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Trends In Southeast Asia 2017 #20: The 2017 Johor Survey: Selected FindingsTrends In Southeast Asia 2017 #20: The 2017 Johor Survey: Selected Findings by Chong, Terence; Lee Hock Guan Et Al

ISEAS commissioned the 2017 Johor Survey to understand Johor residents' attitudes towards state and federal government, the economy, Islamic identity, the Johor royal family, as well as development projects like Iskandar Malaysia. This is a presentation of selected findings from the survey. The Johor royal family is viewed as a good steward of Johor's resources and is believed to look after the personal interests of citizens. Many also believe that the Johor Sultan should intervene in politics when necessary. However, a slight majority agree that the Johor royalty should refrain from business ventures. With regard to Islam, the vast majority of Malay respondents see Malaysia as an "Islamic state". This majority also believe that increased Islamic religiosity is a positive development for society. More than half of the Malay respondents would like hudud laws to be applied to non-Muslims as well. The majority of Malay respondents also believe that JAKIM should regulate Muslim behaviour and that Malay culture is not becoming more Arabized.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2017 #18: Malaysia's Electoral Process: The Methods And Cost Of Perpetuating Umno RuleTrends In Southeast Asia 2017 #18: Malaysia's Electoral Process: The Methods And Cost Of Perpetuating Umno Rule by Ostwald, Kai

Malaysia will hold its 14th general election before August 2018, bringing renewed focus on the nature of political competition in the country. This paper provides a systematic overview of the electoral process and an assessment of how it shapes the country's political environment. The high degree of electoral manipulation in Malaysia, juxtaposed against its successful developmental record and relative social stability, makes the country an important case for the growing body of research on electoral integrity and malpractice.

People's Constitutional Proposals For Malaya, The (70Th Anniversary Edition)People's Constitutional Proposals For Malaya, The (70Th Anniversary Edition) by Syed Husin Ali; A. Omar; J. Devaraj; F. Reza

Drafted by representativer of the Pusat Tenaga Ra'ayat (PUTERA) and the All-Malaya Council Of Joint Action (AMCJA) between the months of May and August, 1947; and approved by two Conferences of Delegates from the PUTERA and the AMCJA on July 4-7, and on August 10, 1947, together with a full exposition, and an analysis to the Government's Constitutional Proposals.

Straits EclecticStraits Eclectic by Nine (Ed.)

Whenever the idealistic among us speak about a better Malaysia, we tend to focus on the thing that unite us: the food, the festivals, the cultural experiences that bind us together in a shared national fabric, ignoring the yawning gaps that weaken the weave and keep us from achieving lofty visions of development and progress. Straits Eclectric is a collection of essays by young Malaysians who stare straight into the void and attempt to understand the divides that exist between us, whatever East and West Malaysian and the rest of the world, between East and West Malaysians, between Malays and Chinese and lndians and Dan Lain Lain, between religion and culture, between past and present, between the person you were when you left and the person you had become by the time you returned.

Holy Men, Holy Women: A Journey Into Faiths Of Malaysians And Other EssaysHoly Men, Holy Women: A Journey Into Faiths Of Malaysians And Other Essays by Zaman, Dina

Needing a break from her first book, I Am Muslim, Dina Zaman embarked on a two-year journey around Malaysia - the length of the peninsula as well as Sabah and Sarawak. She met people of many faiths. And from these encounters she has woven together a tapestry of vital stories: of nuns and shamans, of silat practitioners who she inadvertently offended, of pilgrims and ustaz, of hijabis who pole dance, and she ended up in Memali to discover that tragic tale. This collection of essays - animated, engaging and provocative - opens a window on the sometimes troubled terrain of religious beliefs and practices. The accounts are personal and intimate, and at the same time throw light on some of the most pressing issues that confront society today: mindfulness and worldliness, interfaith relations and lifestyle choices, class and conviction, identity and religiosity.

Voices Of The Displaced: Poems From The Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015-2016Voices Of The Displaced: Poems From The Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015-2016 by Sharanya Premanathan; Tshiung Han See (Eds.)

