Traditional Chinese Toggles: Counterweights And Charms

by Duda, Margaret

Traditional Chinese Toggles: Counterweights And Charms

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Format:  Hard Cover, 272 pages
Published:  2011, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789814260619
SB#:  052411 (704)

About This Book

This volume is an excellent reference guide to the historical and cultural significance of Chinese toggles or zhuizi - carved pieces of jade, ivory, bone, wood, shell and semi-precious stones used by the Chinese in ancient times as counterweights to secure personal effects like tobacco pipes and money pouches to their belts. Over time, toggles became treasured objects of identity and expression, believed to bring the bearer good luck, happiness, fertility, longevity and health. The book explains how toggles were used in daily and ceremonial life, and interprets the designs that are fundamental to understanding these artefacts. Accompanied by stunning photography and detailed descriptions, Traditional Chinese Toggles: Counterweights and Charms will be the definitive illustrative guide to this little-known Chinese art form.

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