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Education And Globalization In Southeast Asia: Issues And ChallengesEducation And Globalization In Southeast Asia: Issues And Challenges by Lee Hock Guan (Ed.)

Prior to the era of globalization, education in Southeast Asia was viewed in the context of the national state and it was deployed in the service of state and nation-building and national economic development. States monopolized education, and public-funded centralized education systems were established to teach literacy, transmit national cultures and promote social cohesion, and to produce literate workers. Globalization forces, however, dramatically impacted in varying ways and degrees the national education systems across the region. As states begun to see their citizens as resources to enhance the countries' competitiveness in the global market, it, among other things, led to the increasing demand for highly skilled and qualified human capital. The accompanying neoliberal ideology led to varying degrees of decentralization, privatization and internationalization of education, especially of higher education, in Southeast Asia.

First Five, The: A New Collection Of Southeast Asian WritingFirst Five, The: A New Collection Of Southeast Asian Writing by Chan Wai Han (Ed.)

This anthology of poetry and short stories marks another milestone in the literary tradition of Southeast Asia and co-operation among its publishing community. The publishers - Ethos Books, Singapore; Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines; Buku Fixi, Malaysia; Silkworm Books, Thailand and Yayasan Pustaka Obor, Indonesia - believe that the literature of Southeast Asia is a rich mine of creativity and that the peoples of this region should be invited to share their stories and poems with one another. These two genres are more readily accessible to readers who wish to take a quick dip into the literatures of their neighbors. And the English language, being the de facto lingua franca for all of us, has been chosen for the same reason.

Finding Eden: A Journey Into The Heart Of BorneoFinding Eden: A Journey Into The Heart Of Borneo by Hanbury-Tenison, Robin

Fifty years ago the interior of Borneo was a pristine, virgin rainforest inhabited by uncontacted indigenous tribes and na?ve, virtually tame, wildlife. It was into this 'Garden of Eden' that Robin Hanbury Tenison led one of the largest ever Royal Geographical Society expeditions, an extraordinary undertaking which triggered the global rainforest movement and illuminated, for the first time, how vital rainforests are to our planet. For 15 months, Hanbury Tenison and a team of some of the greatest scientists in the world immersed themselves in a place and a way of life that is on the cusp of extinction. Much of what was once a wildlife paradise is now a monocultural desert, devastated by logging and the forced settlement of nomadic tribes, where traditional ways of life and unimaginably rich and diverse species are slowly being driven to extinction. This is a story for our time, one that reminds us of the fragility of our planet and of the urgent need to preserve the last untamed places of the world.

Bahasa: A Guide To Malay Languages - Banjar Bawean Buginese Javanese Malay Minangkabau Slitar And TagalogBahasa: A Guide To Malay Languages - Banjar Bawean Buginese Javanese Malay Minangkabau Slitar And Tagalog by Hidayah Amin

This work explains common Malay words and their equivalent meanings in eight Nusantara languages of the Malay Archipelago: Banjar, Bawean, Buginese, Javanese, Malay, Minangkabau, Slitar, Tagalog. Personal anecdotes by the author and charming illustrations are framed by a brief history of the Malay peoples, thereby offering a unique lesson and experience of these eight ethnic groups. As the presence of these languages continues to diminish in everyday conversations, this book hopes to revive interest in these languages and preserve the knowledge for the future generations.

First Islanders: Prehistory And Human Migration In Island Southeast AsiaFirst Islanders: Prehistory And Human Migration In Island Southeast Asia by Bellwood, Peter

Incorporating research findings over the last twenty years, First Islanders examines the human prehistory of Island Southeast Asia. This fascinating story is explored from a broad swathe of multidisciplinary perspectives and pays close attention to migration in the period dating from 1.5 million years ago to the development of Indic kingdoms late in the first millennium CE.

Short History Of South-East Asia, AShort History Of South-East Asia, A by Church, Peter

This is the latest in a series of updated texts spotlighting this fascinating region. With revised chapters for all of the countries in this geographic area, this interesting text paints a remarkable overview of the characters and events that have shaped this part of the world. With an approachable writing style and comprehensive content, this unique text was written for business readers interested in improving their understanding of this important region.

