Infrastructures: Narratives In Malaysian Art Volume 3

by Yong, Beverly; Nur Hanim Khairuddin; Et Al

Infrastructures: Narratives In Malaysian Art Volume 3

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Format:  Paper Back, 444 pages
Published:  2016, Malaysia, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789671001172
SB#:  059282 (703)

About This Book

This third volume of the Narratives in Malaysian Art series, Infrastructures , examines the development of the structures that support art and art appreciation in Malaysia. Capturing some of the history of the art scene as it has grown over the decades, it also looks at the state of our infrastructure today, mapping the key areas of art institutions, artist-run initiatives, the art market, art education, and art writing and publication. In this volume, many voices come together to share their experiences and the challenges of working towards a healthy and vibrant Malaysian art scene, and their concerns and hopes for its future. Documenting roundtable sessions and conversations among art scene stakeholders, the volume also includes interviews, selected articles, commentary, maps, surveys and other data, providing valuable information and perspectives for cultural policy-makers and all who have a share and interest in Malaysia's cultural life.

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