codified into its present form in 1970, NS is a key pillar of Singapore's defence. Its significance, however, goes beyond defence. With over 1 million male Singapore citizens and permanent residents having served NS, and consequently involving many more in different ways, NS is deeply woven into Singapore's political and social fabric. This volume brings together a range of scholarly perspectives on NS which explore its past, present and future in four sections: The history of NS, NS in practice, debates on NS and an international perspective.

Elderly Must Endure, The: Ageing In The Minangkabau Community In Modern IndonesiaElderly Must Endure, The: Ageing In The Minangkabau Community In Modern Indonesia by Fanany, Rebecca; Ismet Fanany

This book concerns older members of the Minangkabau ethnic group, one of Indonesia's many local cultures. The Minangkabau have an ancient matrilineal social structure that is embodied in their local law and customs (adat) and that, in the view of many Minangkabau, is under increasing pressure in the modern context. This book is based on a long-term study of older Minangkabau in modern Indonesia with a focus on cultural consonance. It profiles the members of one family from a village in the highlands of West Sumatra whose members now live in cities across Indonesia as well as in their village of origin. The challenges but also the opportunities experienced by these individuals, and members of the older Minangkabau population in general, are characteristic of similar social change experienced across Indonesia in recent decades and illustrate the nature of culture shift in the rapidly urbanizing and modernizing context of modern Indonesia.

Autism In Short: A Handbook For ParentsAutism In Short: A Handbook For Parents by Jayanath, Subhashini

This book is a brief guide on autism spectrum disorder for parents of young children.

Singapore Chronicles: HealthcareSingapore Chronicles: Healthcare by Phua Kai Hong

This book reviews the development of healthcare in Singapore, especially over the last 50 years. It presents major health issues, past achievements of the healthcare system and healthcare challenges for the future. Various trends in the healthcare system are covered within the context of rapid socio-economic, demographic and epidemiological transitions. Also discussed are national policies in response to healthcare challenges within broader regional and global trends, offering lessons and other policy implications for the future development of Singapore's healthcare system.

Singapore Chronicles: MultiracialismSingapore Chronicles: Multiracialism by Vasu, Norman; Juhi Ahuja

This book discusses the significance of multiracialism as one of the central components of nationhood in Singapore. It traces the manner in which race relations have been understood, developed, and managed from the colonial period to the present. Singapore's national security strategy remains primarily driven by the two conventional security concerns of protecting the country's sovereignty as well as maintaining public order. As such, a well-managed policy of multiracialism with its normative goal of maintaining social harmony is held to be key to the preservation of public order. In addition, multiracialism is key to nation-building in Singapore.

Las Vegas In Singapore: Violence, Progress And The Crisis Of Nationalist ModernityLas Vegas In Singapore: Violence, Progress And The Crisis Of Nationalist Modernity by Lee Kah-Wee

Las Vegas in Singapore looks at moments in Singapore's and Las Vegas' pasts when the moral and legal status of gambling changed significantly, and examines how modern states and corporations capitalized on it. The book begins in colonial Singapore in the 1880s, when British administrators revised the law in response to the political threat posed by Chinese-run gambling syndicates. It then looks at the 1960s when the newly independent city-state created a national lottery while at the same time criminalizing both organized and petty gambling. From there the focus moves to corporate Las Vegas in the 1950s. The book reveals how the Las Vegas model of casino development evolved into a highly rationalized template designed to maximize profits. It all comes together when the Vegas model is architecturally re-fashioned into Singapore's Marina Bay Sands.

Un-Affirmed Core, The: Understanding The Factors Behind And Around HomosexualityUn-Affirmed Core, The: Understanding The Factors Behind And Around Homosexuality by Shen, Bryan

The Un-Affirmed Core gives a fresh, careful and deeply compassionate look at the great complexity of issues surrounding homosexuality. It provides rich explanations between modern psychology, real-life experiences and traditional sexual ethics. The true case stories scattered throughout are a special highlight. This book reduces prejudice, fear and misunderstanding. It addresses the important people around those who struggles alone, afraid, confused and hidden. It equips readers with the ability to provide support, from the psychological-assistive approach as well as the spiritual-pastoral approach, to those who are in need.

