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Navigating Pull-Back Effects: Leading Growing Churches In The Midst Of Cultural ResistanceNavigating Pull-Back Effects: Leading Growing Churches In The Midst Of Cultural Resistance by Huan, Philipp

When a leader seeks to bring change in a church, there may be a "laden baggage"-a cultural resistance-that could pull back on leadership efforts and resist positive change. Many external leadership methods, while important and needful, often advocate pushing through the resistance, moving resistive elements to the periphery so that positive change can occur. Yet, such an approach alone may result in hurts and suppressed emotions which could inevitably return to haunt at a later stage. How may a leader lead differently, using internal leadership methods, to navigate cultural resistance in the hearts and minds of people? Philip seeks to share cultural resistances he has observed that often block positive leadership change. Through this book, Philip hopes to: Increase the awareness of church DNA/Cultural issues in a leadership setting; Share and recap the top five cultural resistances observed in churches; Provide a framework for navigating values in tension.

Ambitious AlignmentsAmbitious Alignments by Whiteman, Stephen H.; S. Abdullah Et Al.

Ten essays by emerging scholars draw upon unexplored archives and works of art, bearing witness to rich local histories and uncovering complex artistic exchanges across Southeast Asia and beyond. This volume sheds new light on the significance of architecture, painting, installation, photography and sculpture in the historical narratives of this period and offers fresh insights into artistic production and reception within the cultural and political contexts of postcolonialism and the Cold War, the legacies of which continue to shape the region today.

President's Young Talents 2018President's Young Talents 2018 by

The President's Young Talents exhibition and awards series is Singapore's premier mentoring and commissioning programme. Inaugurated by the Singapore Art Museum in 2001, it recognises young Singaporean artists whose practices chart new dimensions in contemporary art. President's Young Talents 2018 is the seventh edition of the series, and features new commissions from Yanyun Chen, Weixin Quek Chong, Debbie Ding, Hilmi Johandi and Zarina Muhammad. This catalogue features a dedicated section for each of the five finalists; it includes interviews or essays by the artists' mentors, the curator's illustrated reflections on each artist's working process, and statements from the artists on new commissions and past works, offering insight into the practices of Singapore's most exciting and visionary young artists.

Collectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art From Private CollectionsCollectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art From Private Collections by

The catalogue is published on occasion of the exhibition Collectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collections, organised by the Singapore Art Museum to coincide with Art Stage Singapore 2011, a new international art fair. The exhibition presented some of the most interesting works of recent art to have been brought into private collections across the region. Themes include 'Seeing Anew; In The Name of Progess'; 'Transforming Tradition'; 'Picturing Humanity' and 'Apocalyptic Visions'.

Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum 2007Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum 2007 by

This publication is published in conjunction with the second edition of the Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum, held in 2007 at the Singapore Art Museum. The AAMDF was inaugurated in Beijing to recognise the important role of art museums in the development of culture, and to underscore the importance of interactions and collaborations among Asian art museums for the advancement of art and museums in Asia. The past two decades has seen a growing visibility of Asian contemporary art and a proliferation of international platforms, exhibitions and institutions in the region. Art has become an immense, internationalised industry, and public museums have to rethink the fundamentals of their roles and futures. What is the relationship between the art museum, mega-exhibitions and the cities that house them? This edition of the AAMDF attempts to address these issues and more. The publication is a compilation of the presentations made at the forum, which was attended by museum directors and art professionals from 28 institutions and across 14 countries.

File Not FoundFile Not Found by

SAM is proud to co-produce 'File Not Found' with Palais de Tokyo (PDT), Paris, as part of the latter's highly anticipated Nouvelles Vagues exhibition, a platform to showcase new curatorial strategies. 'File Not Found' is an experimental presentation to highlight Singapore's important contemporary artists and the various art practices of our generation. It features works by Singaporean architect Randy Chan and artists Zaki Razak, Joel Yuen and Lee Wen. Negotiating on one hand historical past, ideas of spirituality, mortality and death, and positioned within institutional dialogue, 'File Not Found' challenges and puts into context why we collaborate, the intention for co-existence and the result of cultural participation.

Singapore Perspectives 2018 - TogetherSingapore Perspectives 2018 - Together by Gee, Christopher; Y. Arivalagan & Fq Chao (Eds.)

