Cai Lun: The Creator Of Paper - A Story In English And Chinese

by Li Jian

Cai Lun: The Creator Of Paper - A Story In English And Chinese

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Format:  Hard Cover, 42 pages
Published:  2016, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781602209961
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About This Book

Cai Lun was called into the Palace to serve the Emperor at the age of 15. He was smart and studied hard. Soon he was promoted to be an attending official in charge of documentation. Until this time, documents were written either on tablets of bamboo strips of on silk where the bamboo strips were heavy and the silk was expensive. Cai Lun was determined to help the Emperor and find another durable material that would be good for writing. Cai Lun began his experiments with all the cheap natural material that he could find such as dry grass, bark, fishnet and old ropes. With the support from the Emperor and the help of the imperial craftsmen, Cai Lun successfully invented "paper" after many attempts. The innovation of paper made it possible to keep records and also paintings.

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