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Down And Out In Paradise: A Memoir - East, West, Sex, DeathDown And Out In Paradise: A Memoir - East, West, Sex, Death by William, Luke

Luke Williams flies to Kuala Lumpur coming down off crystal meth without plans or much cash. He is in Asia for three years. He spends time working as a prostitute in Pattaya, eats snake heart in Vietnam, consults an American medium in Ubud, and explores the eye-popping red light scenes in Jakarta and the Philippines. Along the way, he encounters other Westerners who go to Asia for the things they can't find at home - riches, wives, ladyboys, cheap living and even cheaper drugs, cults, spices, mountains, tropical beaches, beach gigolos, 'self-esteem' necklaces, and ascended masters.

Wanderlust: The Amazing Ida Pfeiffer - The First Female TouristWanderlust: The Amazing Ida Pfeiffer - The First Female Tourist by Van Wyhe, John

Wanderlust is the true story of Ida Pfeiffer (1797-1858), one of the most remarkable female travellers who ever lived - a housewife who decided to follow her dreams despite the strong disapproval of society. At a time when it was considered utterly impossible, Pfeiffer set off alone to travel the world. Along the way, she survived storms at sea, parched deserts, plague, malaria, drowning, earthquakes, robbers, murderers, head hunters and cannibals. She became the first woman to circle the globe alone - and then the first to do so twice. As a result of her incredible exploits and her best-selling travel books, Pfeiffer became one of the most famous women in the world in the nineteenth century.

Laotian Pages: A Classic Account Of Travel In Upper, Middle And Lower LaosLaotian Pages: A Classic Account Of Travel In Upper, Middle And Lower Laos by Raquez, Alfred; William L Gibson Et Al (Trans.)

Laos, 1900 - a frontier land caught in a power struggle between Eastern kingdoms and Western colonial powers, a fertile place teetering between an ancient pastoral existence and the modern machine age. Alfred Raquez's Laotian Pages vividly describes his exploration of the diverse kingdoms of Laos at the turn of the last century with the same Parisian verve and ironic turn of mind that he brought to his first travel book. Raquez's keen eye and sensitivity to the exotic in both nature and human culture, combined with a mastery of the genre and his hallmark conversational style, transport the reader to the largely unexplored frontier of fin-de-siecle Indochina. Long known only to specialists on the history and ethnography of the region, this new work presents a scholarly translation into English together with Raquez's original photographs that will finally allow a wide audience to experience the joys and hardships of travel in a land that is both timeless and forever changing.

From The Lion's Mouth: A Journey Along The IndusFrom The Lion's Mouth: A Journey Along The Indus by Campbell, Iain

Iain Campbell has been fascinated by mountains for as long as he can remember. In his new book, he tells the story of a journey following the course of the Indus River from its mouth in the mudflats of Karachi through the Karakorum, Kashmir and the Himalayas to its source in Ladakh on the Indian side of the Tibetan plateau, where it springs from the 'Lion's Mouth' on Mount Kailash. His narrative paints an insightful, honest and heartfelt portrait of Pakistan. Engrossing and eye-opening, Iain Campbell's account of his travels through this mesmerising land will appeal to travellers, mountaineers, trekkers, wilderness enthusiasts, anyone interested in the culture and history of the subcontinent, and fans of quality travel writing.

African Odyssey, AnAfrican Odyssey, An by Cohen, Andre P.

This is the adventure of an ordinary family who left the trappings of modern existence behind them to embark on an extraordinary voyage through the backroads of Africa. Andre and Laura gave up a comfortable expatriate life in Asia, pulled their children out of school, and took off for Africa armed with four bags, a few guidebooks and an insatiable amount of curiosity. Travelling by car, bus, boat, aeroplane and even camel, they covered 30,000km through deserts, jungles, plains, highlands, lakes and rivers. Along the way, they came across a cast of characters, mysterious and eccentric, who brought the world around them to life. They lived with the last survivors of near-extinct tribes, met with hunters and conservationists, soldiers and bandits, kings and voodoo priests. Most of all, they encountered ordinary people going about their lives in often difficult circumstances, whose small acts of kindness helped them get through the tough days, and make the good days truly special.

Culture Shock! Thailand - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Thailand - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Cooper, Robert

CultureShock! Thailand is the complete guide for those who wish to make sense of the fascinating, manifold and often contradictory aspects of this ancient kingdom.