Singapore is one of the most rapidly ageing societies in the world. This book is a collection of speeches presented at Singapore Perspectives 2018 by leading thought leaders and eminent speakers on how our economic, political and social institutions can best adapt to and manage a rapidly ageing population. Contributors to this book tackle the urgent need to shape mind-sets, policies and decisions today for the best outcomes for current and future generations.

Ready, Set, Fiyah! An Olympic Flame's Adventure Around The WorldReady, Set, Fiyah! An Olympic Flame's Adventure Around The World by Lee, Pearl; Jeanette Yap

"Ready, Set, Fiyah!" features the protagonist, Fiyah (pronounced as fire), as she embarks on an adventure around the world. The character is a symbolisation of the Olympic flame. As Fiyah turns 10, she decides to travel the world, seeking her friends from the Youth Olympic Games to invite them to her birthday party in Lausanne in 2020. This journey represents the journey of the Olympic flame before the start of every Olympic Games. Fiyah's friends are represented by the mascots from all editions of the YOG - Lyo, Merly, NanjingLELE, Yoggi, Sjogg, and #Pandi. During their adventure, Fiyah and her friends are faced with certain difficulties and sporting obstacles that they, together as a team, must overcome. These challenges will represent the Olympic values - excellence, friendship, and respect - on top of other values such as teamwork and determination which the characters will come to exemplify.

Notes After TerawihNotes After Terawih by Ziks

'Tarawih' (Arabic) comes from the root word that means to take a rest, and take rest I did. Notes After Terawih is a series of word sketches I drew based on my distracted observation during night prayers, or terawih prayers, done in a single mosque during Ramadhan. Thousands of us here in Singapore engage in terawih for thirty nights in a row - that's a huge multitude of experiences. Yet, all these experiences are tucked within the walls of the mosque and ultimately remain in Ramadhan... As a new kid in this terawih thing, I decided to take some notes. None of these were written on the spot. Instead, they were recalled and typed on my phone as I headed home for the night.

Tiny Space, ATiny Space, A by Fifi Coo & Family

After eight years of quiet, fifi coo found his voice through the collective love of a family, the patience and resourcefulness of a mother, and a simple alphabet board. The board became the interface between fifi's thoughts and the public world beyond him. With it, he speaks poetry. How open are we to specialness in our lives? Open the door to the tiny spaces within you, and let in fifi coo's inner light..

Singapore: A Modern HistorySingapore: A Modern History by Barr, Michael D.

Singapore gained independence in 1965, a city-state in a world of nation-states. Yet its long and complex history reaches much farther back. Blending modernity and tradition, ideologies and ethnicities, a peculiar set of factors make Singapore what it is today. In this thematic study of the island nation, Michael D. Barr proposes a new approach to understand this development. From the pre-colonial period through to the modern day, he traces the idea, the politics and the geography of Singapore over five centuries of rich history. In doing so he rejects the official narrative of the so-called `Singapore Story'. Drawing on in-depth archival work and oral histories, Singapore: A Modern History is a work both for students of the country's history and politics, but also for any reader seeking to engage with this enigmatic and vastly successful nation.

Expats' Guide To Singapore, The: Finding Your Feet On The Little Red DotExpats' Guide To Singapore, The: Finding Your Feet On The Little Red Dot by Ozawa Sanders, Alison; Jessica Duff

In The Expats' Guide to Singapore: Finding Your Feet on the Little Red Dot seasoned expats Jessica Duff and Alison Sanders calm your newbie fears, reveal inside information, and share their own hard-earned experiences (and many, many mishaps) which will leave you snorting with laughter. More than just a guidebook, The Expats' Guide is funny, engaging, informative.

Where Do I Begin: An Ordinary Woman With An Extraordinary StoryWhere Do I Begin: An Ordinary Woman With An Extraordinary Story by Teo, Angeline V.

Where Do I Begin? is an honest and revealing account of Angeline V Teo's journey from grief and heartache to self-discovery. Beneath her vibrant and positive exterior lies a determined woman who has weathered personal and public storms to emerge stronger than ever. Angeline continues to inspire many with her indomitable spirit and unwavering faith, embracing all that life has to give her.

Minimalism: Space. Light. ObjectMinimalism: Space. Light. Object by Tan, Eugene; Russell Storer (Eds.)

