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Ottoman Odyssey: Travels Through A Lost EmpireOttoman Odyssey: Travels Through A Lost Empire by Scott, Alev

Alev Scott's odyssey began when she looked beyond Turkey's borders for contemporary traces of the Ottoman Empire. Their 800-year rule ended a century ago - and yet, travelling through twelve countries from Kosovo to Greece to Palestine, she uncovers a legacy that's vital and relevant; where medieval ethnic diversity meets 21st century nationalism, and displaced people seek new identities. It's a story of surprises. An acolyte of Erdogan in Christian-majority Serbia confirms the wide-reaching appeal of his authoritarian leadership. A Druze warlord explains the secretive religious faction in the heart of the Middle East. The palimpsest-like streets of Jerusalem's Old Town hint at the Ottoman co-existence of Muslims and Jews. And in Turkish Cyprus Alev Scott rediscovers a childhood home. In every community, history is present as a dynamic force.

Eastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk RoadEastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk Road by Wood, Levison

Award-winning TV adventurer and travel writer's enthralling account of his youthful expedition to Central Asia.

Inside The House Of The RajaInside The House Of The Raja by Comas, Xavier

Forgotten in Thailand's troubled Deep South, on the border of Muslim Malaysia, stands a dilapidated wooden palace once home to a Malay ruler, the last of his dynasty. Locals call it the House of the Raja, a place suffused with loss and solitude, laden with the region s glorious past and tragic present. Intrigued by this demonised, yet little-known borderland, Xavier Comas chanced upon this mysterious house. Crossing the doorway, he fell under its spell and felt compelled to delve into its past. The caretaker, a Muslim shaman who held rituals inside, invited the author to stay and initiated him into its hidden dimensions. As he builds a bond of trust with the inhabitants of the house, the missing pieces of its history gently fall into place, revealing an ancient culture long hidden and the building s ties to the centuries-old struggles in this contested region. Comas evocative story take us into a realm of hauntings, mystic powers and fading memories. His first-hand account enthralls the reader with vivid descriptions in which the real and the magical entwine. Inside the House of the Raja provides a missing key to controversial issues of legacy, belief and identity in Thailand s Muslim South.

Playing In Luxury: South And Southeast Asia's Top Family Hotels by Rai, Mandira

Playing of Luxury, a high end, hardcover, exquisitely illustrated coffee table book is intended to serve as a pictorial guide to some of the most luxurious family-friendly hotels/resorts in Asia (South and South East) that welcome both adults and kids alike. Whether it be world-renowned names or hidden gems (the book has both), this book proves that luxury travel and families are not mutually exclusive. This beautiful piece of art to adorn coffee tables would double as a handy guide for the travelling family that is used to luxury. From bed to pool slides to horse riding over waves on the beach; pirate cruises in the open seas to kids' clubs your little ones never want to leave; private butlers that teach your kids to learn to ride a bicycle to free for all chocolate rooms; adult only pools to private islands parents can picnic at; these hotels have them all and you need to see them now!

Sepetang Di TokyoSepetang Di Tokyo by Ahmad Bid Abdul

Sejak kecil lagi saya didedahkan dengan kartun Jepun dan budaya popular Jepun yang lain. Saya pernah bercita-cita untuk ke Jepun tetapi tidak berkemampuan. Apabila sudah dewasa, saya sudah pun lupa akan cita-cita saya itu sehinggalah Karen menjemput saya untuk pergi ke Jepun. Semua cita-cita zaman kecil saya kembali hidup dan saya rasa saya perlu melaksanakannya. Tokyo merupakan bandar yang dahulunya saya hanya mampu lihat di televisyen. Kini saya sudah tiba di Tokyo dan pemikiran saya juga sudah bertukar seperti anak-anak kecil. Saya mahu cuba semua perkara dan merasai budaya Jepun di Tokyo! Perancangan perjalanan? Saya bukan pelancong. Saya tidak akan tahu apakah yang akan melanda saya pada setiap hari di Tokyo.

Sepetang Di JakartaSepetang Di Jakarta by Ahmad Bid Abdul

Apakah yang berlaku apabila anda gabungkan tiga orang lelaki yang mempunyai ciri-ciri ini: 1) Seorang yang ada gout, 2) Seorang yang takut serba-serbi, 3) Seorang yang cepat stres dan cepat penat. Dan, bawa mereka bertiga ke satu percutian berbajet rendah, tanpa perancangan perjalanan yang baik, serta tidak berminat untuk pergi melawat tempat tumpuan pelancong. Tujuan utama untuk datang ke kota Jakarta hanyalah untuk melihat persembahan daripada kumpulan yang terdiri daripada anak-anak kecil (dan besar) yang memakai baju yang comel-comel. Perjalanan ke kota Jakarta ini pastinya sangat berbeza daripada perjalanan pelancong yang tipikal. Mungkin, langsung tidak layak pun untuk digelarkan sebagai aktiviti pelancongan. Mohon maaf kepada semua warga Jakarta yang terlibat dengan kekalutan yang dicetuskan oleh tiga orang lelaki ini.

