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Baba Folk Beliefs And SuperstitionsBaba Folk Beliefs And Superstitions by Cheo Kim Ban & Muriel Speeden

How does a nonya use a yam stalk to control the sexual powers of her wayward baba? Why are Baba children never given sugarcane to chew at twilight? What does it mean if a baba has five hairs growing from a mole on his face?

City Ramble Stories, The by Shophouse & Co.

The first creative urban guide profiling young urban creatives under the age of 35 in Singapore. A perfect companion to any weekend of rambling in the city! This 100-page publication features: a free walking trail of inspired places as recommended by designers under 35; feature of Singapore-based designers under 35 years old; stories of stops featured in The City Ramble Heritage and The City Ramble Process; essays about exploring the creative city; photos and illustrations!

Maths Reference BookMaths Reference Book by Faber, Helmy

The Maths Reference Book is meant for: Students who have dyscalculia; Students who have maths difficulties; Dyslexics who have maths difficulties; Slow learners; Students who fail maths in the lower primary; Teens/adults who have dyscalculia/severe maths difficulties. The book is suitable to be used in combination with Educational Therapy, it will help students on their journey to learn and enjoy Mathematics. It contains most topics of the Maths curriculum in Primary Schools and International Schools in Singapore such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, place value, algebra etc. More than twenty topics are included and examples can be followed in small structured steps and through visual representations that convey math concepts. It will help students to become more independent and gain more confidence in Mathematics. Through Educational Therapy and use of the Maths Reference Book the students will experience less Maths anxiety and produce better results. It will also provide them with an opportunity to experience success and maintain a positive attitude towards Mathematics.

Dyscalculia - A Mathematics Disorder - And Math Difficulties In SingaporeDyscalculia - A Mathematics Disorder - And Math Difficulties In Singapore by Faber, Helmy

This book provides information about Dyscalculia, a learning disorder in Mathematics. According to research studies, 3-8% of the population may struggle with this. Dyscalculia may also include difficulties related to telling time, directions and managing money. If undiagnosed, students may also develop anxiety issues, which may affect their social life or even lead to depression. The book covers the characteristics abd causes of Dyscalculia, criteria for diagnosis and consequences for adult life. Students and their parents who have contributed their stories, share their experiences in an open and candid way. The book inlcudes tips for the parents and teachers and also focuses on early intervention and early numeracy skills. Lastly, research studies from NIE/NTU as well as international studies related to Dyscalculia and math difficulties will be highlighted. Early math intervention in the form of educational therpay and an extensive support network as described in the book, are crucial for these students in order to cope with their challenges.

Artist Speaks, The: Georgette ChenArtist Speaks, The: Georgette Chen by Lee, Joanna, Sara Siew

Through wars and revolutions, triumph and tragedy, loves lost and enduring, Georgette Chen forged an artistic vision that till today continues to enchant and inspire, and that renders her one of Singapore's most prominent artists. Chen's remarkable story is told here through her very own words, selected from an extensive archive spanning five decades. Together with her paintings, they constitute a compelling portrait of the artist's gentle spirit. The Artist Speaks series presents an intimate look at artists through their words and works, tracing the ideas, influences and experiences - as told by artists themselves - that constitute a vision.

Hook And Eye: Stories From The MarginsHook And Eye: Stories From The Margins by Holden, Philip (Eds.)

Stories set in disparate locations in Singapore, ranging from landed properties to migrant worker dormitories, they speak of struggles and persistence. And love.

Mount EmilyMount Emily by Low Ying Ping

While digging around their school's backyard in search of an urban legend, Patsy Goh and her best friend Elena are whisked back in time to 1987. Trapped in their mums' 13-year-old bodies, the duo race against the clock to hunt down the magical time crystal that got them in this mess, before the evil Midnight Warriors find it and cause a time crisis that could destroy all of existence.

After Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal In Asian Contemporary ArtAfter Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal In Asian Contemporary Art by Singapore Art Museum

In naming his fictional island 'Utopia', writer Thomas More conjoined the Greek words for 'good place' and 'no place' - a reminder that the idealised society he conjured was fundamentally phantasmal. Yet, the search and yearning for Utopia is a ceaseless endeavour. Predicated on a sense that the world is not enough, utopian principles and models of worlds have been perpetually re-imagined, and continue to haunt our consciousness through the centuries. Drawing mainly from the Singapore Art Museum's permanent collection, as well as artists' collections and new commissions, the exhibition After Utopia sought to ask where and how we have located these expressions of both our innermost yearnings as well as our contemporary realities. This fully illustrated catalogue features critical essays as well as artwork captions by the curators of After Utopia: Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art.

