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Get Curious! The Official Interactive Family Guide To The National Museum Of SingaporeGet Curious! The Official Interactive Family Guide To The National Museum Of Singapore by Mclean, James; Kate Manson

Get Curious! is the National Museum of Singapore's official family guide. Covering four galleries, and packed with interactive activities for over 40 objects, it brings the stories of our past to life for children and their families.

Fun-Filled Math Conversations With Your ChildFun-Filled Math Conversations With Your Child by Koh, Wendy

This very informative book is a guide to help parents find fun and relevant math conversations in their daily lives to prepare their children for PSLE Mathematics. Wendy Koh homeschooled her son for 16 years, and helped him to successfully achieve A* for math at the PSLE and IGCSE exams. This is a parenting book more than an education book. The message of the book is: you can parent and bond with your child while teaching him math. It can be fun, that is, if you make it fun.

Mr Kiasu In Singapore HistoryMr Kiasu In Singapore History by Lau, Johnny

Unravel Singapore's History through the eyes of Mr Kiasu! Journey back in time as we unravel the colourful history of Singapore's past, with Singapore's popular comic book icon, Mr Kiasu! Featuring re-imagined stories inspired by important moments in history and the famous characters who shaped Singapore to the way it is today, this fun and light-hearted comic will set you thinking about Singapore's past, present and future! It's history the way it's never been told!

Seven Hundred Years: A History Of SingaporeSeven Hundred Years: A History Of Singapore by Kwa Chong Guan; D. Heng; P. Borschberg; T. Yong

Assessments of Singapore's history invariably revolve around Sir Stamford Raffles' arrival in 1819. This ambitious book, co-written by four of Singapore's foremost historians, offers an assertive re-evaluation of that view and instead firmly situates Singapore's starting point to seven hundred years ago. Drawing from the latest archaeological discoveries and an extensive range of archival, textual and cartographical records, the authors cast a singular historical trajectory for Singapore over the past seven centuries and animate its history like never before. Written in a compelling and accessible manner, and richly illustrated with more than 200 artefacts, photographs, maps, artwork and ephemera, this is a highly original work that widens the historical lens and provides a vital new perspective to the story of Singapore.

SightlinesSightlines by Nair, Marc (Poems); Tay Tsen-Waye (Photos)

Sightlines is a series of poems mapped onto a collection of black and white images shot on film. These are notes on passing through diverse places with an unnamed female traveler, who is both photographer and protagonist. The poems are a commentary on her perspectives, allowing the reader a sideways glance at moments that are written with and against the image.

This Is What Inequality Looks Like (Second Edition)This Is What Inequality Looks Like (Second Edition) by Teo You Yenn

This new edition features a new Afterword by the author, and a Foreword by Kwok Kian Woon, Professor of Sociology at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. What is poverty? What is inequality? How are they connected? How are they reproduced? How might they be overcome? Why should we try? The way we frame our questions shapes the way we see solutions. This book does what appears to be a no-brainer task, but one that is missing and important: it asks readers to pose questions in different ways, to shift the vantage point from which they view 'common sense,' and in so doing, to see themselves as part of problems and potential solutions. This is a book about how seeing poverty entails confronting inequality. It is about how acknowledging poverty and inequality leads to uncomfortable revelations about our society and ourselves. And it is about how once we see, we cannot, must not, unsee.

Simply Invest: Naked Truths To Grow Your MoneySimply Invest: Naked Truths To Grow Your Money by Goh Yang Chye

A pioneer in financial planning in Singapore, Goh Yang Chye debunks several misconceptions, showing how so-called experts are no better than the average seven-year-old at picking stocks. Investing is simple; look at the evidence. He tells us why we shouldn't trust the industry jargon and why cryptocurrencies are not a good investment; why Singapore's love affair with property is a mistake; why the media always get it wrong; and how not to overreact. From understanding market cycles to knowing what exactly to ask your financial adviser, this book will teach you how to secure your financial future - and enjoy the journey!

Impractical Uses Of CakeImpractical Uses Of Cake by Yeoh Jo-Ann

Sukhin is a 35-year-old teacher who lives alone. His life consists of reading, working and visiting his parents' to rearrange his piles of "collectibles". He has only one friend, another teacher who has managed to force Sukhin into a friendship by sheer doggedness. While on an errand one afternoon in Chinatown, he encounters a homeless person who recognises him. This chance reunion turns Sukhin's well-planned life upside down, and the pair learns about love and sacrifice over their shared fondness for cake.

Movie That No One Saw, The - A NovelMovie That No One Saw, The - A Novel by Seah, May

Adjonis Keh (the "d" is silent) is a successful actor who apparently has everything: looks, adoration, a shelf filled with acting awards, and all the vanilla yogurt he can eat (thanks to a hefty endorsement deal). He also has a dark secret: he can't act. So far, he has managed to fool the world with a clever little trick-until the day he meets an inquisitive young journalist whose unexpected friendship causes him to question everything in his life.

Diary Of One Who Disappeared - A NovellaDiary Of One Who Disappeared - A Novella by Lundberg, Jason Erik

The year is 2040 and an envoy of the North American Union finds himself a fugitive in the Southeast Asian nation of Tinhau. Lucas Lehrer is tasked with travelling from the North American Union to the island-nation of Tinhau to extend the offer of political partnership. When negotiations break down, Lucas decides to request asylum, and he soon encounters an odd series of coincidences in which his deep-seated desires start coming true. Among the backdrop of societal instability and growing nativism, he befriends a young woman who is not what she seems, and who may not be from our universe at all.

