Social Resilience In Singapore: Reflections From The London Bombings

by Vasu, Norman (Ed.)

Social Resilience In Singapore: Reflections From  The London Bombings

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Format:  Paper Back, 117 pages
Published:  2007, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789814022354
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About This Book

The bombing of the London Underground made headline news in July 2005. Much was said about the fact that the bombers were not foreigners, but British-born citizens. There was concern that the violence would create a climate of fear in the capital and elsewhere in the British Isles and that life would never return to normal. However this fear proved baseless as Britons did not panic and returned to their regular activity rapidly. Indeed, the resilience of the British people soon became the focus of attention of the press. Using the London bombings as the impetus for reflection, seven scholars and practitioners consider the concept of social resilience in a time where terrorist actions are calculated not just to inflict injury and cause material damage, but also to unsettle the social balance of pluralistic societies. The essays in this book are divided into two parts. In the first part, three essays respectively present what actions have been taken by both government and civil society in the UK to forge social cohesion in the wake of the London bombings; an analysis of the findings of a study of social resilience in Singapore, conducted by the Ministry of the Information and the Arts; and a critique of the Singapore government's policy towards the management of difference in the island-state. Two essays in the second part review the management of pluralism in Singapore - one studies the reasons that Jemaah Islamiyah recruits in Singapore have given for their sympathy with the ideology of the outlawed group, while the other analyses the role of National Education in local schools, which is aimed at inspiring allegiance to Singapore. The final essay takes a look at multiculturalism in Canada.

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