Lao Da Sui Bi Ji (1990 - 2015)

by Han Laoda

Lao Da Sui Bi Ji (1990 - 2015)

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Format:  Hard Cover, 272 pages
Published:  2015, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789810969301
SB#:  058681 (801)

About This Book

This is a collection of thoughtful essays in Chinese, by Cultural Medallion winner Han Lao Da on a range of topics related to arts and culture in Singapore. While the work touches on various aspects of the arts, as one of the leading cross-talk artists in the region, Han also writes about his experiences in this regard, including his interactions with noted foreign and local practitioners. One sees that cross-talk is not only a performance art but also a literary art. This book is not only a record of developments but also provides a valuable insight into the mind of one of the leading artists in Singapore.

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