by Lubis, Mochtar


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Format:  Paper Back, 128 pages
Published:  1991, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789810025033
SB#:  011074 (804)

About This Book

A satire about the hypocrisy of society by a well-known Indonesian journalist and social commentator, Mochtar Lubis. This translation of his "Harimau, Harimau!" lends insight to the Indonesian awe of those who possess charisma -- from village headmen and dukuns (witch doctors) to presidents. But, as the author -- who was incarcerated by two regimes, first by President Sukarno, then by his successor, Suharto -- points out, these men are not infallible. "Their brittle power crumbled easily when people lost faith" in them. All the major characters in the novel have to confront and tame the "tiger" within themselves. Mochtar Lubis skillfully strips the characters of their disguises, and through the plot, observes how human beings behave under extreme stress. Lubis writes with verve and satiric bite. His uncompromising attack on hypocrisy and inequities has earned him much international respect.

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