Indonesia Rising: Islam, Democracy And The Rise Of Indonesia As A Major Power

by Tamara, Nasir

Indonesia Rising: Islam, Democracy And The Rise Of Indonesia As A Major Power

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Format:  Hard Cover, 208 pages
Published:  2009, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789814022606
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About This Book

The decade following Reformasi, or reform, in Indonesia, has been one of major social and economic transformation, allowing Indonesia to become a democratic and thriving nation ready to play a significant role in the new world order. The election of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for a second term signifies the maturing of democratic society and a promising future for the world's largest Muslim-majority nation. In this timely book, Indonesia expert Nasir Tamara documents the key social, economic and political developments in Indonesia following its democratization. He covers the changes that have occurred in areas as diverse as the political system, military, bureaucracy, technology, industry, foreign policy, the economy, as well as the media and the arts. The author explains how democracy has been the fundamental force that has allowed Indonesia to recover from the deep crisis of 1998 to rise as a regional power, bringing progress and change to the archipelago. The challenges it faces remain colossal but the country now has a solid foundation on which to achieve economic and social progress not dissimilar to what China and India have experienced.

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