Medium At Large: Shapeshifting Material & Methods In Contemporary ArtMedium At Large: Shapeshifting Material & Methods In Contemporary Art by Singapore Art Museum

Medium at Large explored the idea of medium in contemporary art, probing some of the most fundamental and pressing questions of art - its making, and also our experience, encounter and understanding of it. The exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) revelled in the rich expanse of materials that contemporary artworks can be made of, and from, with artwork media ranging from oil paint to rattan, human hair, bullet shells, as well as 'dematerialised' media like sound and language. Encompassing 31 Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary artworks that were largely drawn from SAM's permanent collection, the exhibition examined the fluid nature of art as concept, process, method, and material. This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue features five curatorial essays that reflect upon a range of issues surrounding contemporary art, such as the notion of time as a material, the relationship between painting and photography, the meaning of material(s), and how contemporary art is collected in a museum.

Local Rebel, The: Issue 02 - Educate And Empower by The Local Rebel

The Local Rebel is an annual zine publication that aims to educate and empower our youth. This second issue explores our Roots: the little nooks and crannies in the Singaporean narrative that aren't always told. We want to tell stories about heritage, and culture, and how that ties into intersectional feminism. In this edition, we interrogate our colonial history, uncover the lives of migrant workers, chat with Theresa Goh about her activism, visit the drag scene, and so much more. The Local Rebel team is dedicated to making this zine as accessible and as fun as possible an educational resource. Aside from longform pieces, we've also put in visual mixtapes that support local, photographs of your everyday Singaporean, food reviews, FAQs, and posters for you to put up on your wall!

Delicious Gems: A Treasury Of Recipes To Entertain And DelightDelicious Gems: A Treasury Of Recipes To Entertain And Delight by Sia, Kelly Randall

Join expert entertainer Kelly Randall Sia in her kitchen as she showcases more than 80 delectable recipes to enliven any occasion, whether it is an intimate family lunch or a 20-person dinner party. Inspired by her own family heritage and background, as well as the dozens of colourful cultures she has encountered when travelling the world, Kelly's diverse recipes are rich in international flavour and influence. Lavish food photography and a sprinkling of jewels accompany Kelly's delicious recipes to complete this culinary treasury.

Celebration Desserts With Chef Zan Delightful Cakes, Cookies & Other Sweet TreatsCelebration Desserts With Chef Zan Delightful Cakes, Cookies & Other Sweet Treats by Chef Zan

Special moments are often celebrated with delectable desserts and Chef Zan has put together this exciting collection of celebration desserts to inspire people to come closer together through sweet treats. From classics such as makmur peanut cookies and Christmas fruit cake, to new creations with a twist that will sit well at any party, Chef Zan also offers her take on popular Western and local treats such as macarons and durian serawa to appeal to all age groups. In this book, Chef Zan also shows how you can turn these desserts into stunning centrepieces with tips on types of buttercream to use and step-by-step instructions on piping techniques. Impress and indulge your loved ones with spectacular desserts from this tantalising collection.

Tradition And Islamic Learning: Singapore Students In The Al-Azhar UniversityTradition And Islamic Learning: Singapore Students In The Al-Azhar University by Norshahril Saat

The Al-Azhar University remains the top destination for Southeast Asian students pursuing an Islamic studies degree. The university, built in the last millennium, has been able to withstand competition from modern universities across the globe and continues to produce influential Islamic studies graduates. What are the motivations of students pursuing a degree at Al-Azhar? What are the challenges they face? Are they certain of their future and career opportunities upon their return to Singapore? This book combines both qualitative and quantitative analysis of former and current students at the Al-Azhar University. It not only hopes to develop more critical analysis of returning Al-Azhar graduates but also attempts to understand the deeper connections between Muslims in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, and the Middle East.

