Rosetsu: Ferocious Brush

by Mckelway, Matthew; Khanh Trinh

Rosetsu: Ferocious Brush

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Format:  Flex Cover, 246 pages
Published:  2018, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9783791357263
SB#:  061857 (705)

About This Book

Born into the family of a low-ranking samurai, Nagasawa Rosetsu (1754-1799) is renowned today as one of the most imaginative artists of early modern Japan. His visually stunning and highly idiosyncratic paintings earned him a place in Japan's Lineage of Eccentrics. This book surveys Rosetsu's art with sixty of his most important paintings, beginning with his earliest works in the realist mode of his teacher Maruyama O- kyo, and ending with his haunting, visionary, and occasionally bizarre final masterpieces. Screen paintings, scrolls, and albums depicting Zen eccentrics, raucous children, ethereal beauties, otherworldly landscapes, and vivacious animals and birds take viewers on a journey through Rosetsu's own travels and into his unbridled imagination.

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