Spirit Of Bhutan, The: An Artist's VisionSpirit Of Bhutan, The: An Artist's Vision by Ang Ah Tee

This volume was published in conjunction with the exhibition "The Spirit of Bhutan: An Artist's Vision" by Cultural Medallion-winner Ang Ah Tee. Ang Ah Tee started exploring a new form of expression in his works after his sixth solo exhibition in 1993, and his works have developed into semi-abstraction, combining western elements with Chinese ink brush strokes.

Sociology Of TourismSociology Of Tourism by Sim Jui Liang

First published as a zine in response to the limitations of mainstream travel magazines, Sociology of Tourism is a hand-sewn chapbook that explores the impact of tourism on societies and cultures, an issue that is too serious and sensitive to be pursued in advertising-driven travel magazines. Taking readers on a sometimes uncomfortable tour of various cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, Sociology of Tourism is filled with vignettes illustrating the gentrification of historical neighbourhoods, the commodification of culture and the transient yet transactional relationship between locals and travellers.

Role Of The Public Bureaucracy In Policy Implementation In Five Asean Countries, TheRole Of The Public Bureaucracy In Policy Implementation In Five Asean Countries, The by Quah, S. T. Jon

This pioneering book addresses an important gap in the literature by comparing the role of the public bureaucracies in policy implementation in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. It highlights the importance of the policy context, especially the commitment of the government in allocating the necessary resources and the support of the implementers, as well as the public bureaucracy's effectiveness, as the critical factors responsible for effective policy implementation. The comparative analysis shows that the public bureaucracies in Singapore and Malaysia are more effective in policy implementation than their counterparts in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam because of their favourable policy contexts and higher level of organizational effectiveness.

World War One In Southeast Asia: Colonialism And Anticolonialism In An Era Of Global ConflictWorld War One In Southeast Asia: Colonialism And Anticolonialism In An Era Of Global Conflict by Streets-Salter, Helen

Although not a major player during the course of the First World War, Southeast Asia was in fact altered by the war in multiple and profound ways. Ranging across British Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, and French Indochina, Heather Streets-Salter reveals how the war shaped the region's political, economic, and social development both during 1914-18 and in the war's aftermath. She shows how the region's strategic location between North America and India made it a convenient way-station for expatriate Indian revolutionaries who hoped to smuggle arms and people into India and thus to overthrow British rule, whilst German consuls and agents entered into partnerships with both Indian and Vietnamese revolutionaries to undermine Allied authority and coordinate anti-British and anti-French operations.

Nan Dao ZhiNan Dao Zhi by Chen Yanni & Zhang Jiajia (Eds.)

Nandao is a platform for discussion and sharing by the faculty and students from the Chinese, English, Physical and Mathematical Science, and Mechanical Engineering divisions of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Through discussions on Singaporean and Malaysian issues, Nandao strives to expand the intellectual horizon of university students, and motivate their social concerns and interventions. At the same time, Nandao aims to promote rational, plural and generous insights in terms of understanding differences, offences and discrepancies in society, and to search for the language of our own age. Nandao Zhi is a compilation of speeches and talks held by Nandao.

Blood And Silk: Power And Conflict In Modern Southeast AsiaBlood And Silk: Power And Conflict In Modern Southeast Asia by Vatikiotis, Michael

Thought-provoking and eye-opening, this is an accessible, personal look at modern Southeast Asia. This is a first-hand account of what it's like to sit at the table with deadly Thai Muslim insurgents, mediate between warring clans in the Southern Philippines and console the victims of political violence in Indonesia - all in an effort to negotiate peace, and understand the reasons behind endemic violence. Vatikiotis tells the story of modern Southeast Asia using vivid portraits of the personalities who pull the strings, mixed with revealing analysis that is underpinned by decades of experience in the countries involved, from their silk-sheathed salons to blood-spattered streets. The result is a fascinating study of the dynamics of power and conflict in one of the world's fastest growing regions.

Arts Of Southeast Asia From The Soas Collection, TheArts Of Southeast Asia From The Soas Collection, The by Farouk Yahya (Ed.)

Beautifully illustrated, this book highlights a variety of material relating to Southeast Asia drawn from the rich collections of SOAS University of London. With a wide chronological span, they are diverse in nature, comprising manuscripts (written on bark, palm leaves and paper), textiles, sculptures, metalwork and paintings, and re?ect the variety of religions, cultures and languages to be found across this vast area. The objects come from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and range in date from circa 1000 BCE to the present day.

