Story Of Emoji, The

by Lucas, Gavin

Story Of Emoji, The

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Format:  Hard Cover, 192 pages
Published:  2016, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9783791381503
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About This Book

This is the first book to explain the genesis and cultural significance of emoji, the world's cutest and most popular form of shorthand. The word "emoji" literally translates from Japanese as "picture" and "character". The Story of Emoji traces emoji from their origin as a symbol typeface created specifically for on-screen use by a Japanese mobile phone provider in the late 1990s to an international communication phenomenon. As well as a history of emoji and an interview with their creator, Shigetaka Kurita, the book includes an exploration of non-text typefaces, from the decorative fleurons of the early days of the printing press to the innumerable digital typefaces available today, to the use of emoticons, ASCII art, and kaomoji in typed messages.

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