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Travels Of Marco Yolo, The: Blazing Trails Where Marco Polo Feared To GoTravels Of Marco Yolo, The: Blazing Trails Where Marco Polo Feared To Go by Ferrarese, Marco

Hitch-hiking along Malaysia's Federal Highway with one exponent of each of the nation's ethnic groups. Hanging out with ISIS-affiliated black metallers in Bangladesh. Surviving flash floods on the flanks of Tibet. Chasing a lysergic slice of Buddhist hell in northern Thailand. Riding with death in Mongolia. Mingling with the sons of headhunters along the India-Myanmar border. It may all sound bonkers, but it's all in a day's work for travel writer Marco Ferrarese, a guru of the 'You Only Live Once' life mantra. Craving your way out of the rat race? Follow Marco Polo's illegitimate 21st-century punk rock son as he burns 28 hair-raising trails through the darkest, less-trodden fringes of Asia. Because if you only live once, you'd better make it count.

Find And Seek SingaporeFind And Seek Singapore by Roydhouse, Sally

When a child steps outside his ordinary world and travels to a foreign city or country, an adventure awaits. In Find and Seek Singapore a small boy arrives in Singapore with his family, willing to explore his new surroundings with an open heart and a spirit of wonder. Universal themes of travel, exposure to new cultures and a sense of discovery are pertinent to the story. His adventure will leave an impression on the reader's memory to keep, and hopefully ignite a love of travel in this diverse world in which we live. Find and Seek Singapore is colourful, educational and written in simple verse, and makes an enjoyable read for all members of the family.

6 Kids And A Pop-Up Camper6 Kids And A Pop-Up Camper by Sue Ong & Family

When Singaporeans, Dan and Sue, decided to take their six homeschooled children on an epic 6-month road trip in the USA, they never did imagine just how tremendous their experience would turn out to be! Travelling with their faithful Pop-up Camper, 6 kids in tow (15 - 3 years old), America has left them with a deeply enriching experience. A full-colour, 300-page book with many stunning and inspiring photographs taken by their eldest son Asher, this travelogue attempts to chronologically record the family's epic 43 state journey around the USA. The whole family contributes many candid thoughts and learning moments being on a daily shifting schedule and of their encounters in a vast country so different from their own.

This Is SingaporeThis Is Singapore by Inglis, Kim; Jacob Termansen (Photo)

This book is much more than a round-up of Singapore's new urban cityscapes. Rather, it traces the development of the city-state, showing how so much of the old has been retained and celebrated alongside the new. In addition to an assessment of the downtown core, chapters include an analysis of Singapore's eco credentials as it strives to become a truly green City within a Garden; how its varied population contributes to its success (and how the various peoples came to its shores); a sober reflection on World War II and Occupation, and reminders thereof; a showcase of all things stylishly Singaporean; and finally, a short look back in time with a selection of evocative black-and-white photographs to Singapore's early days as a colonial city.

How To Hong Kong: An Illustrated Travel JournalHow To Hong Kong: An Illustrated Travel Journal by Lena Sin; Nicholas Tay

In this joyful travel sketchbook, Hong Kong is captured through the hearts of a writer and an artist. From the winding, incense-filled streets of Sheung Wan to the pandemonium of a wet market in North Point to the sleepy island backwater of Tai O, Lena Sin and Nicholas Tay take you on a wonder-filled journey that shines a light on the softer, more romantic side of this chaotic city. Filled with tales of growing up in Hong Kong, Lena weaves personal anecdotes and conversations with locals with richly-illustrated watercolours and photographs by herself and artist husband Nicholas. The result is an intimate portrait of a city that is at once vibrant and energetic as well as charming and nostalgic.

Diving In Southeast Asia: The Best Sites In Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines And ThailandDiving In Southeast Asia: The Best Sites In Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines And Thailand by Wormald, Sarah Ann

Diving in Southeast Asia is a comprehensive diving guide covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. It presents in great detail the very best dive sites in the tropical western Pacific. Our seasoned diver-authors have an aggregate half-century of experience exploring these waters, and each site receives thorough coverage, including detailed maps, color photos, and a full description of access, conditions, and facilities.

