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Words On Art: AyatanaWords On Art: Ayatana by Thumboo, Edwin

Edwin Thumboo, one of Singapore's pioneering literary voices, bring his incisive awareness of socio-cultural history to this volume of poetry. With a humanist's eye, narratives spanning the domestic, the politic and the mythic form interxual responsese to the works of art hanging on the walls of the National Gallery Singapore. This volume is the second title in the Gallery's Words on Art series: books dedicated to examining the intersections between visual and literary art.

Your Fertility Is My Problem: The Comprehensive Guide To Achieving Conception by Chen, Christopher

A pioneer of IVF in the world with almost 50 years of experience as a fertility specialist, Professor Christopher Chen was the first doctor to successfully produce and deliver IVF triplets, and was the first to successfully freeze the human egg. In this book, Professor Chen will attempt to unravel the mysteries behind fertility and help you discover how you can solve your infertility problem. Learn more about how your physical fitness, diet, stress levels and lifestyle can affect your fertility. Between nutritional recipes, exercises, yoga, and of course assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF, there is sure to be a solution in this book for your infertility.

Wet Market To Table: A Modern Approach To Fruit And VegetableWet Market To Table: A Modern Approach To Fruit And Vegetable by Chia, Pamelia

Celtuce? Fingerroot? Tatsoi? If you've never heard of these produce names, local chef Pamelia Chia is here to help. Wet markets promise charm and authenticity that supermarkets and online grocers cannot replicate. Local chef Pamelia Chia explores uncommonly used vegetables, fruits and herbs found in Singapore wet markets, using over 80 recipes to bring out their unique flavours and textures. Writing in a frank and easy-to-read manner, Pamelia shares stories from wet-market vendors, memories of grocery shopping with her mother and how each ingredient inspires her to push the boundaries of local cooking.

Open House: The Living Memories Of The Istana by Ng Mei Yan

On their second visit to the Istana during the National Day open house, Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah wander into a hidden office where they go on a wild and magical journey into the Istana's past. The children find a mysterious photo album that blitzes them into a world outside their imagination, where they meet some very famous VIPs who have at some point graced the halls of the Istana. Their time in this alternate timeline is short, however, and the four children return to the open house with a fresh perspective of the Istana.

Open House: The Hidden History Of The Istana by Lee, Angele

While Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah are hoping to meet the President, they bump into a volunteer gardener instead, the mysterious Uncle John, who leads them to an incredible escapade that is beyond their wildest dreams. In the building, the four children hear interesting tales of Istana's past. Before you know it, it's time to leave and the kids cannot wait to come back for another open house.

Open House: The Curious Sounds Of The Istana by Ang, Kelly

Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah's initial plan for a peaceful bird-watching expedition takes on a different dimension when the cool Uncle John gives them a mysterious map that takes them on a merry chase, led by some curious feathered friends. Join the children as they are whisked away on a merry chase led by some curious feathered friends, right through the beautiful grounds of the Istana!

Antibiotic Tales, TheAntibiotic Tales, The by Liew, Sonny; Hsu Li Yang

This comic by award-winning graphic novelist Sonny Liew and Hsu Li Yang from National University of Singapore Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health answers questions and dispels the myths and misconceptions about antibiotics. Can antibiotics be used to treat the common cold? How much antibiotics should we be taking? In this easy-to-read book, Liew and Hsu break down the complexity of the medication, effects of overusage and its adaptation in the farming industry.

Sherlock Sam And The Burgled Book In Kampong Glam (Book 14)Sherlock Sam And The Burgled Book In Kampong Glam (Book 14) by Low, A. J.

In this latest instalment, Sherlock Sam and his Supper Club must hunt down the true culprits to prove Nazhar's dad's innocence! A rare manuscript is stolen from a bookstore, and Nazhar's dad is the main suspect! Officer Siva tells the Supper Club they can't investigate, but that's never stopped Sherlock and his friends before. Will they prove Nazhar's dad's innocence and catch the true culprits? Or will they be perplexed by the puzzling pilferers? Find out in Sherlock Sam's next exciting adventure!

Epigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume FourEpigram Books Collection Of Best New Singaporean Short Stories, The: Volume Four by Nansi, Pooja (Ed.)

The best short fiction published by Singaporean writers in 2017 and 2018, selected by guest editor Pooja Nansi from hundreds published in journals, magazines, anthologies and single-author collections. Accompanying the stories are the editor's preface and an extensive list of honourable mentions for further reading.

Most Excellent And LamentableMost Excellent And Lamentable by Lundberg, Jason Erik

Unearthly stargirls exist side by side with snake goddesses, talking wombats, posthuman immortals and a wise fish. Enter the mind of Jason Erik Lundberg, hailed by The Guardian for having "the enviable talent of achieving emotionally resonant effects within just a few pages". Here, Lundberg remixes the idea of the fiction collection by presenting fourteen stories in a fresh context.

Divided By Race, Language, And Education: 200 Years Of Defiance And Deference Under Colonial RuleDivided By Race, Language, And Education: 200 Years Of Defiance And Deference Under Colonial Rule by Zhang Zhixiong (Ed.)

After the founding of modern Singapore, the story of the conflict among the poor and disaffected underclass was told from the viewpoint of the British colonizers. A coolie's perspective was never written down. Until now. This book paints a troubling portrait of the poor in historical Singapore. It examines poverty as a problem caused by the way the British colony was governed. Accounts throughout history find the poor caught in a vicious circle. They had little access to education, credit and other means of generating income, so they organised themselves and fought for the assets they needed to increase future income. Sometimes they clashed with one another. At other times, they rioted against British authorities. After the Second World War, they started a communist insurgency, believing that it was their chance at a world where all begin on more equal footing.

Old New World, An: From The East Indies To The Founding Of Singapore, 1600S-1819Old New World, An: From The East Indies To The Founding Of Singapore, 1600S-1819 by Yeo, Stephanie

Organised in conjunction with Singapore's Bicentennial, An Old New World explores the 200 years leading up to the establishment of an entrepot in Singapore in 1819, beginning with the bustling world of trade in the East Indies that attracted the Dutch and British East India Companies from the early 17th century. The European entry into the region, for better or worse, was only part of its longer history. This exhibition is a telling of that story, and a reflection of the broader forces at play that culminated in the events of 1819.

Queen Of The SkyQueen Of The Sky by Chia, Josephine

Amelia is a modern nine-year-old Peranakan Chinese girl. She adores her Great Grandmother whom she nicknamed GGM. GGM has lots of exciting tales to tell her about old Singapore. She takes Amelia to see the site of her old kampung, an attap-thatched village along the Kallang River where she had met Amelia's namesake and aviatrix, Amelia Earhart, the historical Queen of the Sky in June 1937. GGM is very active and does not behave like a doddering Senior. She started skiing at sixty and wants to do something adventurous for her 90th birthday that will take her to England. But the entire family does not approve.

Imperial Creatures: Humans And Other Animals In Colonial Singapore, 1819-1942Imperial Creatures: Humans And Other Animals In Colonial Singapore, 1819-1942 by Barnard, Timothy P.

One of the areas of fastest-growing interest in the humanities and social sciences in recent years has been the history of animals. Imperial Creatures fills a gap in that field by looking across species at animals in a urban colonial setting. If imperialism is a series of power relationships, Timothy P. Barnard argues, then it necessarily involves not only the subjugation of human communities, but also of animals. What was the relationship between those two processes in colonial Singapore? How did interactions with animals enable changes in interactions between people? Through a multidisciplinary consideration of fauna, Imperial Creatures weaves together a series of tales to document how animals were cherished, monitored, employed, and slaughtered in a colonial society. All animals, including humans, Barnard shows, have been creatures of imperialism in Singapore.

