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Weligama: Recipes From Sri LankaWeligama: Recipes From Sri Lanka by Dobbs, Emily

In this, her first cookbook, chef Emily Dobbs shares her favourite Sri Lankan-inspired recipes for every meal and season, including chapters on breakfast (such as crispy egg hopper 'pancakes') short eats (think traditional street food like vadai and mutton rolls) and a large selection of meat, fish, fruit and vegetable curries and their accompaniments.

Phulkari: The Embroidered Textiles Of Punjab From The Jill And Sheldon Bonovitz CollectionPhulkari: The Embroidered Textiles Of Punjab From The Jill And Sheldon Bonovitz Collection by Mason, Darielle (Ed.)

Exquisite and labor-intensive, phulkari ("floral-work" or "flower-craft") embroideries were originally produced by women in towns and villages across the greater Punjab from at least the early 19th century into the first decades of the 20th. Phulkaris were made from brightly colored silk thread on rough, earth-toned fabric. Focusing on a group of nineteen stunning works from the collection of Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz, this exhibition surveys the genre's fascinating history. This is the first publication outside South Asia specifically on this art form. It also offers significant new information on the craft and its importance to personal, familial, and regional identity in the past and the present.

Maldives: The Underwater KingdomMaldives: The Underwater Kingdom by Isley, Jason; Adam Broadbent

The Maldives is one of the most diverse and exciting underwater realms on the planet with colour saturated coral reefscapes and vicious current-swept channels where pelagics feed in the nutrient rich waters. The photographic team at Scubazoo have supplied the underwater cameramen and expertise for most of the big players in documentary-making. This new book concentrates on the Maldives, capitalising on the contacts and reputation Scubazoo has built up over the years providing in-house videographers to liveaboards and resorts in the archipelago.

Doomed King, The: A Requiem For Sri Vikrama RajasinhaDoomed King, The: A Requiem For Sri Vikrama Rajasinha by Gananath Obeyesekere

On 24 Jan 1816, the captured king of Kandy was escorted on board the Cornwallis together with his queens, relatives and servants. Almost a month later, King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha arrives at the Vellore Fort in India, to spend his remaining days in exile. Thus ends the tragic tale of the Doomed King of Lanka. Using Kadaimpot, vittipot and documents from English servicemen, Gananath Obeysekere reveals a portrait of a king who was much maligned and betrayed by those he trusted. The Doomed King makes for fascinating reading where a master spy, a Machiavellian governor and an opportunistic nobleman together, bring about the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom.

South Asians Overseas: Migration And EthnicitySouth Asians Overseas: Migration And Ethnicity by Clarke, Colin; Ceri Peach & Steven Vertovec (Eds.)

The South Asian diaspora came into being with the end of slavery in the British Empire. Huge numbers of labourers were recruited in the Indian sub-continent for indentured labour schemes, notably in Southeast Asia, South and East Africa, Mauritius, Fiji and the Caribbean, and also in French colonies. Later there were waves of 'free' immigration to these and other countries, including, in the last generation, Britain itself and North America. This set of essays by scholars from several different disciplines offers detailed accounts of the experience of the migrant communities, and the editors contribute valuable overviews. Originally published in 1990, it is an indispensable resource for scholars interested in the diaspora, or concerned with problems of migration.

Jallad: Death Squads And State Terror In South AsiaJallad: Death Squads And State Terror In South Asia by Tasneem Khalil

Extrajudicial execution, enforced disappearance and torture - these are the tools used by death squads across South Asia. The Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh, the 'encounter specialists' of India, army units of Nepal, the Frontier Corps of Pakistan and 'the men in white vans' of Sri Lanka are specialists on violence deployed by the state in campaigns of state terror. They are shielded by black laws and emergency acts. Their targets are the political opponents of the state and socioeconomic troublemakers. Khalil argues that Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are national security states, connected to an international system of state terror patronised by sponsors like the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Israel.

