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Bribery And Corruption: Biblical Reflections And Case Studies For The Marketplace In AsiaBribery And Corruption: Biblical Reflections And Case Studies For The Marketplace In Asia by Tan Soo-Inn (Ed.)

This short book is one attempt to respond to the need to help Christians in Asia find a biblical response to the real pressures they face in the marketplace. It takes seriously both the Scriptures and the context in which Asian Christians function. It begins with a theological framework for grappling with real-time problems, continues with responses from various theologians on the framework presented, and concludes with actual case studies from the marketplace. This second edition includes additional content.

Good News For Bruised Reeds - Walking With Same-Sex Attracted FriendsGood News For Bruised Reeds - Walking With Same-Sex Attracted Friends by Hor, Joanna; Ng Zhi-Wen & Bernice Tan Et Al (Eds.)

This book seeks to both encourage those who are serious about following Christ but who are struggling with same-sex attraction, and to challenge the church to lend a listening ear and a helping and welcoming hand. The stories in this book are told with pathos, honesty, and courage.

3-2-1: Following Jesus In Threes3-2-1: Following Jesus In Threes by Tan Soo-Inn

How can we practise the discipline of spiritual friendship in today's busy world? Popular author and preacher Soo-Inn Tan presents a highly doable model for spiritual friendship in this groundbreaking book. 3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes seeks to explain both the whys and hows of 3-2-1 triads. This small book contains all you need to understand and practise a 3-2-1 approach to spiritual friendship.

UndertourismUndertourism by Sim Jui Liang

A lot has been written about overtourism and how cities are inundated by unceasing waves of tourists that are causing strain to infrastructure and disruption to everyday life. For locals, their city is resembling less like a home and more like a hotel. Yet, even in the most popular of destinations, there exist tourist sights that are often out of tourists' sight. Based on fieldwork in nine relatively lesser known tourist sites across Asia, the book poses several questions: Why are these neighbourhoods, temples, museums and parks experiencing undertourism? And what does it say about the desires and motivations of tourists and travellers?

Post-Colonial Security Dilemma, The: Timor-Leste And The International CommunityPost-Colonial Security Dilemma, The: Timor-Leste And The International Community by Strating, Rebecca

This book examines the development of Timor-Leste's foreign policy since achieving political independence in 2002. It considers the influence of Timor-Leste's historical experiences with foreign intervention on how the small, new state has pursued security. The book argues that efforts to secure the Timorese state have been motivated by a desire to reduce foreign intervention and dependence upon other actors within the international community. Timor-Leste's desire for "real" independence - characterized by the absence of foreign interference - permeates all spheres of its international political, cultural and economic relations and foreign policy discourse. Securing the state entails projecting a legitimate identity in the international community to protect and guarantee political recognition of sovereign status, an imperative that gives rise to Timor-Leste's aspirational foreign policy. The book examines Timor-Leste's key bilateral and multilateral diplomatic relations, its engagement with the global normative order, and its place within the changing Asia-Pacific region.

South China Sea, The: A Crucible Of Regional Cooperation Or Conflict-Making Sovereignty Claims?South China Sea, The: A Crucible Of Regional Cooperation Or Conflict-Making Sovereignty Claims? by Jenner, C. J.; Tran Truong Thuy

The history of the South China Sea is a catalyst of international cooperation and conflict. Security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific is largely governed by command of these strategic waters. More than half of global shipping transits the South China Sea, which also holds significant reserves of oil, gas and minerals, as well as some of the largest fisheries in the world. Drawing on a team of field-leading researchers, Jenner and Thuy provide an empirical study of the global ocean's most contested sea space. The volume's four parts offer an insightful analysis of the significance of the South China Sea to the international order; sub-national agents of influence on relations between states; the disputes over sovereignty through the analytical prism of international law; and the conflictful region's prospects. The primary source-based conclusion elucidates the agency of history and strategy in the South China Sea.

Asian Corporate Governance: Trends And ChallengesAsian Corporate Governance: Trends And Challenges by Yoshikawa, Toru

This Element aims to achieve three objectives. First, it explores some key institutional characteristics of several Asian economies that are relevant to corporate governance practices. Second, it reviews corporate governance codes or rules in those economies and examines levels of requirements in terms of formal rules. Third, this Element looks at recent trends related to corporate governance such as executive compensation and a proportion of independent directors on boards of large listed firms.

Painted Cage, ThePainted Cage, The by Chand, Meira

Marriage at twenty to an older man takes Amy Redmore from the cool green fields of Somerset to Japan, where Reggie is to take up the post of Secretary for the Yokohama United Club. Already she has learned some disturbing things about her new husband. He has a mistress by the name of Annie Luke, and a child from that liaison. But the real trouble begins with their new life on the Bluff, where the British all live in segregated splendour. Reggie is out all day with his work at the Club and at night he is lost to Yokohama's social whirl and the temptations of the town's notorious pleasure quarter. Amy, with her freshly awakened sense of independence finds new friends, and, more significantly, enemies - people who when the time comes will brand her publicly as an adulteress and a murderess.