Grand Hostels, The: Luxury Hostels Of The WorldGrand Hostels, The: Luxury Hostels Of The World by Gestalten & Kash Bhattacharya

Travel in style on a budget with these fun design hostels around the globe. Hostels are more fun! Would you like to explore cities with like-minded people when you travel? Live the local life, and take part in communal activities? A new wave of hostels is emerging that offer just that, with an extra shot of service and comfort. The Grand Hostels will provide you with insights beyond just price and location. The hostels featured are perfect for foodies, outdoors-types, and digital nomads alike, as well as for short city breaks.

New Outsiders, The: A Creative Life OutdoorsNew Outsiders, The: A Creative Life Outdoors by Gestalten & Bowman, Jeffrey Bowman (Eds.)

The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity. Fresh ideas, adventurers and sustainable entrepreneurs inspire a new outdoor generation to live a life less ordinary under the open sky.

Bon Voyage: Boutique Hotels For The Conscious TravelerBon Voyage: Boutique Hotels For The Conscious Traveler by Gestalten & Clara Le Fort (Eds.)

Make a difference when you travel. Excellent hospitality and sustainable journeys can go hand in hand. New getaways offer amazing design, delicious food and extraordinary experiences while committing to an eco-friendly -experience for travellers and locals alike. From a remote lodge in the Namibian desert made from shipwrecks that protects endangered wildlife, to a restored hotel in downtown Hong Kong that draws on local tradition, or a guesthouse in Beirut where Lebanese women teach cooking and pass on family recipes for local dishes: no matter where or how, all these hotels combine the highest standards of hospitality with the smallest ecological footprint. Bon Voyage gives a privileged insight into the shift towards eco-conscious getaways.

Last Days Of The Mighty MekongLast Days Of The Mighty Mekong by Eyler, Brian

Celebrated for its natural beauty and its abundance of wildlife, the Mekong river runs thousands of miles through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Its basin is home to more than 70 million people and has for centuries been one of the world's richest agricultural areas and a biodynamic wonder. Today, however, it is undergoing profound changes. Brian Eyler travels from the river's headwaters in China to its delta in southern Vietnam to explore its modern evolution. Along the way he meets the region's diverse peoples, from villagers to community leaders, politicians to policy makers. Through conversations with them he reveals the urgent struggle to save the Mekong and its unique ecosystem.

Mountain That Eats Men, TheMountain That Eats Men, The by Izagirre, Ander

From the 16th century, the mines of Potosi, perched high in the Andes, bankrolled the Spanish empire. During those years immense wealth allowed the city to grow larger than London at the time and the mountain was quickly given the epithet Cerro Rico - the 'rich mountain'. But today, Potosi's inhabitants are some of the poorest in South America while the mountain itself has been so greedily plundered that its summit is on the verge of collapsing. So many people have died in the mines that the Cerro Rico is now called the 'mountain that eats men'. In this captivating, moving tale of harrowing bravery and wistful beauty Ander Izagirre tells the story of the mountain and those who risk their lives in its shadow through the eyes of Alicia - a 14-year-old girl working in the dark, dangerous mines to support her family.

Mr Hudson Explores: The Gay Man's Travel CompanionMr Hudson Explores: The Gay Man's Travel Companion by Mr Hudson & Gestalten (Eds.)

Based on Mr Hudson's identity, the book is featuring destinations for gays, but not necessarily gay destinations. It is about travelling in style for everyone who is looking for something different and special - no matter if men or women, travelling solo or as a couple. Mr Hudson Explores shows that every part of a trip is an incredible experience. The core content of the book will consist of 20 cities in the Northern Hemisphere and showcases the very best the destination has to offer. Each guide will give a general introduction to the city and, if applicable, its relevance for the gay community. It showcases various locations on culture and art, the most inspiring museum to visit, traditional and upcoming food places, best shopping experiences, music and nightlife.

Great Alone, The: Walking The Pacific Crest Trail by Voors, Tim & Gestalten (Eds.)

Time is precious. The world is waiting. Rediscover yourself. The Great Alone is the epic adventure of a relatable explorer. Tim Voors takes us through the physical, mental and spiritual journey he experienced on this epic hike.

Aini's Railway Odyssey: An Exile's 18,200Km Journey Home From London To Kuala LumpurAini's Railway Odyssey: An Exile's 18,200Km Journey Home From London To Kuala Lumpur by Nooraini Mydin

In this beautifully illustrated book, Nooraini Mydin grabs you by the hand and takes you with her on a madcap rail adventure through 10 countries. She sleeps alongside 53 passengers in the open carriage of the Trans-Siberian train, traversing Siberia to take in the stunning views of Lake Baikal. She gets held up in a fake teashop in Beijing, climbs the Great Wall of China with a prosthetic knee, finds herself in a Shanghai brothel and samples the orgasmic food of Penang. Aini's Railway Odyssey, part autobiography, part travel writing, is the informative, entertaining, often hilarious account of a 50-year old down-at-heel wimp who decided to confront her demons and take a solo trip halfway round the world. This book will leave you trawling the internet for tickets to Timbuktu and beyond.