Climate Change And The Bay Of Bengal: Evolving Geographies Of Fear And HopeClimate Change And The Bay Of Bengal: Evolving Geographies Of Fear And Hope by Sanjay Chaturvedi & Vijay Sakhuja

Climate Change and the Bay of Bengal argues that in the era of climate change radically different understandings of security and sovereignty are at work. It questions the geopolitics of fear and the manner in which meta-narratives of climate change tend to privilege the "global" and "national" scales over other scales, especially the regional and the local. The authors argue in favour of a new imagination of the Bay of Bengal space as a semi-enclosed sea, embedded in a large marine ecosystem, under the relevant provisions of the UNCLOS that impose various obligations upon its signatories to cooperate at a regional level.

Sri Lanka Style: Tropical Design & ArchitectureSri Lanka Style: Tropical Design & Architecture by Channa Daswatte; Dominic Sansoni (Photo.)

Reflecting its location and status as a hub of Indian Ocean trade from time immemorial, the tropical island of Sri Lanka has always been open to the movements and patters of world culture. Indigenous architects and cultural traditions, colonial incursions and the vagaries of living in a tropical environment have combined to produce a distinctive Sri Lankan architectural style: thick lime-washed walls, tall windows and doors, terracotta or granite tile floors, open pavilions and verandas, courtyard gardens, elaborately carved furniture and vibrant hand-looms.

Architectural Heritage Of Sri Lanka, TheArchitectural Heritage Of Sri Lanka, The by C. Anjalendran; D. Sansoni & D. Robison

Architect C. Anjalendran has been recording Sri Lanka's architectural heritage for almost 30 years. The result is a collection of exquisite measured drawings, all made with ink and pencil on tracing paper - documenting many interesting and often neglected buildings in Sri Lanka. This book features these, along with photographs and insightful text, to highlight a broad cross-section of buildings of many different types and from many periods - from the ancient classical era of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, from medieval times, from the colonial period and from the years after Sri Lanka regained its Independence in 1948.

K2: The Ultimate PeakK2: The Ultimate Peak by Khoo Swee Chiow

Khoo Swee Chiow takes on his ultimate and most dangerous challenge yet: K2. He is the first Singaporean and first Southeast Asian to summit this mighty peak. As if the severe conditions on the mountain weren't challenging enough, Khoo has to deal with an eye problem that leaves him with blurred vision for part of the way. With death never far on the mountain, it takes calm nerves, a steely focus and a bit of help from nature to reach the summit. This is the sobering, detailed and inspirational account of Khoo's triumphant climb.

New Sri Lankan House, TheNew Sri Lankan House, The by Powell, Robert

This book charts the development of private houses in the 21st century in a variety of locations around the island. Most are the work of 'home-grown' architects, many of whom are indebted to the influence of the island's most famous son, Geoffrey Bawa. Through the inclusion of plans and sections, full-colour photographs and interviews with owners and architects, Powell traces the evolution of residence styles in both urban and rural areas.

On The Grand Trunk Road: A Journey Into South AsiaOn The Grand Trunk Road: A Journey Into South Asia by Coll, Steve

This is an revised and updated account of Steve Coll's journeys in conflict-ridden India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan as a bureau chief for The Washington Post. On the Grand Trunk Road reveals a little-seen area of the world where violence, corruption, and greed have had devastating effects on South Asians from all walks of life.

Intersecting Histories: Contemporary Turns In Southeast Asian ArtIntersecting Histories: Contemporary Turns In Southeast Asian Art by

This exhibition catalogue was published in conjunction with the Grand Opening exhibition for the ADM Gallery held at the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The exhibition showcased some of the most significant contemporary art works created by artists in Southeast Asia, from the 1970s until the present, and highlighted the distinctive moments, or turning points, in the emergence and development of contemporary art in the region. It includes essays by TK Sabapathy, Yvonne Low, Seng Yu Jin, Aminudin TH Siregar and Adele Tan.