Presenting MalaysiaPresenting Malaysia by Bowden, David

Spread out over the Peninsula and the island states of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia contains and embraces a huge variety of cultures and cuisines, natural habitats, heritage sites and architectural wonders. Within this diversity there are many extreme contrasts, adding to the excitement of travelling through the country. Modern skyscrapers overlook wooden houses built on stilts; five-star hotels restaurants compete with street food from hawker stalls; rugged mountain peaks tower over sandy beaches and humid mangroves; bustling cities are juxtaposed with remote rainforests. Everywhere there is intriguing and irresistible street food. Presenting Malaysia provides an extensive introduction to the geography, history, people, religion, food, and arts and crafts, as well as a visual journey through the 13 states and three federal territories that make up this impressive and always fascinating country.

In The Land Of Pagodas: A Classic Account Of Travel In Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan And GuizhouIn The Land Of Pagodas: A Classic Account Of Travel In Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan And Guizhou by Raquez, Alfred

'Alfred Raquez' was the pseudonym of Joseph Gervais, a bankrupt French lawyer who fled to the Far East in the late 1890s and has access to some of the powerful players in French Indochina. He wrote prolifically about China and Indochina, took some of the earliest photographs of Laos and made the earliest field sound recordings in that land. This is the first English translation of a long out-of-print and sorely neglected work. It presents a startlingly fresh voice from over 100 years ago as it takes readers on a vivid tour of fin-de-siecle China in the company of a Parisian boulevardier on the run.

Culture Shock! Singapore - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Singapore - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Jackson-Nash, Kelly

CultureShock! Singapore is essential reading for any foreigner who is going to live and work in the city. It is packed full of practical information as well as interesting trivia on the colourful customs and culture of the people. Learn how to get around the city effectively by public transport like the locals and how to assimilate quickly and shop for groceries.

Bali: Ancient Rites In The Digital AgeBali: Ancient Rites In The Digital Age by Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana (Photos); Diana Darling

Bali: Ancient Rites in the Digital Age is a personal portfolio of work by the photographer Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana-offering a close view of rituals that few people have seen, often in remote villages of the island. The Hindu Balinese rituals described by author Diana Darling cover rites of passage and the rituals of death as well as those devoted to the gods, to the lower spirits, and the initiation of priests. As a Balinese from a Brahmana priestly family, Adnyana brings an insider's knowledge of his subject, and he is often granted special access to rare ritual ceremonies. Thus, he is able to photograph with the greatest possible intimacy.

Hunt, The: Singapore (2Nd Edition)Hunt, The: Singapore (2Nd Edition) by Baskin, Bernard; Jalean Wong

This book takes you off the beaten tourist trail and introduces you to 85 of the most unique locally-owned eating, shopping and lifestyle experiences in this tiny island nation. Handpicked recommendations include a mix of heritage finds and old school favorites, offbeat gems and hip newcomers - the best Singapore has to offer whether you're a visitor, new arrival or curious local.

Singapore: Then And NowSingapore: Then And Now by Vaughan, Grylls

Singapore: Then and Now brings together rare archival images of this global city-state and matches them with specially commissioned photos of the same sites as they appear today. Vaughan Grylls has rounded up all of the key sites that make up this fascinating and diverse place, from gleaming new skyscrapers and shopping malls to magnificent temples and ancient rainforests. The breathtaking contrast between past and present make this a fascinating addition to the long-running Then and Now series. Sites include: Elgin Bridge, Empress Place Building, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Fullerton Hotel, Johnston's Pier, Singapore Cricket Club, the Supreme Court, Capitol Theatre, Raffles Hotel, Masjid Sultan Mosque, Ellison Building, Coleman Bridge, Fort Canning, National Museum, YMCA Building, Cathay Building, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Tanjong Pagar Dock, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Johor-Singapore Causeway, Ford Factory, and Changi Village.

Crazy Cycling Chick: The Inspirational Journey Of Angie Across AmericaCrazy Cycling Chick: The Inspirational Journey Of Angie Across America by Tan, Angeline

Moving from Singapore to California was a breath of fresh air for Angie. With the curiosity and spunk of an animal let loose in the wild, she began to explore her surroundings on her bicycle. The idea struck her: Why not cycle across America? And why not film a documentary to chronicle the adventure? She would eventually complete the Northwestern-central route in under 40 days. 4,000 miles at a pace of 100 miles a day. Angie's account of her crazy dream, from conception to actualization, will resonate with anyone who has ever dreamed big.