Flavours Of Singapore: Eat, Drink & TravelFlavours Of Singapore: Eat, Drink & Travel by George, Jonnette (Ed.)

Written for passionate cooks, culinary tourists, chefs, restauranteurs, and anyone with a grumbling stomach, Flavours of Singapore has encapsulated the best of what Singapore's culinary scene has to offer. This book being a practical guide to all things food, you will find our top picks for the latest restaurant hot spots, specialty coffee cafes and trendy bars to discover the latest creations in cuisine. Whether you keep this book on your kitchen bench or take it to the streets of Singapore, use this guidebook to explore over 55 destinations using different cuisines from all around the globe including many of Singapore's specialty dishes.

UndertourismUndertourism by Sim Jui Liang

A lot has been written about overtourism and how cities are inundated by unceasing waves of tourists that are causing strain to infrastructure and disruption to everyday life. For locals, their city is resembling less like a home and more like a hotel. Yet, even in the most popular of destinations, there exist tourist sights that are often out of tourists' sight. Based on fieldwork in nine relatively lesser known tourist sites across Asia, the book poses several questions: Why are these neighbourhoods, temples, museums and parks experiencing undertourism? And what does it say about the desires and motivations of tourists and travellers?

Ottoman Odyssey: Travels Through A Lost EmpireOttoman Odyssey: Travels Through A Lost Empire by Scott, Alev

Alev Scott's odyssey began when she looked beyond Turkey's borders for contemporary traces of the Ottoman Empire. Their 800-year rule ended a century ago - and yet, travelling through twelve countries from Kosovo to Greece to Palestine, she uncovers a legacy that's vital and relevant; where medieval ethnic diversity meets 21st century nationalism, and displaced people seek new identities. It's a story of surprises. An acolyte of Erdogan in Christian-majority Serbia confirms the wide-reaching appeal of his authoritarian leadership. A Druze warlord explains the secretive religious faction in the heart of the Middle East. The palimpsest-like streets of Jerusalem's Old Town hint at the Ottoman co-existence of Muslims and Jews. And in Turkish Cyprus Alev Scott rediscovers a childhood home. In every community, history is present as a dynamic force.

Eastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk RoadEastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk Road by Wood, Levison

Award-winning TV adventurer and travel writer's enthralling account of his youthful expedition to Central Asia.

Inside The House Of The RajaInside The House Of The Raja by Comas, Xavier

Forgotten in Thailand's troubled Deep South, on the border of Muslim Malaysia, stands a dilapidated wooden palace once home to a Malay ruler, the last of his dynasty. Locals call it the House of the Raja, a place suffused with loss and solitude, laden with the region s glorious past and tragic present. Intrigued by this demonised, yet little-known borderland, Xavier Comas chanced upon this mysterious house. Crossing the doorway, he fell under its spell and felt compelled to delve into its past. The caretaker, a Muslim shaman who held rituals inside, invited the author to stay and initiated him into its hidden dimensions. As he builds a bond of trust with the inhabitants of the house, the missing pieces of its history gently fall into place, revealing an ancient culture long hidden and the building s ties to the centuries-old struggles in this contested region. Comas evocative story take us into a realm of hauntings, mystic powers and fading memories. His first-hand account enthralls the reader with vivid descriptions in which the real and the magical entwine. Inside the House of the Raja provides a missing key to controversial issues of legacy, belief and identity in Thailand s Muslim South.

Playing In Luxury: South And Southeast Asia's Top Family Hotels by Rai, Mandira

Playing of Luxury, a high end, hardcover, exquisitely illustrated coffee table book is intended to serve as a pictorial guide to some of the most luxurious family-friendly hotels/resorts in Asia (South and South East) that welcome both adults and kids alike. Whether it be world-renowned names or hidden gems (the book has both), this book proves that luxury travel and families are not mutually exclusive. This beautiful piece of art to adorn coffee tables would double as a handy guide for the travelling family that is used to luxury. From bed to pool slides to horse riding over waves on the beach; pirate cruises in the open seas to kids' clubs your little ones never want to leave; private butlers that teach your kids to learn to ride a bicycle to free for all chocolate rooms; adult only pools to private islands parents can picnic at; these hotels have them all and you need to see them now!