Cold War And Decolonisation: Australia's Policy Towards Britain's End Of Empire In Southeat AsiaCold War And Decolonisation: Australia's Policy Towards Britain's End Of Empire In Southeat Asia by Benvenuti, Andrea

In this book, Andrea Benvenuti discusses the development of Australia's foreign and defense policies toward Malaya and Singapore in light of the redefinition of Britain's imperial role in Southeast Asia and the formation of new postcolonial states. Benvenuti sheds light on the impact of Britain on Australia's political and strategic interests in Southeast Asia during the Cold War. It will be of interest to historians of Australia's foreign relations, Southeast Asia, and the British Empire and decolonization.

China, The United States, And The Future Of Southeast Asia: Us-China Relations Volume IiChina, The United States, And The Future Of Southeast Asia: Us-China Relations Volume Ii by Denoon, David B. H.

Distinguished experts explain the economic trends and varied political goals at work in Southeast Asia. With China's emergence as a powerful entity in Southeast Asia, the region has become an unlikely site of conflict between two of the world's great powers. Covering topics such as the controversial response to human rights violations, the effects of global economic interconnectedness, and contested sovereignty over resource-rich islands, this volume provides a modern and nuanced perspective on the state of the region.For anyone interested in understanding the evolving global balance of power, China, the United States, and the Future of Southeast Asia illuminates how countries as different as Thailand and Indonesia see the growing competition between Beijing and Washington.

Lontar #8: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative FictionLontar #8: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction by Lundberg, Jason Erik Et Al (Eds.)

This eighth issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. In this issue you will find: fishing for mermaids in the Mekong River by Alyssa Wong; a tense and otherworldly ancestral homecoming by Michael Janairo; a rebellion against inevitable eugenics by Clara Chow; snapshots of the fantastic in the mundane by Wilfred Cabrera; and speculative poetry by Tilde Acu?a, Bernise Carolino, Judith Huang, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Christina Sng, Sharlene Teo and David Wong Hsien Ming.

Awesome Art: The Next 20 Works From Southeast Asia Everyone Should KnowAwesome Art: The Next 20 Works From Southeast Asia Everyone Should Know by Siew, Sara

Explore the awesome world of art through 20 awesome works from Southeast Asia! Perfect for the young and young at heart, Awesome Art dispels the notion that art is a difficult domain, introducing instead its colourful stories and personalities, as well as the diverse styles and forms artworks can take. Besides learning to understand and look at art, readers will also be able to see how art is inextricably connected to the world around us. Beautifully reproduced in full colour, the 20 artworks featured in Awesome Art are also accompanied by original illustrations, and fun facts and questions. Recommended for children aged 9 to 12.

Artsy: Fun With Southeast Asian ArtArtsy: Fun With Southeast Asian Art by Chua, Julianne (Ed.)

Inspired by artworks from Singapore's National Collection, this fun activity book encourages young curious minds to observe and explore the world around them. Artsy: Fun with Southeast Asian Art introduces children to simple visual elements like line, shape and colour while stimulating creative expression. Recommended for children aged 4 to 7.

Charting Thoughts: Essays On Art In Southeast AsiaCharting Thoughts: Essays On Art In Southeast Asia by Low Sze Wee; Patrick D. Flores (Eds.)

A constellation of thoughts by 25 established and emerging scholars who plot the indices of modernity and locate new coordinates within the shifting landscape of art. These newly commissioned essays are accompanied by close to 200 full-colour image plates.

Southeast Asian Affairs 2017Southeast Asian Affairs 2017 by Daljit Singh & Malcolm Cook (Eds.)

Southeast Asian Affairs is a comprehensive annual review devoted to the international relations, politics, and economies of the region and its nation-states. The collected volumes of Southeast Asian Affairs have become a compendium documenting the dynamic evolution of regional and national developments in Southeast Asia from the end of the 'second' Vietnam War to the alarms and struggles of today. Over the years, the editors have drawn on the talents and expertise not only of ISEAS' own professional research staff and visiting fellows, but have also reached out to tap leading scholars and analysts elsewhere in Southeast and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North America, and Europe.