Audit Committee Guide (Cg Guides For Boards In Singapore)

by Singapore Institute Of Directors

Audit Committee Guide (Cg Guides For Boards In Singapore)

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Format:  Hard Cover, 495 pages
Published:  2017, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789811118753
SB#:  059812 (111)

About This Book

This is the definitive guide to the roles, duties, challenges and leading practices of Audit Committees. Aimed especially at Singapore-listed companies, the Audit Committee Guide provides comprehensive coverage of the regulatory and practical aspects of the AC's work. Its contents include: The structure and composition of the AC; The organisation and conduct of AC meetings; The AC's oversight of risk management and internal controls, including control deficiencies, fraud risks, whistleblowing, data analytics, and interested person and related party transactions; The AC's role in relation to internal and external audits, and how it should engage and evaluate the internal and external auditors; The AC's responsibilities with respect to financial reporting, and the significant issues that arise; and AC-related disclosure requirements.

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