Sepetang Di HaeundaeSepetang Di Haeundae by Ahmad Bid Abdul

"One shot! One shot! One shot!" Hanya Tuhan sahaja yang tahu bagaimana perasaan saya ketika itu. Tangan saya sudah memegang gelas berisi soju, dan kini semua orang sedang bersorak menunggu saya minum. Saya jadi panik, dan semua muzik yang dipasang di padang besbol itu tidak lagi masuk ke dalam gegendang telinga saya. Inilah perkara yang terjadi apabila saya cemas. Saya tahu bahawa saya tidak boleh minum soju, tetapi bagaimana harus saya beritahu mereka yang sedang bersorak-sorak gembira ini? "Masyeora! Masyeora! Masyeora! (Minum! Minum! Minum!)" Sepetang di Busan yang lepas, saya telah mengalami jatuh dan bangun dalam hidup. Kini, perkara itu berulang lagi. Bermastautin di negara asing mendedahkan diri kepada pelbagai cabaran dan rintangan yang sukar dijangkakan. Dalam membuat satu-satu pilihan, sentiasa akan membawa kepada akibat yang kadangkala tak termampu untuk dikawal. Saya terpaksa bekerja keras dan beradaptasi demi kelangsungan hidup di sini. Saya tidak mampu pulang ke negara asal kerana berhutang dengan kerajaan Korea. Dan jika saya gagal dalam ujian ini, saya telah membazirkan hayat saya selama satu tahun dengan sia-sia sahaja. Sekarang, pilihlah. Mahu jadi lebih hebat, atau mati dalam kegagalan.

Monocle Guide To Hotels, Inns And Hideaways, The A Manual For Everyone From Holidaymakers To Hoteliers. We Sidestep The Humdrum Haunts In Favour Of Stays With SubstanceMonocle Guide To Hotels, Inns And Hideaways, The A Manual For Everyone From Holidaymakers To Hoteliers. We Sidestep The Humdrum Haunts In Favour Of Stays With Substance by Monocle

Monocle's latest book will tell you where to find a top hotel - and also how to design or run your own. Both inspirational and packed with insight, it will be a must-have guide for the globally minded. In this brand-new book, Monocle reveals not only its 100 favourite hotels but also how you could start number 101 on its list with a wealth of advice and insight into what owning and running a perfect establishment involves. From stunning photography and illustration to snappy essays and sharp observations, this book delivers a complete review of everything from escapists' boltholes to third spaces for entrepreneurs.

Singapore Dreams And Other Adventures Travel Writings From An Asian JourneySingapore Dreams And Other Adventures Travel Writings From An Asian Journey by Hesse, Hermann

In 1911, Hermann Hesse sailed through southeastern Asian waters on a trip that would define much of his later writing. Hesse brings his unique eye to scenes such as adventures in a rickshaw, watching foreign theater performances, exploring strange floating cities on stilts, and luxuriating in the simple beauty of the lush natural landscape. Even in the doldrums of travel, he records his experience with faithful humor, wit, and sharp observation, offering a broad vision of travel in the early 1900s. With a glimpse into the workings of his mind through the pages of his journals, poems, and a short story - all translated into English for the first time - these writings describe the real-life experiences that inspired Hesse to pen his most famous works.

Ancient Sites Of Southeast Asia: A Traveler's Guide Through History, Ruins And LandscapesAncient Sites Of Southeast Asia: A Traveler's Guide Through History, Ruins And Landscapes by Chapman, William

Designed to assist the adventurous visitor to the region, the book is also an armchair traveler's introduction to many of the most historic and visually engaging monuments across seven nations: Indonesia,Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Malaysia. In addition to background on and descriptions of individual sites, the guide provides essential tips for travelers and an extensive reading list and glossary.The result of over twenty years of research and site visits by the author, archaeologist, and architectural conservator William Chapman, Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia provides a succinct overview of the region's many historic ruins and related sites.

Singapore Trails: Singapore River Walk & Jubilee WalkSingapore Trails: Singapore River Walk & Jubilee Walk by

Filled with evocative archival photographs and vivid snapshots of the modern city, this hany guide book uncovers the island's rich past and vibrant present via two meticulously-curated walking trails. It brings together two trails in the heart of the city: the Singapore River Walk, which traces Singapore's path from a bustling 19th-century port to a modern city, and the Jubilee Walk, created to mark Singapore's Golden Jubilee in 2015. With this guide in hand, tourists, foreign residents, and locals alike will enjoy finding out more about Singapore on foot. It includes historical tidbits, little-known facts, and helpful information such as the addresses and opening hours of the many sights along the way.

Lost Guides: Singapore - A Unique, Strylish And Offbeat Travel Guide To SingaporeLost Guides: Singapore - A Unique, Strylish And Offbeat Travel Guide To Singapore by Chittenden, Anna

Lost Guides - Singapore is a unique, stylish and offbeat travel guidebook to Singapore. An A5, full-colour, 212-page book with hand-illustrated maps and original photography. Featuring over 120 of the most special spots in Singapore, from cool coffee shops and fabulous food (local and contemporary) to authentic Asian art galleries and wild nature walks. The book also includes interview with local creatives, and pieces of local literature.