Traders' Blueprint, The: Winning Strategies For Profiting From Stocks, Forex, Commodities And OptionsTraders' Blueprint, The: Winning Strategies For Profiting From Stocks, Forex, Commodities And Options by Seow, Collin; M. Lui; R. Teo; A. Yeo

In The Traders' Blueprint, you'll find winning strategies to profit from stocks, options, and Forex trading. Following Collin Seow's best-selling trading book The Systematic Trader, this book expands on his strategies along with three other proven top traders that he personally knows and endorses. There are many different types of asset classes to trade, and The Traders' Blueprint offers creative strategies for trading stocks, options, and Forex. It's an exciting time to trade the markets and generate returns on your money that will pay you over and over again. This book will show you, no holds barred, how skilled traders create the alpha to build consistent wealth.

Wayside Flowers Of SingaporeWayside Flowers Of Singapore by Kaw Jon Boon & Louise Neo

Singapore has numerous wild plants that grow and flower freely in our city-state, adding colour and beauty to even the most urban and drab of areas. Yet, all too often, we walk past these common flowering plants without even noticing them. And when we do, we are able to name only one or two - perhaps the common touch-me-not, or the morning glory. Here, then, is an easy-to-use guide to help the general public fully appreciate and put a name to the many wayside flowers of Singapore. This book is in full colour, with excellent close-up photography for each flower, showing each species in close detail, so that its parts can be clearly seen. The book also shows the plant in its typical natural environment, be it up a wall or in a drain. The flowers have been grouped by their predominant colour - blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white or yellow - making it easy for the user to locate the flower in the book.

Exhibiting The Fall Of Singapore: Close Readings Of A Global EventExhibiting The Fall Of Singapore: Close Readings Of A Global Event by Schumacher, Daniel; Stephanie Yeo (Eds.)

In September 2017, the National Museum of Singapore launched Witness to War: Remembering 1942, a special international exhibition to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore. In conjunction with Witness to War, an international conference - Exhibiting the Fall: Remembering and Representing War and Its Aftermath in Asia - was held at the museum on 4 & 5 September 2017. The conference brought international academics and museum practitioners together in conversation about the ways in which Asia's violent mid-20th-century history is understood and represented. It was co-organised with the War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership, an international, interdisciplinary network of academic specialists funded by the Leverhulme Trust. This publication is a collection of papers presented at the conference.

Three Dishes One Soup: Inside The Singapore KitchenThree Dishes One Soup: Inside The Singapore Kitchen by Zhang, Lace

It is said that the soul of the home is the kitchen. In Chinese families, this typically means several side dishes served with a bowl of rice and a soup. But when we try to replicate these beloved dishes ourselves, our attempts sometimes fall short. Faced with this situation, Lace Zhang set out to observe and note down every detail as her grandma and auntie cooked, and then tested each recipe rigorously to ensure nothing was left out. Three Dishes One Soup is the result of Lace's careful recording of her family's recipes. With detailed explanations and step-by-step photographs, this book is the perfect guide for anyone longing for a taste of home and needing that extra bit of help in the kitchen.

Women On Board: Making A Real DifferenceWomen On Board: Making A Real Difference by

This book features 24 female directors and highlights their directorship journeys. Cutting across age, race, profession and background, the profiles of these exceptional women will inspire readers and debunk the notion of the corporate boardroom as dull and colourless. Politically engaged, socially resilient and acutely attuned to the changes around them, women in boardrooms are making their mark. As diversity is pushed to the forefront, this publication provides thought leadership on women directorships around 12 boardroom themes such as business models, digital economy and risk management.

Who Are You My Country? Voices Of Singaporeans Past And PresentWho Are You My Country? Voices Of Singaporeans Past And Present by Winston Toh Ghee Wei; T. Kwek Et Al (Eds.)

From the 1930s to 1965, discussions about modernisation, race and civic responsibility were as common as they are today. The youth of colonial Singapore wrote passionately about these issues, seeking to enkindle the idea of a nation that did not yet exist. The poetry and stories that encapsulate how they saw Singapore have become more, not less, relevant. In Who Are You My Country?, the youth of modern Singapore build on those stories and use them to create a vision for what our post-SG50 nation might look like. As the historical publications were to those students of the past, we hope this anthology will also be to us a shared space for the collective imagination of our Singapore.

Eyeyah! InternetEyeyah! Internet by

EYEYAH! uses art and design as a creative way to teach children about the internet and make them aware of some of its dangers. It is a tool for parents and teachers to talk to children about addiction, social media and online strangers. It is made up of 40 specially commissioned artworks by artists from Singapore and 15 other countries.