Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House

Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House

Wolff, Michael /Paper Back /2018  (SB#061193)
Price: US$22.17

Routledge Handbook Of Postcolonial Politics

Rutazibwa, Olivia; Robbie Shilliam (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2018  (SB#061111)
Price: US$277.20

Age Of Anger: A History Of The Present

Age Of Anger: A History Of The Present

Pankaj Mishra /Paper Back /2017  (SB#061284)
Price: US$14.40

Democracy And Justice: Reading Derrida In Istanbul

Czajka, Agnes /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061135)
Price: US$174.24

Routledge Handbook Of Political Advertising

Holtz-Bacha, Christina; Marion R. Just (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061130)
Price: US$277.20

Politics And Big Data: Nowcasting And Forecasting Elections With Social Media

Ceron, Andrea; Luigi Curini; Stefano Iacus /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061127)
Price: US$182.16

Conceptualizing Politics: An Introduction To Political Philosophy

Cerutti, Furio /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061124)
Price: US$166.32

Rethinking Utopia: Place, Power, Affect

Bell, David M. /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061123)
Price: US$174.24

Reclaiming Representation: Contemporary Advances In The Theory Of Political Representation

Vieira, Monica Brito (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061121)
Price: US$166.32

Political Communication In Real Time: Theoretical And Applied Research Approaches

Schill, Dan; Rita Kirk; Amy Jasperson (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061120)
Price: US$174.24

Negativity And Democracy: Marxism And The Critical Theory Tradition

Grollios, Vasilis /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061118)
Price: US$174.24

Hugo Grotius And The Modern Theology Of Freedom Transcending Natural Rights

Geddert Jeremy Seth /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061117)
Price: US$142.56

Art Of Worldmaking, The: Nicholas Greenwood Onuf And His Critics

Gould, Harry (Ed.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061114)
Price: US$174.24

Routledge Handbook Of International Political Sociology

Guillaume, Xavier; Pinar Bilgin (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061110)
Price: US$277.20

Trump Effect

Korostelina, Karina V. /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061101)
Price: US$79.20

New Global Politics, The: Global Social Movements In The Twenty-First Century

Vanden, Harry; P. Funke; G. Prevost (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061099)
Price: US$174.24

(En)Gendering The Political: Citizenship From Marginal Spaces

Turner, Joe B. (Ed.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061096)
Price: US$166.32

New Politics Of Regionalism, The:Perspectives From Africa, Latin America And Asia-Pacific

Engel, Ulf; H. Zinecker; F. Mattheis (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061091)
Price: US$174.24

Indonesia, Islam, And The International Political Economy: Clash Or Cooperation?

Williams, Mark S. /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061073)
Price: US$166.32

Negotiating Dissidence: The Pioneering Women Of Arab Documentary

Van De Peer, Stefanie /Hard Cover /2017  (SB#061045)
Price: US$110.88

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