What A Scare! (Rubiah From Semarang, Book 2)What A Scare! (Rubiah From Semarang, Book 2) by Atiqah Halim; Zafirah Idris; Carolynn Yoe (Illus.)

The second book of the Rubiah from Semarang series focuses on overcoming fears and cultural exchange. One night Jeremy mistakes Rubiah for a ghost while she has her pre-dawn meal for Ramadan. While reassuring Jeremy, Rubiah reveals that she keeps hearing odd noises in the house; turns out they both have overactive imaginations and get scared easily. The next day Rubiah and Jeremy investigate the odd noise, and Rubiah relies on her secret mind-reading skills to get out of another dilemma.

Family TreasuresFamily Treasures by Wee, Jessie

Written by Jessie Wee, one of Singapore's most prominent writers for children's content, Family Treasures depicts some of the joys and challenges that pre-teens face today. As they follow the exploits and family interactions of Khiang, Meng and Kim, the richness of a life lived with God is made evident. This book, with its relatable stories, fun activities and prayers, provides rich resources for parents wanting to build a storehouse of meaningful and memorable moments with their young children.

Sir Stamford Raffles And Some Of His Friends And Contemporaries: A Memoir Of The Founder Of SingaporeSir Stamford Raffles And Some Of His Friends And Contemporaries: A Memoir Of The Founder Of Singapore by Bastin, John

This publication is a biographical account of the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, through a study of the lives of his closest friends and contemporaries. Some of the personalities featured include William Brown Ramsay, John Leyden and Thomas Horsfield.

British Serial Killer In Singapore, A: A True StoryBritish Serial Killer In Singapore, A: A True Story by Tan Ooi Boon

This is the true story of a man who went on a world tour to hunt his victims with a sinister skill. Body parts murderer John Martin, who was trained in butchery, was the first serial killer to be convicted in Singapore. His modus operandi was to first bash his victims with a hammer and then cut up their bodies at the joints with a small knife. He could have gone scot-free but for underestimating the mettle of his foe - the Singapore Police Force. Also included is an epilogue where the author re-imagines how a similar case would pan out if it happens today.

Jalan Singapura: 700 Years Of Movement InsingaporeJalan Singapura: 700 Years Of Movement Insingapore by Teo, Eisen

This book sheds new light on Singapore history through its land transport networks, and urban and traffic patterns. From horse carriages to subway trains, dirt tracks to million-dollar expressways, ancient attap villages to glass-and-steel waterfronts, the movement of a people has shaped Singapore's present - and illuminates its future.

Reluctant Editor: The Singapore Media As Seen Through The Eyes If A Veteran Newspaper JournalistReluctant Editor: The Singapore Media As Seen Through The Eyes If A Veteran Newspaper Journalist by Balji, Pn

These are the hitherto unpublished stories about the stories that you may have read in Singapore newspapers over the years. PN Balji was an active participant in mainstream journalism, having spent nearly 40 years working in five newsrooms. He was part of a hardy generation of newspaper editors who wrestled with editorial issues and made tough decisions, sometimes against the will of Lee Kuan Yew. He also had a ringside view of his colleagues' tussles and confrontations with the government. In Reluctant Editor, Balji weaves a compelling narrative, with anecdotes, of an alternative story of how some editors of his generation managed to hold the ground when Lee was at his rogue best.

Signs Of LifeSigns Of Life by O Tham Chin

A mysterious terrorising force hounding a group of schoolgirls at a campfire. A couple trying to conceive in a post-apocalyptic world. Two gay men, the last of their kind, getting acquainted in a laboratory for the purpose of scientific observation. A Christ-like figure raising the dead in the heartlands. Strange and suspenseful, these stories offer a whole other world of voices, plot and imagery that opens up new terrain in what is possible and imaginable. With wit, sensitivity and dexterity, O's characters slip from their ever-present reality into the surreal and unknown, and find in the process their hungers, desires and pains coming fully awake, thrumming with exultant life. To read these stories is to enter a new universe where nothing is taken for granted and everything is truly, readily possible.

Messiah Virus, TheMessiah Virus, The by Boey Meihan

The Empress has guided the expansion of the colonised universe for millenia - the operating system of a vast civilisation, a shepherd whose overriding priority is the survival and prosperity of her sheep - the entire human race. But not everyone follows Her light. When the Messiah virus descends, disabling the Empress' influence, a powerful little Psion girl is humanity's only hope. Fatima, however, has chosen strange companions.

Move Over, BirdMove Over, Bird by Kinnas, Miho

Miho entertains you with various forms of poetry she follows or invents. In seven poems from the first section, the poet breaks an ordinary day into pieces and rebuilds them in fourteen sentences. She also writes a song-like poem - a style she learned from reading a vast range of haiku. In this collection, she also translated her own Japanese haiku and tanka into English. She delights in connecting with readers through her delicate and transcendental artistry of her ongoing poetic musings.

Chinese Entrepreneurship In Singapore History, Faith & CultureChinese Entrepreneurship In Singapore History, Faith & Culture by Lim, Clive

What cultural factors lie behind Chinese entrepreneurship, especially among the Singaporean Chinese community? What is the place of the Chinese work ethic in the light of biblical Christian values? Do these ideologies clash, or, what common ground do they share? This book aims to tackle these questions with a close look at Chinese history and culture, as well as the theological basis of entrepreneurship. Case studies of 12 contemporary Singaporean Chinese entrepreneurs provide hands-on perspectives of the challenges of taking the entrepreneurial plunge.