Library Of Mystory

by Chern, Heroald

Library Of Mystory

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Format:  Paper Back, 101 pages
Published:  2016, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781482855029
SB#:  059480 (880)

About This Book

There was once a prince who was playful and cared little about what happened in his kingdom. However, as was tradition, he was to choose a girl to marry in a few months' time, when he would reach the age of twenty-one. His parents decided to send him to a school for nobles in hopes of him finding someone he fancied. Through a twist of fate, he met Ida, a studious girl from his class who wasn't even a noble, and together they discovered the Library of Mystory. There they uncovered a secret so big that it would change their fate and the fate of the kingdom forever.

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