This anthology contains the winning entries of the Malaysian Migrant Poetry Competition 2015 and 2016 as well as all the finalists. It contains poetry of migrant workers and refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Syria in 10 languages, including Bengali, Tagalog and Hakha Chin, with accompanying English translations.

Operation JanusOperation Janus by Cross, Jp

It is 1950s Malaya and the country is in the throes of the Malayan Emergency. As the British do battle with Communist terrorists hiding deep in the jungle, one British officer, a Communist sympathizer, has come to the attention of the staff at the Yam Yam. When Alan Hinlea, a British Gurkha captain with a hatred of a class system that has always kept him down, deserts to the guerillas and is spirited away to the jungle Communist HQ, Chin Peng, the leader of the Malayan Communist Party gloats at what he hopes will be a major propaganda victory. Operation Janus is the first in a trilogy of books involving Gurkha military units that may be read in any order. The author, JP Cross, a retired Gurkha colonel, old 'jungle hand' and counter-insurgency expert, draws on real events he witnessed during his time fighting in the Malayan Emergency and on true characters, including a British officer of his own battalion who attempted to join the Communist terrorists.

Jean Marshall's Pahang Letters, 1953-54: Sidelights On Malaya During The EmergencyJean Marshall's Pahang Letters, 1953-54: Sidelights On Malaya During The Emergency by Arora, Mandakini (Ed.)

"Life generally is a bit hedged in with precautions at the moment," Jean Gray wrote, with characteristic understatement, to her parents in England. 27 years old, Jean was in rural Malaya working as a field officer with the British Red Cross for a year in 1953-54. At that time, Malaya was in a state of Emergency. Communist insurgents, using the jungle as cover, engaged in guerilla war against the colonial state. Under the Red Cross scheme, Jean was appointed to provide medical and welfare services in the New Villages - guarded settlements of villagers relocated from the jungle fringes in a government move to cut off aid to the militants. From west Pahang, where she was posted, Jean wrote weekly to her family and occasionally to her friends, sharing with them her impressions of Malaya and minutiae of her daily life and work while reassuring them that she was safe. These all-but-forgotten letters with accompanying photographs were rediscovered and returned to their sender after 60-odd years. As historical documents, they illuminate the social and professional world of a young and perceptive Englishwoman who was in small-town Malaya at a historically critical time - during the Malayan Emergency and the last days of empire.

Rosalie And Other Love SongsRosalie And Other Love Songs by Saidah Rastam

Beautiful music, born from an eclectic mix of cultures, was created in Malaya in the period leading up to country's independence in 1957. But this cultural history has yet to be told, until now. Saidah Rastam draws on extensive interviews with those who made that history, corroborating and elaborating this testimony by trawling through contemporary newspaper cuttings, and referencing hundreds of songs and scores of films. As a point of entry into this fascinating story, she explores the controversies surrounding the provenance of Malaysia's national anthem, 'Negara Ku', and embroiders a kind of detective story, drawing the reader into broader, contextual issues to do with culture, politics and society. The result is an innovative and perceptive account: well researched, splendidly constructed, deeply knowledgeable, beautifully illustrated and stylishly written in a way that captures the very musicality of its topic. The first edition of Rosalie and Other Love Songs was enthusiastically received, and this new, revised edition will be welcomed by all those with an interest in Malaysian culture and history, as well as fans of popular music worldwide.

Illusions Of Democracy: Malaysian Politics And People Volume IiIllusions Of Democracy: Malaysian Politics And People Volume Ii by Lemiere, Sophie (Ed.)

