Anima Methodi: The Poetics Of Mirroring

by Kon Desmond & Eric Valles (Eds.)

Anima Methodi: The Poetics Of Mirroring

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Format:  Paper Back, 184 pages
Published:  2018, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789811184574
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About This Book

Conceived by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé and Eric Tinsay Valles, the anima methodi is a 16-lined poem, comprising two stanzas of eight lines each. The structure has been quaintly called the twofold binate octave. Two words or phrases are repeated anywhere within the first binate octave, and the same mirroring effect (with the same or different pair of texts) is done for the second binate octave. There remains continuity across both stanzas, with the last line of the first stanza moving seamlessly - across the stanza break as dovetail - into the first line of the second stanza. The stanza break may also locate the poem's volta, as with the sonnet, for which, according to Phillis Levin, "the volta is the seat of its soul". This anthology is co-edited by Eric Tinsay Valles and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé.

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