Through The Valley: The Art Of Living And Leaving WellThrough The Valley: The Art Of Living And Leaving Well by Wan, William

This book tackles this sensitive and potentially-upsetting issue with grace, humour and kindness. William Wan draws on his wide knowledge of people and his varied background and myriad experiences to craft a book that deals with topics such as: Dealing with the effects of growing older; 10 tips to help you age gracefully; Reflections on death and dying; Handling grief; Planning your own funeral; Having "die-logues"; Helping others who are grieving.

When Love Hurts: Stories Of Women, Men And Children Learning To End The Violence In Their LivesWhen Love Hurts: Stories Of Women, Men And Children Learning To End The Violence In Their Lives by Sudha Nair Et Al

In When Love Hurts are shocking true-life stories of senseless beatings, cruel mind games, the unimaginable terror of victims being bashed, battered and bullied by the very person who is supposed to love them - their husband, boyfriend, father, even son.

Departing From Java: Javanese Labour, Migration And DiasporaDeparting From Java: Javanese Labour, Migration And Diaspora by Hoefte, Rosemarijn; Peter Meel (Ed.)

From colonial times through to the present day, large numbers of Javanese have left their homes to settle in other parts of Indonesia or much further afield. Frequently this dispersion was forced, often with traumatic results. Today, Javanese communities are found as close as Kalimantan and as far away as Suriname and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, migrant workers from Java continue to travel abroad, finding short-term employment in places like Malaysia and the Middle East. This volume traces the different ways in which Javanese migrants and migrant communities are connected in their host society and with Java as a real or imagined authoritative source of norms, values and loyalties. It underlines the importance of diaspora as a process in order to understand the evolving notions of a Javanese homeland across time and space.

Growing Up PerempuanGrowing Up Perempuan by Sumartono, Filzah; Margaret Thomas (Eds.)

Growing up as a woman is hard. Growing up as a woman in the Muslim community is harder. In a world still filled with superstitions, if you die during childbirth you become a vampiric ghost and if you survive you might get attacked by a flying ghost. You collect experiences in the workplace that should be office satire but aren't. You face constant judgement, try to live up to endless expectations, and somehow…still fall short. Growing Up Perempuan is a collection of stories written by women, for women. This book offers stories of love and loss, strength and endurance, confidence and courage - stories that inspire and empower. This is a book about challenging the status quo and learning to chart our own paths instead of having the world define them for us.

Birthday Book, The: The Roads We TakeBirthday Book, The: The Roads We Take by Chung, Cheryl; Aaron Maniam

The roads we take don't always lead us to our final destination. Sometimes, the roads are filled with crevices and potholes. At other times, the roads may be smooth-sailing, but we question our decisions in taking these routes. Regardless of these decisions, they make who we are and influence how we will continue to traverse different roads in the future. In the 2018 edition of The Birthday Book, contributors reflect on the paths they have chosen to take in their lives. More than just personal stories, these essays highlight the importance of resilience and the evolution of the political and social landscape in Singapore. The book compels readers to think of the complexity of the future roads we must take, as individuals, as a nation-because in sunny Singapore, no one road stays forever.

Ensuring A Square Meal: Women And Food Security In Southeast AsiaEnsuring A Square Meal: Women And Food Security In Southeast Asia by Devasahayam, Theresa W. (Ed.)

Research on women and food security in Southeast Asia has been limited. The collection of chapters in Ensuring a Square Meal: Women and Food Security in Southeast Asia is one of the first attempts at providing a lens into the linkages between women and food security at the household, community, national and transnational levels. More broadly, the chapters examine women's contribution to the food security of households, resource distribution to produce food, and the purchasing power to buy food. In analysing the various facets to food security in relation to gender, the analyses focus on women and food security within the meanings of "private" and "public", and the extent to which the effects of the two spheres spill over into each other. Given women's critical role in food and agricultural production and provision, Ensuring a Square Meal: Women and Food Security in Southeast Asia assesses the structural forces that enable women to access productive resources and, in turn, ensure sustainable strategies for food security at the household level.