Panorama 01/2018: Insights Into Asian And European Affairs - Political ChangePanorama 01/2018: Insights Into Asian And European Affairs - Political Change by

In recent years, domestic politics in both Europe and Asia have arguably become less predictable and prone to sudden, unexpected changes. Although domestic volatility is not a new phenomenon in either region, contemporary drivers are analogous and may be a reflection of a new era, with significant implications for both domestic and foreign policies. In this issue, the authors reflect on contemporary changes in the domestic political architectures in both Europe and Asia and analyse causes, drivers, and impacts in order to get a better understanding of political renewal.

Managing Change: Urban Heritage And Community Development In Historic Asian CitiesManaging Change: Urban Heritage And Community Development In Historic Asian Cities by Widodo, Johannes; Nikhil Joshi Et Al (Eds.)

Part 1 of this volume consists of five chapters that examine broader issues of conservation principles and approaches in historic cities of Asia. The contributions discuss various perspectives ranging from critiques of current conservation policies regarding local heritage conservation to recent trends of rapid and unplanned development of historic quarters in Asian cities. The case studies in Part 2 of this volume contextualise current debates on the role of community engagement to conserve historic urban quarters and examine diverse contexts across Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines. All five chapters are about real-world projects where the authors were actively involved in various roles - as facilitators, professional advisers, community leaders and coordinators, and activists. Why does local heritage matter to communities? The contributions explored the fundamental reasons for this question and argued that heritage mean more than just mere identity, continuity and accumulated layers of memories.

King Cobra: Natural History And Captive ManagementKing Cobra: Natural History And Captive Management by Charlton, Tom

The king cobra, the longest venomous snake in the world, is widely distributed across much of tropical and subtropical Asia. Its generic name Ophiophagus ('snake-eater') is indicative of its cannibalistic tendencies; its diet is comprised almost exclusively of snakes, including its own kind. It is widely considered as one of the most formidable snakes in the world. This book, profusely illustrated with excellent photographs from a number of very talented photographers, details the natural history of the king cobra, looking closely at all aspects of its life including distribution, diet, reproduction and venom, as well as its relationship with humans and conservation. The author also provides notes on the captive management of the king cobra, drawing on his experience of maintaining and breeding this species for a number of years.

Lady Tankerville's Legacy: A Historical And Monographic Review Of Phaius And GastrorchisLady Tankerville's Legacy: A Historical And Monographic Review Of Phaius And Gastrorchis by Stone, Judi; Philip Cribb

Phaius are spectacular terrestrial orchids, widespread from tropical and subtropical Asia, Australasia, Madagascar and Africa. The genus comprises just over 40 species and used to include the endemic Madagascan genus Gastrorchis which has nine known species. For historical reasons and because they have frequently been artificially hybridized, both genera are covered in this monograph. They have a fascinating history: Phaius tankervilleae was the first tropical orchid to be grown and flowered in England some 250 years ago. It certainly stimulated interest in the growing of exotic orchids that took off spectacularly in the following century as tropical plants flowed into Europe and once growers had established the appropriate cultural conditions for them. This book introduces many showy and little known species to the reader and will, no doubt, stimulate interest in them and their attractive and easy-to-grow hybrids.

Heart & Soul Cooking: A Sentimental Culinary JourneyHeart & Soul Cooking: A Sentimental Culinary Journey by Meyer, Rosalind Sharbanee

Rosalind Sharbanee Meyer, author of Rosie’s War and Flowers of My Life, shares her favourite dishes and family memories in this delicious collection of recipes. Heart and Soul Cooking mirrors the journey of Rosalind and her family from the Middle East to Bombay, Singapore, Australia and London. It covers many cuisines including Jewish dishes steeped in tradition, wonderful spicy Indian curries, authentic Asian appetisers, classic English treats and Australian dinner party favourites. Heart and Soul Cooking is Rosalind’s tribute to the wonderful women cooks who formed the heart and soul of her family.

Pathology & Genetics Of Head And Neck TumoursPathology & Genetics Of Head And Neck Tumours by Barnes, Leon; John Eveson Et Al.

Pathology and Genetics of Head and Neck Tumours is the latest volume in the new WHO series on histological and genetic typing of human tumours. This authoritative, concise reference book provides an international standard for pathologists and oncologists and will serve as an indispensable guide for use in the design of studies monitoring response to therapy and clinical outcome. Diagnostic criteria, pathological features, and associated genetic alterations are described in a strictly disease-oriented manner. Sections on all WHO-recognized neoplasms and their variants include new ICD-O codes, incidence, age and sex distribution, location, clinical signs and symptoms, pathology, genetics, and predictive factors.