Lost Guides: Bali & Islands - A Unique, Stylish And Offbeat Travel Guide To Bali And Its Surrounding IslandsLost Guides: Bali & Islands - A Unique, Stylish And Offbeat Travel Guide To Bali And Its Surrounding Islands by Chittenden, Anna

The recommendations in this book are a highly curated selection of special spots for Bali and its surrounding islands chosen by the author Anna Chittenden, who has personally visited and selected each place. Recommendations can range from secret beaches, boutique retreats and cool cafes, to traditional artisans and surf spots. Designed to be practical and useful as well as beautiful, this book is organised into neighbourhoods, with maps and original photography to give the reader all the information that they need. The book also includes interviews and features with inspiring local creatives.

Walk Through Paris, A: A Radical ExplorationWalk Through Paris, A: A Radical Exploration by Hazan, Eric

Eric Hazan leads us by the hand in this walk from Ivry to Saint-Denis, roughly following the meridian that divides Paris into east and west, and passing such familiar landmarks as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pompidou Centre, the Gare du Nord and Montmartre, as well as little-known alleyways and arcades. Filled with historical anecdotes, geographical observations and literary references, Hazan's walk guides us through an unknown Paris.

200 Weekends In China: One Man's Conquest Of His Middle Kingdom Bucket List200 Weekends In China: One Man's Conquest Of His Middle Kingdom Bucket List by Goh, Alex

In 1996, Alex stepped foot in China for the first time and set eyes on what would have kick-started his visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Twenty-two years on, Alex is possibly the first (if not the only) person in the world to achieve the incredible feat of conquering and photographing all 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. 200 Weekends in China is the culmination of Alex's audacious China dream, a personal journey which delves deep into his heritage, roots and Chinese history. It was a calling that led him to trek 130 mountains and retrace the trail of the rise of the Middle Kingdom from the beginning of civilisation to the end of feudalism and to the world power it is today. In that time, Alex also completed 30 marathons in China as part of his life goal to conquer 100 marathons around the world. The images in this book are captured through the lens of Alex, a passionate photographer, making his conquest an even more intimate one.

Tokyo CafeTokyo Cafe by Pok Yue Weng

Take a look at the first of our café series, Tokyo Cafe, a city guidebook to all the wonderful cafes in Tokyo. We will help you uncover little treasures, sometimes hidden behind a nook or cranny; travel with us on the subway, taxi or on foot to that blink-and-you-will-miss-it gem. From the traditional to the exotic, Tokyo Cafe will change the way you drink your next cuppa in this ever exciting and effervescent capital city.

Dateline Mongolia: An American Journalist In Nomad's LandDateline Mongolia: An American Journalist In Nomad's Land by Kohn, Michael

Michael Kohn, former editor of the Mongol Messenger newspaper, is one steppe ahead of the journalistic posse in this epic Western set in the Far East. Kohn's memoir of his time in Mongolia is an irresistible account of a nation where falcon poachers, cattle rustlers, exiled Buddhist leaders, death-defying child jockeys and political assassins vie for page one. A turf war between lamas, shamans, Mormon elders and ministers provides the spiritual backdrop in this nation which had only just been liberated from Soviet rule. From the reincarnated Bogd Khaan and his press spokesman to vodka-fuelled racing entrepreneurs and political leaders unclear on the concept of freedom of the press, Kohn explores one of Asia's most fascinating, mysterious and misunderstood lands.

Eastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk RoadEastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk Road by Wood, Levison

Levison Wood was only 22 when he decided to hitch-hike from England to India through Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but he wasn't the conventional follower of the hippy trail. A fascination with the deeds of the early explorers, a history degree in the bag, an army career already planned and a shoestring budget of GBP750 - including for the flight home - he was determined to find out more about the countries of the Caucasus and beyond - and meet the people who lived and worked there. This is a true traveller's tale in the tradition of the best of the genre, populated by a cast of eccentric characters; from mujahideen fighters to the Russian mafia.

SydneySydney by

Get the top places to eat, drink and play suggested by a bunch of cool locals! Didi & Co is the first guidebook co-created by local insiders for fellow urban explorers. Places, pictures and pointers are all handpicked and generated collaboratively. Curious to spot hidden gems along your heritage trails? Want to find a cute neighbourhood café? Eager to know where the groovy party is? Didi & Co has got you covered with authentic haunts and secret spots.

Sociology Of TourismSociology Of Tourism by Sim Jui Liang

First published as a zine in response to the limitations of mainstream travel magazines, Sociology of Tourism is a hand-sewn chapbook that explores the impact of tourism on societies and cultures, an issue that is too serious and sensitive to be pursued in advertising-driven travel magazines. Taking readers on a sometimes uncomfortable tour of various cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, Sociology of Tourism is filled with vignettes illustrating the gentrification of historical neighbourhoods, the commodification of culture and the transient yet transactional relationship between locals and travellers.