Complete Asian Cookbook, The: India & PakistanComplete Asian Cookbook, The: India & Pakistan by Solomon, Charmaine

The Complete Asian Cookbook Series is based on Charmaine Solomon's groundbreaking work into the delicious and diverse cuisines across many nations. Heralded as a classic when it was first published in 1976, the influential and iconic The Complete Asian Cookbook covers 800 classic and contemporary dishes from fifteen countries. Here it is divided into geographical regions for the first time. Written with the home cook in mind, Charmaine's recipes are simple to follow and work every time, offering valuable information about how local dishes are prepared and served. With the same emphasis on authentic, foolproof recipes The Complete Asian Cookbook Series deserves a place in every kitchen and is sure to be used time and time again.

Hidden Kitchens Of Sri LankaHidden Kitchens Of Sri Lanka by Hutchins, Bree

This richly illustrated account of the author's journeying in Sri Lanka is an introduction to the country's people of different traditions and some 150 of their traditional dishes and tasty snacks. All the recipes are set in to their contexts of family kitchen, market, festival feasting or wayside stall. The many vignettes on the lives or personalities of the cooks or families involved will also be enjoyed by readers who do not cook.

Milk Rice 2: Stories For ChildrenMilk Rice 2: Stories For Children by Hussein, Ameena (Ed.)

This second collection of Milk Rice brings a rich and varied selection of eight wonderfully entertaining stories with illustrations and a marvelous mix of fantasy and imagination. This volume is a real treasure trove of words and stories which amuse and entertain as they immerse children in the world of books. Every tale brings laughter or tears and has a special message about growing up. Perfect for reading alone or aloud and for dipping into time and time again.

Asiri's Quest: The Exciting Sequel To Mythil's SecretAsiri's Quest: The Exciting Sequel To Mythil's Secret by Rambukwella, Prashani

Mythil must put aside his problems with a school bully when his secret friend Asiri suddenly regains a part of his memory. But is Asiri's fantastic story from wartime Ceylon a figment of Mythil's imagination or did it really happen? Can Mythil use what he has learned on Asiri's Quest to overcome his problems at school? Join Mythil and Asiri on another spine-chilling, time-travelling adventure to find out!

Encyclopedia Of The Sri Lankan Diaspora, TheEncyclopedia Of The Sri Lankan Diaspora, The by Reeves, Peter (Ed.)

This is a comprehensive social, economic, and cultural analysis of the Sri Lanka diaspora. Over one million people of Sri Lankan-origin live outside of their homeland. This is the first comprehensive study of the lives, culture, beliefs and attitudes of immigrants and refugees from this South Asian island. "The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lanka Diaspora" focuses on the socio-economic and political developments of the Sri Lanka diaspora over time and in different places, addressing core issues of demography, economy, politics, culture and future development. It also discusses topics such as long distance nationalism, citizenship, Sinhala, Tamil and Burgher disapora identities, religion and the spread of Buddhism, as well as the Sri Lankan cultural impact on other nations.

Buried In The Sky: The Extraordinary Story Of The Sherpa Climbers On K2's Deadliest DayBuried In The Sky: The Extraordinary Story Of The Sherpa Climbers On K2's Deadliest Day by Zuckerman, Peter; Amanda Padoan

When Edmund Hillary first conquered Mt. Everest, Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was at his side. Indeed, for as long as Westerners have been climbing the Himalaya, Sherpas have been the unsung heroes in the background. Based on unprecedented access and interviews, Buried in the Sky reveals their astonishing story for the first time. At once a gripping, white-knuckled adventure and a rich exploration of Sherpa customs and culture, Buried in the Sky re-creates one of the most dramatic catastrophes in alpine history from a fascinating new perspective.

Teardrop Island, The: Following Victorian Footsteps Across Sri Lanka by Briggs, Cherry

Sir James Emerson Tennent, an eccentric officer of the UK government was sent to Sri Lanka as colonial secretary in 1845. He wrote of his journeying there 1845-48. In 2010, the author, a British teacher followed in his wake. In this book she writes of what she finds and refers to Tennent's notes and opinions in areas rarely visited by outsiders or not on the regular tourist tracks.