Who International Standard Terminologies On Traditional Medicine In The Western Pacific RegionWho International Standard Terminologies On Traditional Medicine In The Western Pacific Region by

This book has been prepared in an effort to address the pressing need for a common language, i.e. international standard terminology and technical terms to be used in traditional medicine. The number of commonly used terms in traditional medicine is estimated to be more than 4000, most of which are included in this book, which is designed for use by students and clinical practitioners and researchers in the Western Pacific Region. This terminology will also be useful to assist Member States in the region in developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on traditional medicine.

Buddhist Pilgrim-Monks As Agents Of Cultural And Artistic Transmission: The International Buddhist Art Style In East Asia, Ca. 645-770Buddhist Pilgrim-Monks As Agents Of Cultural And Artistic Transmission: The International Buddhist Art Style In East Asia, Ca. 645-770 by Wong, Dorothy C.

The period ca. 645-770 marked an extraordinary era in the development of East Asian Buddhism and Buddhist art. Increased contacts between China and regions to both its west and east facilitated exchanges and the circulation of ideas, practices and art forms, giving rise to a synthetic art style uniform in both iconography and formal characteristics. The formulation of this new Buddhist art style occurred in China in the latter part of the seventh century, and from there it became widely disseminated and copied throughout East Asia, and to some extent in Central Asia, in the eighth century. This book argues that notions of Buddhist kingship and theory of the Buddhist state formed the underpinnings of Buddhist states experimented in China and Japan from the late seventh to the mid-eighth century, providing the religio-political ideals that were given visual expression in this International Buddhist Art Style. The volume also argues that Buddhist pilgrim-monks were among the key agents in the transmission of these ideals, the visual language of state Buddhism was spread, circulated, adopted and transformed in faraway lands, it transcended cultural and geographical boundaries and became cosmopolitan.

Playing In Luxury: South And Southeast Asia's Top Family Hotels by Rai, Mandira

Playing of Luxury, a high end, hardcover, exquisitely illustrated coffee table book is intended to serve as a pictorial guide to some of the most luxurious family-friendly hotels/resorts in Asia (South and South East) that welcome both adults and kids alike. Whether it be world-renowned names or hidden gems (the book has both), this book proves that luxury travel and families are not mutually exclusive. This beautiful piece of art to adorn coffee tables would double as a handy guide for the travelling family that is used to luxury. From bed to pool slides to horse riding over waves on the beach; pirate cruises in the open seas to kids' clubs your little ones never want to leave; private butlers that teach your kids to learn to ride a bicycle to free for all chocolate rooms; adult only pools to private islands parents can picnic at; these hotels have them all and you need to see them now!

Asian Waters: The Struggle Over The Asai-Pacific And The Strategy Of Chinese ExpansionAsian Waters: The Struggle Over The Asai-Pacific And The Strategy Of Chinese Expansion by Hawksley, Humphrey

Few territories are as hotly contested as the western Pacific Ocean. Across the 1.5 million square mile expanse of the East and South China Sea, six countries lay overlapping claims that date back centuries. BBC foreign correspondent Humphrey Hawksley has been following this increasingly precarious situation in East Asia for decades. Reporting on years of political developments, he has witnessed China's rise to become one of the world's most powerful trade entities, elbowing smaller markets out in the process. In Asian Waters, Hawksley draws on his experience as a veteran journalist to portray the region in all its complexity and delivers a compelling account of where it is heading. Will China continue to rise to power peacefully or will its ambition prompt a new world war? Will Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan create a multi-lateral alliance similar to NATO to pre-empt further encroachment? Asian Waters delves into these topics and more as Hawksley presents the most comprehensive analysis of the region to date.

Panorama 02/2017: Security Architectures Under Threat - The Status Of Multilateral ForaPanorama 02/2017: Security Architectures Under Threat - The Status Of Multilateral Fora by

In this issue of Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs, the authors discuss the current security challenges in the realm of the new global security landscape. Based on analyses of the different threats and dynamics, the papers look at ways to strengthen cooperative security arrangements. They argue that such collaborative initiatives are ultimately the most promising avenues to contain the transnational insecurities and build trust in order to develop a regional security architecture that will ensure regional stability and peace.

Kandy Esala Perahera: A Photographic JourneyKandy Esala Perahera: A Photographic Journey by Nadija Weeraratne (Photos)

The Esala Perahera in Kandy is one of the oldest and grandest of all Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and lavishly decorated elephants. This labour of love by Nadija Weeraratne is a compilation of beautiful photographs of the pageant taken over a period of eleven years.