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City Ramble Stories, The by Shophouse & Co.

The first creative urban guide profiling young urban creatives under the age of 35 in Singapore. A perfect companion to any weekend of rambling in the city! This 100-page publication features: a free walking trail of inspired places as recommended by designers under 35; feature of Singapore-based designers under 35 years old; stories of stops featured in The City Ramble Heritage and The City Ramble Process; essays about exploring the creative city; photos and illustrations!

Singapore Trails: Singapore River Walk & Jubilee WalkSingapore Trails: Singapore River Walk & Jubilee Walk by

Filled with evocative archival photographs and vivid snapshots of the modern city, this hany guide book uncovers the island's rich past and vibrant present via two meticulously-curated walking trails. It brings together two trails in the heart of the city: the Singapore River Walk, which traces Singapore's path from a bustling 19th-century port to a modern city, and the Jubilee Walk, created to mark Singapore's Golden Jubilee in 2015. With this guide in hand, tourists, foreign residents, and locals alike will enjoy finding out more about Singapore on foot. It includes historical tidbits, little-known facts, and helpful information such as the addresses and opening hours of the many sights along the way.

Walk Through Paris, A: A Radical ExplorationWalk Through Paris, A: A Radical Exploration by Hazan, Eric

Eric Hazan leads us by the hand in this walk from Ivry to Saint-Denis, roughly following the meridian that divides Paris into east and west, and passing such familiar landmarks as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pompidou Centre, the Gare du Nord and Montmartre, as well as little-known alleyways and arcades. Filled with historical anecdotes, geographical observations and literary references, Hazan's walk guides us through an unknown Paris.

200 Weekends In China: One Man's Conquest Of His Middle Kingdom Bucket List200 Weekends In China: One Man's Conquest Of His Middle Kingdom Bucket List by Goh, Alex

In 1996, Alex stepped foot in China for the first time and set eyes on what would have kick-started his visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Twenty-two years on, Alex is possibly the first (if not the only) person in the world to achieve the incredible feat of conquering and photographing all 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. 200 Weekends in China is the culmination of Alex's audacious China dream, a personal journey which delves deep into his heritage, roots and Chinese history. It was a calling that led him to trek 130 mountains and retrace the trail of the rise of the Middle Kingdom from the beginning of civilisation to the end of feudalism and to the world power it is today. In that time, Alex also completed 30 marathons in China as part of his life goal to conquer 100 marathons around the world. The images in this book are captured through the lens of Alex, a passionate photographer, making his conquest an even more intimate one.

Dateline Mongolia: An American Journalist In Nomad's LandDateline Mongolia: An American Journalist In Nomad's Land by Kohn, Michael

Michael Kohn, former editor of the Mongol Messenger newspaper, is one steppe ahead of the journalistic posse in this epic Western set in the Far East. Kohn's memoir of his time in Mongolia is an irresistible account of a nation where falcon poachers, cattle rustlers, exiled Buddhist leaders, death-defying child jockeys and political assassins vie for page one. A turf war between lamas, shamans, Mormon elders and ministers provides the spiritual backdrop in this nation which had only just been liberated from Soviet rule. From the reincarnated Bogd Khaan and his press spokesman to vodka-fuelled racing entrepreneurs and political leaders unclear on the concept of freedom of the press, Kohn explores one of Asia's most fascinating, mysterious and misunderstood lands.

Eastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk RoadEastern Horizons: Hitchhiking The Silk Road by Wood, Levison

Levison Wood was only 22 when he decided to hitch-hike from England to India through Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but he wasn't the conventional follower of the hippy trail. A fascination with the deeds of the early explorers, a history degree in the bag, an army career already planned and a shoestring budget of GBP750 - including for the flight home - he was determined to find out more about the countries of the Caucasus and beyond - and meet the people who lived and worked there. This is a true traveller's tale in the tradition of the best of the genre, populated by a cast of eccentric characters; from mujahideen fighters to the Russian mafia.

SydneySydney by

Get the top places to eat, drink and play suggested by a bunch of cool locals! Didi & Co is the first guidebook co-created by local insiders for fellow urban explorers. Places, pictures and pointers are all handpicked and generated collaboratively. Curious to spot hidden gems along your heritage trails? Want to find a cute neighbourhood café? Eager to know where the groovy party is? Didi & Co has got you covered with authentic haunts and secret spots.

Sociology Of TourismSociology Of Tourism by Sim Jui Liang

First published as a zine in response to the limitations of mainstream travel magazines, Sociology of Tourism is a hand-sewn chapbook that explores the impact of tourism on societies and cultures, an issue that is too serious and sensitive to be pursued in advertising-driven travel magazines. Taking readers on a sometimes uncomfortable tour of various cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, Sociology of Tourism is filled with vignettes illustrating the gentrification of historical neighbourhoods, the commodification of culture and the transient yet transactional relationship between locals and travellers.

Maldives: The Underwater KingdomMaldives: The Underwater Kingdom by Isley, Jason; Adam Broadbent

The Maldives is one of the most diverse and exciting underwater realms on the planet with colour saturated coral reefscapes and vicious current-swept channels where pelagics feed in the nutrient rich waters. The photographic team at Scubazoo have supplied the underwater cameramen and expertise for most of the big players in documentary-making. This new book concentrates on the Maldives, capitalising on the contacts and reputation Scubazoo has built up over the years providing in-house videographers to liveaboards and resorts in the archipelago.

