Andrew Rogers: Rhythms Of Life - A Global Land Art Project

by Langen, Silvia

Andrew Rogers: Rhythms Of Life - A Global Land Art Project

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Format:  Hard Cover, 232 pages
Published:  2016, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9783791355405
SB#:  059453 (705)

About This Book

For the past 16 years Andrew Rogers has been building enormous stone structures called geoglyphs on all seven continents around the world. Designed to be seen from above, these magnificent creations have a global purpose-to form a set of connected drawings on Earth visible from space, embracing the cultural heritage of all civilizations. This book includes stunning ground-level, aerial, and satellite photography. From the peaks of Nepal to the Bolivian Andes; the granite monoliths of Sri Lanka to the volcanic expanses of Iceland; the frigid ice caps of Antarctica to the sweltering desert sands of the African Savannah-each of the 51 geoglyphs was built using local materials and conceived of with the help of local workers, archaeologists, and ethnologists.

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