Invisible People: Poverty And Empowerment In Indonesia

by Kortschak, Irfan; Poriaman Sitanggang (Photo)

Invisible People: Poverty And Empowerment In Indonesia

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Format:  Hard Cover, 185 pages
Published:  2010, Indonesia, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789792510027
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About This Book

Who are Indonesia's invisible people? They include people with physical disabilities in Aceh; people from a village with a very high rate of congenital deafness in Bali; malnourished children and their parents in West Timor; widows and female heads of households in Lombok; people with leprosy- related disabilities in South Sulawesi; women surviving domestic abuse and communal violence in Ambon; people with HIV and AIDS in Papua; children in a village in West Java without access to a secondary school; sex workers in West Kalimantan; and transgendered persons in East Java. As this book shows, through first hand interviews with members of vulnerable groups in Indonesia, these people are not passive victims, merely waiting for assistance. They are actively working to improve their own lives. With more than 100 photographs, Invisible People tells the sometimes heartbreaking but often heartwarming stories of their lives.

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