He Saved Thousands: The Story Of Dr Jmj SupramaniamHe Saved Thousands: The Story Of Dr Jmj Supramaniam by Naleeza Ebrahim; Paul Supramaniam

He lost his mother when he was two and his father when he was 15. His leg was injured during the Japanese bombardment of Singapore and doctors almost amputated it. His medical studies were halted when the Japanese ruled Singapore. Despite such daunting circumstances, Dr James Mark Jeyasebasingam Supramaniam (popularly known as Dr JMJ) prevailed to emerge at the forefront of Singapore's medical service during its nation-building phase. This book traces the inspiring life of Dr JMJ within the larger context of the evolution of Singapore, from the 1800s when his older family members arrived on its shores, to the creation of the Singaporean nation during the 1950s and 1960s, in which JMJ played a pivotal part.

Xin Ke: The Story Of Singapore And Malaya's First Feature Film (Xin Ke: Xin Ma Shou Bu Chang Pian Dian Ying De Gu ShiXin Ke: The Story Of Singapore And Malaya's First Feature Film (Xin Ke: Xin Ma Shou Bu Chang Pian Dian Ying De Gu Shi by Ng Uhde, Yvonne; Jan Uhde

In 1926, an enterprising young man enthusiastically brought into Singapore the idea of showcasing the life of the people in British Malaya - by way of a movie. His name was Liu Beijin. The uncle of the eminent local artist Liu Kang, the former Muar resident set up an office in Chinatown and a film studio in Katong, hired his crew and cast members, and began production. The result was Xin Ke, a full-length silent film, released in 1927, about a young Chinese immigrant who seeks his fortunes in Malaya. Assisted by his wealthy Peranakan relatives, he eventually finds a job in Singapore - and a girl he loves. In this bilingual book, film researchers Jan Uhde, Yvonne Ng Uhde and Toh Hun Ping travel back in time to the beginning of film production in Singapore. Reproducing the original movie script in full, accompanied by finely drawn illustrations by Dan Wong, this book is a much-needed addition to our film industry's collective memory.

Loss AdjustmentLoss Adjustment by Collins, Linda

Loss Adjustment is a mother's recount of her 17-year-old daughter's suicide. In the wake of Victoria McLeod 's passing, she left behind a remarkable journal in her laptop of the final four months of her life. Linda Collins, her mother, has woven these into her memoir, which is at once cohesive, yet fragmented, reflecting a survivor's state of mind after devastating loss. Loss Adjustment involves the endless whys, the journey of Linda Collins and her husband in honouring Victoria, and the impossible question of what drove their daughter to this irretrievable act.

Deep Human: Practical Superskills For A Future Of SuccessDeep Human: Practical Superskills For A Future Of Success by Lim-Lange, Crystal; Gregor Lim-Lange

What separates you from the robots? How can you thrive in tomorrow's workplace? Experts predict that within the next few years, you will need an extra 101 days of learning to remain relevant at work, but what skills should you hone? Authors Crystal and Dr Gregor Lim-Lange combine their expertise in leadership and psychology to share five timeless superskills that will help you unlock your fullest potential. Deep Human offers practical tools, unexpected insights and inspiring real-life stories so you can build a successful and meaningful life no matter what lies ahead.

Do I Matter? A Journey To Building Your Self-EsteemDo I Matter? A Journey To Building Your Self-Esteem by Wong Lai Chun

Do I Matter? is a journey towards understanding the self-esteem a person possesses and how it builds a foundation for resilience. This book aims to help its readers understand the factors that influence one's self-esteem and what can be done to reframe it - ultimately to develop acceptance and love for oneself regardless of the challenges one faces in life. Produced in conjunction with the Samaritans of Singapore - a non-profit organisation focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention - this book.

Kelly And The KrumpsKelly And The Krumps by Kwek, Ken

In his second wonderfully whacky children's novel, Ken Kwek takes a hard - and funny - look at teens beset with academic pressures and technology overload. Kelly Mao has got quite the headache: her tiger mum is threatening to ground her, her tuition timetable barely gives her time to eat, and she suspects her twin brother is up to something. On top of everything, the PSLE is looming! When the pressure gets too intense, Kelly decides to secretly join a dance crew called the Krumps, but slowly she gets entangled in her brother's troubles with an evil genius named Fang Boy.