Minimalism: Space, Light. Object. is an expansive global survey of the movement's influential language of reductive forms, from its Abstract Expressionist colour-field antecedents to Post-Minimalism, and how it continues to speak to artists today. In this timely re-evaluation, the contemporaneous Mono-ha movement, as well as experimentation in video, sound and performance are brought to bear on the Minimalist canon. This richly illustrated exhibition catalogue features essays by the exhibition curators and international contributors, along with conversations with artists, opening up a forum for contemporary readings of this dynamic, multivalent and pivotal movement.

Keto Baked: Ketogenic Baking & DessertsKeto Baked: Ketogenic Baking & Desserts by Peterson, Kelly Tan; Dan Paterson

Keto diet expert and writer Kelly Tan Peterson is back with her latest release, Keto Baked. Between recipes as well as advice from her husband, Dr. Dan, on the health benefits of the Keto diet, in this 240-paged book, Kelly relates the story of how she began experimenting with baking while respecting the Keto lifestyle guidelines with an unlikely ally - her mother. In this new release, Kelly shares some of the recipes that she created for her mother, including Butter Cake, and Tiramisu. With Keto Baked, Kelly shows how traditional desserts can be altered as a healthy alternative that doesn't compromise the Keto diet. Dr. Dan also shares his insights on the health benefits and disease prevention of the Keto lifestyle. Keto Baked is not only a revolutionary cookbook but also a look into how the Keto lifestyle helped a daughter and mother forge the strongest bond.

Singapore Chronicles: ChineseSingapore Chronicles: Chinese by Kwok Kian Woon; Teng Siao See

Historically, Singapore has been home to a myriad of people of Chinese descent, including those whose ancestors migrated from China many generations ago, as well as recent immigrants who have taken up permanent residence or citizenship. This book provides an overview of the Chinese in multi-ethnic Singapore, from sojourners to settlers in the pre-colonial Malay world and from colonial subjects to citizens in a new nation. There is no other country where Chinese form the majority of the citizenry outside of Chinese territories. In critically examining the implications of their majority status, the authors suggest that "Chineseness" has always been diversely manifested and today's Chinese-Singaporeans must continue to grapple with what it means to share in the vision and the work of creating a unique and enduring multicultural nation.

Singapore Chronicles: HealthcareSingapore Chronicles: Healthcare by Phua Kai Hong

This book reviews the development of healthcare in Singapore, especially over the last 50 years. It presents major health issues, past achievements of the healthcare system and healthcare challenges for the future. Various trends in the healthcare system are covered within the context of rapid socio-economic, demographic and epidemiological transitions. Also discussed are national policies in response to healthcare challenges within broader regional and global trends, offering lessons and other policy implications for the future development of Singapore's healthcare system.

Singapore Chronicles: LiteratureSingapore Chronicles: Literature by Koh Tai Ann, Tan Chee Lay, Hadijah Rahmat Et Al

Singapore has not one national literature but four literatures, in the official languages of Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. Each thus differs in origin, literary tradition and development, and they reach disparate reading publics both nationally and internationally. This book attempts to bridge these differences by introducing to the reading public in English within one volume for the first time, the literary history, development and significant writers of each literature. By situating these in their shared common historical context, the book reveals how the literatures are each unique yet ultimately, Singaporean. Lists of translations and digital resources enable readers, moreover, to explore the literatures on their own.

Singapore Chronicles: MediaSingapore Chronicles: Media by Ang Peng Hwa & Carol Soon

This monograph outlines the development of Singapore's media from the first government-subsidised newspaper to radio, TV, Rediffusion, the Internet and today's social media. Going beyond "just the dates", it shows how the media in Singapore had once been extremely competitive, that Singapore was a media hub for Malay intellectuals in the region and how the newspaper licensing rules were inherited from the British who set the tone by curbing an English-language newspaper called Singapore Herald published by a Japanese publisher in the 1940s. It's the Singapore media as few would have guessed.

Singapore Chronicles: MultiracialismSingapore Chronicles: Multiracialism by Vasu, Norman; Juhi Ahuja

This book discusses the significance of multiracialism as one of the central components of nationhood in Singapore. It traces the manner in which race relations have been understood, developed, and managed from the colonial period to the present. Singapore's national security strategy remains primarily driven by the two conventional security concerns of protecting the country's sovereignty as well as maintaining public order. As such, a well-managed policy of multiracialism with its normative goal of maintaining social harmony is held to be key to the preservation of public order. In addition, multiracialism is key to nation-building in Singapore.