Bringing together a group of both international and Malaysian scholars, Illusions of Democracy: Malaysian Politics and People Volume II offers an up-to-date and broad analysis of the contemporary state of Malaysian politics and society. Transcending disciplinary boundaries, it offers a look at Malaysian politics not only through the lens of political science but also anthropology, cultural studies, international relations, political economy and legal studies touching on both overlooked topics in Malaysian political life as well as the emerging trends which will shape Malaysia's future. Covering silat martial arts, Malaysia's constitutional identity, emergency legislation, the South China Sea dilemma, ISIS discourse, zakat payment, the fallout from the 1MDB scandal and Malaysia's green movement, Illusions of Democracy charts the complex and multi-faceted nature of political life in a semi-authoritarian state, breaking down the illusions which keep it functioning, to uncover the mechanisms which really underlie the paradoxical longevity of Malaysia's political, economic and social system.

Historical Imagination And Cultural Responses To Colonialism And NationalismHistorical Imagination And Cultural Responses To Colonialism And Nationalism by Azhar Ibrahim

History conditions the way that society discusses its problems. Treating history as a form of 'imagination', Azhar Ibrahim invites readers to probe the colonialist and nationalist tampering, suppression, and distortion of narratives on the Malays. In this thought-provoking book, the author encourages contemporary historians to move beyond the practice of Orientalist scholars: collecting data and describing facts. Instead, he promotes an alternative reading of history, one that departs from mainstream versions. Reflecting a strong understanding of classical Malay texts, the author also touches on broad themes such as psychological feudalism, orientalism, and the contestation of nationalist and colonialist perspectives on the community. Azhar's book is a welcomed contribution and a must-read for those interested in alternative discourses in Malay Studies.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2017 #12: Beneath The Veneer - The Political Economy Of Housing In Iskandar Malaysia, JohorTrends In Southeast Asia 2017 #12: Beneath The Veneer - The Political Economy Of Housing In Iskandar Malaysia, Johor by Ng Keng Khoon & Guanie Lim

The rise of Iskandar Malaysia as a regional hub has profoundly altered the domestic landscape, generating a knock-on effect on Johor's housing development, both economically and politically. Housing policy and development in Johor, as illustrated in the formation of Iskandar Malaysia, is riddled with conflict along two dimensions bumiputra versus non-bumiputra and federal government versus state government. Given the importance of sub-national governments in many large-scale housing projects in Iskandar Malaysia, the changing political conditions urge us to rethink the long-standing practice of national-centric development policy in Malaysia. Taking housing as a point of departure, the timing is ripe to revisit the role of state government in policy-making and urban governance.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2017 #10: The Indonesia National Survey Project: Economy, Society And PoliticsTrends In Southeast Asia 2017 #10: The Indonesia National Survey Project: Economy, Society And Politics by Fossati, Diego; Hui Yew-Foong Et Al

The ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute commissioned a nationwide survey in Indonesia, called the Indonesia National Survey Project to enhance understanding of economic, social, and political developments in Indonesia. Some key issues that have emerged during the Jakarta gubernatorial election, such as punishing blasphemy against Islam and voting a Muslim leader into office, receive significantly high support from respondents, suggesting that these issues have currency beyond Jakarta and the election. On the political front, state institutions, especially the Army, are more highly trusted than politicians. Key elements of Indonesia's political infrastructure, such as democracy, Pancasila, and decentralization are supported by an overwhelming majority of respondents.

Minister Of Finance Incorporated: Ownership And Control Of Corporate MalaysiaMinister Of Finance Incorporated: Ownership And Control Of Corporate Malaysia by Gomez, Edmund Terence; T. Padmanabhan Et Al.

This is a study of Malaysia's new political economy, with a focus on ownership and control of the corporate sector. It offers a pioneering assessment of government-linked investment companies (GLICs), a type of state-owned institution that has long prevailed in the corporate sector but has not been analysed. Malaysia's history of government-business ties is unique, while the nature of the nexuses between the state and the corporate sector has undergone major transitions. Corporate power has shifted from the hands of foreign firms to the state to the ruling party, and well-connected businessmen, and back to the state. Corporate wealth is now heavily situated in the leading publicly-listed government-linked companies, controlled through block shareholdings by a mere seven GLICs under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Finance. To indicate why these GLICs are important actors in Corporate Malaysia, this study provides a deep assessment of their ownership and control of Bursa Malaysia's top 100 publicly-listed enterprises.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2017 #09: Parti Amanah Negara In Johor: Birth, Challenges And ProspectsTrends In Southeast Asia 2017 #09: Parti Amanah Negara In Johor: Birth, Challenges And Prospects by Wan Saiful Wan Jan

