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Nomad Principle, TheNomad Principle, The by Rodrigues, Crispin

The Nomad Principle is a collection of poems based on comings and goings, and considers how physical and emotional distances map themselves on the geography of the human heart. In between history, culture, art and disease, these poems grapple with heartbreak and loss while scavenging for a concession with one's mortality.

In These Curved SpacesIn These Curved Spaces by Yew, Andrea

Our memories are not entirely ours, each is a patch handed to us, shaped with hands that are both ours and not. Together, they form a patchwork quilt we drape to give us the shape of who we are. But what about the memories that have been lost through time, circumstance? If memories anchor who we are, what do we do with these gaps? Do we make up our own stories in its wake? Plug the gaps from the scraps of a memory? What does that say about us? In These Curved Spaces explores the relationship between memory, time and identity. It is about memory. It is about questions. It is the most important ten-year series of your life but the answer key is lost in a cardboard box of things you thought you no longer needed. What do we do when time is a hard, cold wall and we have left pieces of ourselves on the other side? It is about how to write your own answers.

Roadkill For BeginnersRoadkill For Beginners by Chan, Stephanie

Roadkill for Beginners is Stephanie Chan's first collection of poetry. It's part scrapbook of love letters to places, part field guide to the people in them. It's a messy celebration of open mics, bonfires, and poetry stages around the world, the connections that grow up around them and the adventures that happen after. It explores desire, moving, belonging, and everything in between. It's got apocalyptic hawker centres, magical night bus rides, and hungry turkey vultures. It's about growing up, and not. For you, it hopes to feel like the lyrical equivalent of spooning in strange buildings then flying at full speed down a steep empty road on a bike at two in the morning.

Seah Eu Chin: His Life & TimesSeah Eu Chin: His Life & Times by Seah, Shawn

This book captures a snapshot of Seah Eu Chin's life, and the lives of his famous sons, especially Seah Liang Seah and Seah Peck Seah, interwoven with other early pioneers such as Tan Tock Seng, Whampoa, and Sir Song Ong Siang. Told against a backdrop of a declining China and a rising British Empire, the book also tells the story of the founding and rise of a small maritime settlement nominally under British rule and its agricultural industry - and the rise of the "King of Gambier and Pepper". And it tells the story of the Chinese secret societies, including episodes of rampages and widespread outbreaks of mayhem like the Anti-Catholic Riots of 1851 and the Hokkien-Teochew Riots of 1854, and how the hapless colonial authorities turned to respected Chinese leaders like Seah Eu Chin for help.

Leader & Legislator: Seah Liang SeahLeader & Legislator: Seah Liang Seah by Seah, Shawn

It was the heyday of the mighty British Empire. In the colony of Singapore, a young man from a prominent local family rose to become a successful businessman, Teochew community leader, and member of the Legislative Council of the Straits Settlements. Straddling both East and West, he lived an exciting life marked by public service, profit and parties. This remarkable man was leader and legislator, Seah Liang Seah. This book tells the incredible story of the man behind Liang Seah Street and Bendemeer, as well as the stories of his Straits Chinese contemporaries, such as Tan Jiak Kim, Dr Lim Boon Keng and Sir Song Ong Siang, and the larger social and economic history of Singapore in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Limits Of Authoritarian Governance In Singapore's Developmental State, TheLimits Of Authoritarian Governance In Singapore's Developmental State, The by Lily Zubaidah Rahim; Michael D. Barr (Eds.)

This book delves into the limitations of Singapore's authoritarian governance model. In doing so, the relevance of the Singapore governance model for other industrialising economies is systematically examined. Research in this book examines the challenges for an integrated governance model that has proven durable over four to five decades. The editors argue that established socio-political and economic formulae are now facing unprecedented challenges. Structural pressures associated with Singapore's particular locus within globalised capitalism have fostered heightened social and material inequalities, compounded by the ruling party's ideological resistance to substantive redistribution. As 'growth with equity' becomes more elusive, the rationale for power by a ruling party dominated by technocratic elite and state institutions crafted and controlled by the ruling party and its bureaucratic allies is open to more critical scrutiny.

Start Up Guide: SingaporeStart Up Guide: Singapore by

Startup Guide is stepping into new continents and this time it's Asia! Soon we'll be launching our first book in Asia in Singapore. With its small but dense ecosystem, Singapore has become a startup hub and launchpad for entrepreneurs in the Southeast Asian region. And we're proud to now be joining the lively community.

Rational Conversations: China Is Messing With Your MindRational Conversations: China Is Messing With Your Mind by Bilahari Kausikan

Former diplomat Bilahari Kausikan highlights two global trends that can shape Singapore's future-identity politics and the rise of China-and how China is using them to influence the Singapore identity.

Rational Conversations: A Manifesto For Arts FundingRational Conversations: A Manifesto For Arts Funding by Alfian Sa'at

Poet and playwright Alfian Sa'at calls for greater support for the arts in our city-state.

Rational Conversations: The Power Of A PeopleRational Conversations: The Power Of A People by Kuik Shiao-Yin

Former Nominated Member of Parliament Kuik Shiao-Yin shares the concerns of young voters and how a new generation of leaders can rise up to serve them.

Rational Conversations: The Silhouette Of OppressionRational Conversations: The Silhouette Of Oppression by Han, Kirsten

Activist and journalist Kirsten Han examines the relationship between government and political journalists in Singapore.

