You Want This Goonvernment Ah?

by Kee Thuan Chye

You Want This Goonvernment Ah?

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Format:  Paper Back, 319 pages
Published:  2018, Malaysia, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789832344919
SB#:  061199 (131)

About This Book

Wah! Najib said RM500 could feed a whole family for a year! He bought a chicken for RM1 and told us to shop wisely! Umno MP said MO1 was the Agong! ROTF! Alamak! So many scandals at Felda! Ahmad Maslan said with GST, some goods cheaper wor! Menteri Besar challenged Opposition man to a fight! Celaka! Najib broke his promise to repeal Sedition Act! Aiyo! Teachers warned not to support Opposition! Aiseh! Won't Najib declassify audit report on 1MDB? This is the goonshit we get from the GOONvernment. Read about it and decide if you want a kakistocracy run by goonshitters, sygoonphants, shenanigoons and kleptogoons.

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