Amazing SingaporeAmazing Singapore by Terekhova, Olga

Singapore is a unique country. It is "a little red dot" on the map, squeezed between much bigger and more populated countries. It is home to several million people crowding the subways, buses and highways in the rush hour and somehow still managing to get everywhere on time. It is a living garden, with tropical forests and parks surrounding the center of the city. It is a food nation, constantly eating and talking about the best restaurants and food courts. It is a living history, with nineteenth century shophouses next to shiny skyscrapers. It is a country with determination to succeed against all odds. This is a pictorial book about Singapore, the city that never ceases to amaze.

Tuttle Travel Pack: Kyoto And NaraTuttle Travel Pack: Kyoto And Nara by Goss, Rob

This brand new Japan travel guide by award-winning author Rob Goss, a longtime Japan resident, is designed for people with limited time. It covers not only the unique UNESCO World Heritage sites but also bustling Nishiki-koji street market and many smaller shrines and temples where enchanting moss and tree gardens lie hidden behind high stone walls. The list of things to do and see in Kyoto and Nara is literally endless, which is why you need an experienced author to point the way.

Wanderer To Brunei And BeyondWanderer To Brunei And Beyond by Gallop, C. H.

An eagerly awaited book in the series of compilations detailing the exploration into Brunei Darussalam and Malaysian Borneo Territories of Sabah and Sarawak. From the writer who calls himself "Pengembara", this book begins with an exploration of seldom visited islands in Brunei Bay and goes on to describe a variety of destinations in Brunei as well as Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand - the destinations "beyond". Within his repertoire of words and photographs, readers can hope to be enthralled by the wanderer's voyage of the rarest kind.

Shibuya Is CallingShibuya Is Calling by Francis, Samantha Ann

This book is dedicated to the traveler. But not just any traveler, mind you. It is meant for the wide-eyed, sometimes curious, occasionally weary-hearted traveler who dreams too much and wanders too often. It is for the traveler who watches strangers go by and weaves a million imaginary stories about their lives. It is also for the traveler whose sojourns bring home lifelong friendships and connections. Each page is the author's determined choice to focus on the quiet and dream-like beauty that exists in this world, even while acknowledging the pain and wreckage that no doubt remains.

Culture Shock! Myanmar - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Myanmar - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Saw Myat Yin

CultureShock! Myanmar is an illuminating guide to the culture and customs of Myanmar, offering readers a peek into this Southeast Asian country that has until very recently been shrouded in isolation. Since the end of 2010, however, foreign investors have been welcomed, and visiting Myanmar is easier than ever before. Be well prepared for living in Myanmar with all the advice and information you need. The author provides practical tips on what to bring, what to prepare an where to go. In addition, discover fascinating insights into the inner world of the Myanmar people, their culture, traditions, etiquette as well as practical tips on how to do business in Myanmar. Cultureshock! Myanmar is a must-read for anyone who wants to visit or make his home in this intriguing exotic country.

Geek In Thailand, A: Discovering The Land Of Golden Buddhas, Pad Thai And KickboxingGeek In Thailand, A: Discovering The Land Of Golden Buddhas, Pad Thai And Kickboxing by Houton, Jody

A Geek in Thailand is a light-hearted but perceptive look at one of the world's most visited countries from the viewpoint of a young foreign resident. More than just a Thai travel guide, it offers a concise but insightful take on Thailand for tourists, expats, would-be expats, and others-anyone, in fact, with an interest in visiting or learning about the Land of Smiles. Subjects range from the touchstones of Thai culture and history, such as its politics and economy, Buddhism and folklore, to chapters on traditional Thai design and craftsmanship, including its highly acclaimed architecture and fine silk textiles.

Kyoto UnhurriedKyoto Unhurried by Tay, Janice

Change comes slowly in Kyoto, a city of wooden houses, ancient temples and shops in business for centuries. Kyoto Unhurried is a resident's introduction to the city, with a focus on lesser-known places and events, showing readers where to go at different times of the year. But this is more than a travel guide. Pulling present-day encounters together with tales of poets and samurai, Kyoto Unhurried charts an atmospheric journey through one of the world's most romantic cities. It does not simply tell travellers what to see; it shows them why in the first place they should go.