Gathering Of Themes, AGathering Of Themes, A by Thumboo, Edwin

This collection contains Prof Thumboo's latest works. Especially interesting are the poems based on biblical characters, something very close to his heart in recent years. Some evergreens of his works are included, such as "A poet reading", to make this a most collectible set of his published works. The sections are named: Chin (for his wife), Tribes, Togetherness, Cultures, I to i, By Quiet Waters and Words.

Place For Us, APlace For Us, A by Chiu, Cassandra

Disability is neither strange nor distant. Part autobiography, part reflections of social advocate Cassandra Chiu's experiences as a person living with visual impairment, A Place For Us is the story of the first woman to be a guide dog handler in Singapore and the first Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in Southeast Asia who happens to be blind. Cassandra's story starts with her growing-up years in 1980s Singapore, chronicling how her life unfolds with the onset of Stargardt disease, which causes progressive vision loss. From pursuing an education, navigating motherhood, to building a career as a psychotherapist, Cassandra openly discusses the attitudes towards disability and her journey towards true independence with her guide dog Esme.

Tan Kim Seng: A BiographyTan Kim Seng: A Biography by Tan, Vivienne

It is remarkable that no biography of Tan Kim Seng has been published until now considering that his imprint on 19th century Singapore is so significant. Tan Kim Seng was not the typical refugee from South China. His family had already been in the Nanyang for three generations when he arrived in Singapore in the 1820s. With business ecumen and gaining trust with British merchants, he built an empire with warehouses, mansions and the largest single piece of property which stretched from the coast of Pasir Panjang to Ulu Pandan to Tanglin. The details of his will, designed to repel "the curse of the third generation", is founded on his values and beliefs. But what he did not anticipate was how his well-thought-out plans would be unravelled primarily by English Law.

When Life Throws You Curveballs: A Memoir - Finding Hope Amidst Raging StormsWhen Life Throws You Curveballs: A Memoir - Finding Hope Amidst Raging Storms by Lim May Kwun & Lynette Lim

These words from Jesus Christ are particularly pertinent especially in recent times with increasing uncertainty and insecurity around the world, and uncontrollable events affecting our daily lives. What hurts more is when these heartbreaking events hit us when we least expect them. This book documents the faith journeys of two sisters, May Kwun and Lynette and their family who encountered the pain of grief and loss successively through a spate of heartbreaking events over seven years.

They Told Us To Move: Dakota-CassiaThey Told Us To Move: Dakota-Cassia by Ng Kok Hoe & The Cassia Resettlement Team (Eds.)

What happens when an entire community is moved? Dakota Crescent was one of Singapore's oldest public housing estates and a rental flat neighbourhood for low-income households. In 2016, its residents - many of whom are elderly - were relocated to Cassia Crescent to make way for redevelopment. To help them resettle, a group of volunteers came together and formed the Cassia Resettlement Team. They Told Us to Move tells the story of the relocation through interviews with the residents from the Dakota community and reflections by the volunteers. Accompanying these are essays by various academics on urban planning; gender and family; ageing, poverty, and social services; civil society and citizenship; and architectural heritage and place-making.

Stories On The Blessing Of GivingStories On The Blessing Of Giving by Lee, Bernice (Ed.)

Using money to advance the Kingdom of God - that is precisely what Tiang Siew has done with his money, and a key way he has done this is by investing in the lives of people. This book is a collection of stories of people who have benefited from Tiang Siew's investment. They illustrate how one person's choices have blessed people who have in turn gone on to bless others.

Call Me By My Name: Stories Of Faith, Identity, And Special NeedsCall Me By My Name: Stories Of Faith, Identity, And Special Needs by Leow Wen Pin & Anne Wong-Png (Eds.)

Stories from Christians with special needs, their families, and those serving in the special needs community; sharing their faith and how they have grown in their identity in light of their experience of special needs.

Modelling Today, Guiding Tomorrow: A Singaporean Guide To Model United NationsModelling Today, Guiding Tomorrow: A Singaporean Guide To Model United Nations by Ng, Yohanes; Tan Yan Shen, Jeremy Chan Et Al

Join us as we take you through the Model United Nations scene in Singapore and show you the work of the United Nations Association of Singapore Model United Nations, or UNASMUN - the largest secondary- and tertiary-level conference in the country. Whether you are new to Model United Nations and unsure of what to expect, a seasoned delegate wanting to learn about crisis committees and the administrative mechanics of a conference, or an educator trying to establish a school-based programme, this informative guide has something for everyone. Drawing from more than two decades of combined author experience as well as input from over 140 students and teachers, this handbook walks you through the conference process and provides practical tips on how to make the most of the experience.

Godalisation - Singapore Painted: A Personal Primer To Collecting Singapore ArtGodalisation - Singapore Painted: A Personal Primer To Collecting Singapore Art by Teng Jee Hum

Written by veteran art collector Teng Jee Hum, this book offers a wealth of insights and observations on art collecting amassed over a period of 25 years. Sharing his personal framework to considering Singapore's art history, the book presents works by Singaporean artists that narrate the "Singapore Story", spanning the 1950s to the present. In this alternative framework proposed, Teng introduces five original and distinct categories that chart Singapore's art history: the Colonial Period (pre-1965), Nation Building Period (1965-1988), Globalisation Period (1989-2000), Paternal Production Period (2001-2015), and a new era (post-2015). A well-explained collecting methodology grounded in an in depth study of the times, with 60+ coloured images.