In 2015, a new party called Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) was formed following the departure of progressive Islamists from the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, leaving the latter to be a party dominated by conservative Islamists. Much of the groundwork for the formation of Amanah took place in Malaysia's southern state of Johor. Working in the Pakatan Harapan national opposition coalition, Amanah is eyeing for around a third of the state legislative assembly seats in Johor. It has potential in constituencies with mixed-ethnicity voter demographics. Johor PAS is badly affected by the crossing over of a sizeable portion of their active members and leaders to Amanah. In the next election, it is likely that PAS will be decimated in the state if it refuses to partner with any other mainstream parties.

Taming Babel: Language In The Making Of MalaysiaTaming Babel: Language In The Making Of Malaysia by Leow, Rachel

Taming Babel sheds new light on the role of language in the making of modern postcolonial Asian nations. Focusing on one of the most linguistically diverse territories in the British Empire, Rachel Leow explores the profound anxieties generated by a century of struggles to govern the polyglot subjects of British Malaya and postcolonial Malaysia. The book ranges across a series of key moments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in which British and Asian actors wrought quiet battles in the realm of language: in textbooks and language classrooms; in dictionaries, grammars and orthographies; in propaganda and psychological warfare; and in the very planning of language itself. Every attempt to tame Chinese and Malay languages resulted in failures of translation, competence, and governance, exposing both the deep fragility of a monoglot state in polyglot milieux, and the essential untameable nature of languages in motion.

Those Were The DaysThose Were The Days by Jurgen Herbert Friele

Filled with joy, laughter and good memories, this collection comprises 50 short stories set in Malaysia during the 1950s to the 1970s. Carefully constructed and delivered with a lot of heart, these uplifting stories are still relatable today. Friele's lively narrative revolves around his colourful experiences. From the moment he arrived in Malaya, his eventful days were dotted with a host of sentimental, hilarious and crazy moments. The author's love for this magical era shines through, along with his in-depth observations and insights. With the author's unique voice interspersed with a myriad of emotions, this collection offers an unforgettable stroll down memory lane. There is also a pictorial supplement, with more than 100 photos and images from the author's personal collection covering the period from the late l940s to the l970s.

Sensational Seas Of SabahSensational Seas Of Sabah by Isley, Jason; Gilbert Woolley & Christian Loader

Sitting in the heart of the Coral Triangle, home to the world's greatest marine diversity, Sabah is a magnet for divers from around the world. Sensational Seas of Sabah captures the beauty, diversity and breathtaking experiences that attracts people to enjoy some of the world's best diving. Scubazoo will take you on a journey to reveal the amazing diversity of creatures such as the endangered green and hawksbill turtles, countless species of sharks, plus thousands of barracuda and jacks.

Best Of Chef Wan Volume 2: A Taste Of MalaysiaBest Of Chef Wan Volume 2: A Taste Of Malaysia by

In this companion volume to The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1, Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador and Asia's most recognisable chef, Chef Wan shares more than 60 recipes for some of his favourite Asian dishes that he has carefully perfected over the years. Recipes include classic Malaysian dishes such as Tok Wan Beef Rendang, Kam Heong Crab and Hokkien Mee, as well as regional specialties such as Chettinad Chicken and Prawn and Mango Salad. Written in an easy-to-follow format and with an illustrated glossary that highlights the ingredients used.

Best Of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste Of MalaysiaBest Of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste Of Malaysia by

Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador and Asia's most notable chef, Chef Wan shares more than 60 of his favourite Asian recipes in his book, The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1. In this exciting collection, Chef Wan combines the rich flavours of his Malay heritage with his passion for cooking, and presents a mouth-watering range of recipes from hearty meat and poultry dishes, to lighter fish and seafood dishes, and refreshing salads and vegetable dishes.