Sensational Seas Of SabahSensational Seas Of Sabah by Isley, Jason; Gilbert Woolley & Christian Loader

Sitting in the heart of the Coral Triangle, home to the world's greatest marine diversity, Sabah is a magnet for divers from around the world. Sensational Seas of Sabah captures the beauty, diversity and breathtaking experiences that attracts people to enjoy some of the world's best diving. Scubazoo will take you on a journey to reveal the amazing diversity of creatures such as the endangered green and hawksbill turtles, countless species of sharks, plus thousands of barracuda and jacks.

Toraja: Misadventures Of An Anthropologist In Sulawesi, IndonesiaToraja: Misadventures Of An Anthropologist In Sulawesi, Indonesia by Barley, Nigel

In 1985, Dr. Nigel Barley, senior anthropologist at The British Museum, set off for the relatively unknown Indonesian island of Sulawesi in search of the Toraja, a people whose culture includes headhunting, transvestite priests and the massacre of buffalo. In witty and finely crafted prose, Barley offers fascinating insight into the people of Sulawesi and he recounts the tale of the four Torajan woodcarvers he invites back to London to construct an Indonesian rice barn in The British Museum.

On Brittle Ground: My China JourneyOn Brittle Ground: My China Journey by Souchou Yao

When Souchou Yao returns in middle age to the Chinese market town he left as a child, he finds that he is both a stranger and a kinsman; at once a tourist and a native son. His encounters with family members who suffered the terror and persecution of Mao's Land Reforms, and his intimate observations of how the new China is still haunted by its past, are interleaved with personal reflections and mixed emotions. Can one justify the sacrifice of millions of lives in building a brave new world? Is destruction the inevitable price of progress? Can an exile ever go home again? On Brittle Ground is a moving chronicle of a journey home and a poignant reminder that new life may spring from catastrophic events, and new fires flicker among the ashes of the old. In Souchou Yao's beautiful prose narrative, unresolved paradoxes give way to the wisdom of acceptance.

Long Ride From Singapore, The: Two Surgeons On Motorcycle Journey Across Asia For CancerLong Ride From Singapore, The: Two Surgeons On Motorcycle Journey Across Asia For Cancer by Lau, Philip

In 2014, breast surgeons Philip Iau and Mikael Hartman from the breast cancer team at National University Hospital set off on an epic journey by motorcycle from Singapore to Sweden, over 100 days.

Culture Shock! Korea - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Korea - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Bocksay, John

CultureShock! Korea is a compelling, elegantly-written and funny guide for anyone planning a stay in South Korea. Whether you're in South Korea to do business, seek pleasure or find your inner Hallyu diva, if you are lucky enough to find yourself on this peninsula where stunning natural scenery meets hyper-modern cities, get the most out of your stay with this essential and fun-to-read guide.

Culture Shock! Japan - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Japan - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Ong, Raina

CultureShock! Japan will guide you through the confusion you will inevitably feel when moving to the Land of the Rising Sun. Peppered with personal anecdotes, this book gives practical advice on how to navigate Japan's fascinating and complex culture with ease and what to expect at a typical izakaya with your fellow "salarymen" after a long day at work.

Culture Shock! India - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! India - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Seow, Lynelle

CultureShock! India helps you understand this country that has more than 4,000 separate communities and where over 300 different languages are spoken. Learn to maneuver through the structure and varieties of Indian society, and appreciate the traditions and values that bind the people together despite their differences. Peppered with personal anecdotes, this book gives practical advice to avoid cultural misunderstandings as well as tips to facilitate your move to the country, including information on how to find a suitable home, how to get around, what schools and facilities are available for your family and what to expect from the work environment.

Culture Shock! Vietnam - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Vietnam - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Engelbach, Ben

Culture Shock! Vietnam aims to be the definitive account of the country for travellers or those relocating to the country. Based primarily on the author's first-hand experience in Vietnam, the book leads the reader on a journey that covers every aspect of arrival, settling in, integrating with local culture, and grappling with a wholly foreign language and customs.

Between Stations: EssaysBetween Stations: Essays by Boey Kim Cheng

Singapore-born poet Boey Kim Cheng meditates on emigration and loss during a year of travelling after leaving his native land to settle in Australia. He makes detours through India, China, Egypt and Morocco, haunted by the memories of family and vestiges of old Singapore. This travel memoir is being published in Singapore for the first time, and includes a new afterword by Boey and new photos. It was first published in Australia in 2009.

Travels Of Marco Yolo, The: Blazing Trails Where Marco Polo Feared To GoTravels Of Marco Yolo, The: Blazing Trails Where Marco Polo Feared To Go by Ferrarese, Marco

Hitch-hiking along Malaysia's Federal Highway with one exponent of each of the nation's ethnic groups. Hanging out with ISIS-affiliated black metallers in Bangladesh. Surviving flash floods on the flanks of Tibet. Chasing a lysergic slice of Buddhist hell in northern Thailand. Riding with death in Mongolia. Mingling with the sons of headhunters along the India-Myanmar border. It may all sound bonkers, but it's all in a day's work for travel writer Marco Ferrarese, a guru of the 'You Only Live Once' life mantra. Craving your way out of the rat race? Follow Marco Polo's illegitimate 21st-century punk rock son as he burns 28 hair-raising trails through the darkest, less-trodden fringes of Asia. Because if you only live once, you'd better make it count.

Journey Through The PhilippinesJourney Through The Philippines by Hicks, Nigel

The sheer size of the Philippines and its amazing diversity, with environments that range from stunning submarine coral reefs to rugged and overly-active volcanoes, with beaches, lakes, rivers and forests in between, plus lively modern cities with heritage Spanish buildings, make it a challenge for the visitor to know where to start. This book presents an ideal itinerary through 30 locations across the country running roughly north to south.