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Ownership Cycle, TheOwnership Cycle, The by Soh Jian Yi

Ownership drives fulfilment, true happiness and success. This book describes how to take ownership of your life and future, and help others around you to do the same.

Amazing Love: A Personal TestimonyAmazing Love: A Personal Testimony by Khoo, Julie

Julie Khoo has been teaching language and communications skills for more than twenty years. She currently teaches various courses at NUS and NTU. Here, she recounts her journey in discovering and experiencing love and happiness despite the odds and difficulties, and shares her thoughts and reflections on some important issues in life. One regarded as a problem child, she was eventually transformed and found the true meaning of life.

Challenges Of Governance In A Complex World, TheChallenges Of Governance In A Complex World, The by Ho, Peter

Peter Ho, former Head of the Singapore Civil Service, was the Institute of Policy Studies' 2016/17 S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore. This book collects the four IPS-Nathan Lectures that he delivered between April and May 2017, and gathers highlights of his dialogues with the audience. Ho surveys the increasingly complex world, and suggests what governments can do to prepare for the future - even as no one can predict it. He uses metaphors such as the "black elephant" and concepts like the "dialectic of governance" to explain how a systematic approach to thinking about the future can help countries in general - and Singapore in particular - build resilience and develop a comparative advantage in the face of uncertainty and rapid change.

50 Years Of Engineering In Singapore50 Years Of Engineering In Singapore by Cham Tao Soon (Ed.)

An underpinning force in Singapore's remarkable 50-year transformation into a sophisticated world-class city, engineering has contributed significantly to the nation's economic, infrastructural and social developments. A vibrant record of engineering excellence, this book traces the goliath challenges impeding the nation's growth over the past five decades, and the engineering innovations that brought about wealth creation, higher standards of living, and enhanced liveability. This compendium covers air and sea hub; manufacturing in the areas of electronics, precision engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical/bio-medical engineering; housing/cities/infrastructure and land use (reclamation and underground); transportation (ERP system, MRT and LRT, roads and buses system); water management and engineering; energy (supply and maintenance); and telecommunications, ICT and software.

Shadows From Here: Tales Of TerrorShadows From Here: Tales Of Terror by Chang, Raymus

Shadows from Here is Raymus Chang's debut collection of horror stories. At the forefront of a new dawn in Singaporean ghost stories, these are 8 tales of atmospheric horror, based on Singaporean history and culture. A man consumed by ambition; An idol from a faraway place; A girl sings, and is spirited away; A tycoon lives forever; Five shadows haunt an innocent man; A dead soldier yearns to be remembered; A painter sees the end; A man not like others; A forgotten place moans in our woods.

Love With Passion And Perspective: Pearls From A Cross-Border Divorce And The Hague ConventionLove With Passion And Perspective: Pearls From A Cross-Border Divorce And The Hague Convention by Lim, Adele M.

Adele M. Lim, author, innovator, change catalyst, and mother dives into the deep and troubling realities of cross-border divorce and the harsh legalities of child custody. She tells us the emotional stories of several families, including her own, whose already difficult marital upheaval was further complicated by the regulations of the Hague Abduction Convention of 1980. Designed to hasten the return of abducted children to their country of habitual residence, the Convention has loopholes when applied to contentious separation cases despite its positive intent. Adele offers an expansive view that aims at meeting the Convention in light of our evolution as a global village, so that individually and collectively we enable a healthier systems balance and heal cross-generational trauma by attending to the family system.

Shiok, Sia! Sketching Favourite Singapore DessertsShiok, Sia! Sketching Favourite Singapore Desserts by Ryanto, Anita

An artist sketches her way through all her favourite Singaporean hawkers favourites, from orh luak, hae mee and bak kut teh, to laksa, mee rebus, and murtabak, right through to the all famous chilli crab. Taste the colours and feel the textures of Singapore's popular street food as you feast on the delectable illustrations between these pages. Take home with you a uniquely Singaporean experience. A perfect gift for the festive season. Shiok, sia!

Achievements And ThoughtsAchievements And Thoughts by Ho, Jeffrey (Ed.)

Achievements and Thoughts, published by the Singapore Institute of Planners, is a book for urban planners, architects and all who are interested and actively involved in issues of urban growth, evolution of communities, place-making, and in search for real world applications of new planning concepts and models. Featuring our design pioneers who have made significant contributions to the planning landscape of Singapore and other countries, the book highlights their innovative planning solutions, which are internationally recognised to be synonymous with the legacy of modern Singapore. The invaluable thoughts and views of the pioneer designers on urban planning and design not only help to raise awareness and interest in our planning fraternity, but also inspire us on how we can shape the world and transform our future with new ideas. Complementing the feature of our pioneers is a compilation of projects by notable urban planners and designers. It showcases the achievements of these professionals and reflects the application of their Singapore experience in solving planning issues that are confronting many developing cities in Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, Africa and the Middle East today. These projects have won the 4th SIP Planning Awards 2015 for their comprehensive and unique solutions in addressing issues of intra-regional influences, social disparity, traffic congestion, incompatible land uses, and many problems arising from poor infrastructure planning. The projects are excellent case studies for methodologies and principles for addressing the challenges and opportunities of our urbanising world.

Gone Case: The Graphic Novel Complete EditionGone Case: The Graphic Novel Complete Edition by Chua, Dave; Koh Hong Teng

Set in a Singaporean housing estate, Gone Case is a moving yet unsentimental coming-of-age story. Yong, a 12-year-old boy has to deal with the dreaded PSLE exams while his family undergoes an upheaval. His friendship with his childhood friend Liang also undergoes strain as the exams approach. The novel won a commendation award in the Singapore Literature Prize in 1996 and is regarded as an essential work of Singapore Literature.

Acm Treasures: Collection HighlightsAcm Treasures: Collection Highlights by Lingner, Richard; Clement Onn (Eds.)

ACM Treasures, a new collection highlights book from the Asian Civilisations Museum, follows the structure of museum's permanent galleries, with sections dedicated to Trade, Faith and Belief, and Materials and Design. Within each section, chapters mapping onto present and future gallery spaces present art objects from each gallery of the museum. The reader will find that many of the objects are cross-cultural, meaning that they are hybrid - "east-west" or "east-east" sorts of things - essentially mixed, just like Singapore and many of its resident. Nearly 200 objects in full colour , each with a short explanation, make this book a perfect gift or personal remembrance of a visit to the ACM.

Phantom Of Oxley Castle, ThePhantom Of Oxley Castle, The by Gurung, Liana; Chloe Tong; Anngee Neo

Once upon a time on a tropical island, there was a grand castle with 38 rooms. Living inside were two young princes, a princess and their pesky butler named OB Markus. Prince Hector the Eldest is bookish and rational; Prince Humphrey the Youngest is rebellious; and Princess Harriet is daring and brash. One night, the children hear a strange ghostly noise coming from the dungeon and decide to investigate.

(Re)Presenting Histories: Experiences And Perspectives From The National Museum Of Singapore(Re)Presenting Histories: Experiences And Perspectives From The National Museum Of Singapore by Yeo, Stephanie (Ed.)

In celebration of the nation's Golden Jubilee, the National Museum of Singapore re-opened in September 2015 after an extensive revamp of its permanent galleries. Featuring interactive, contextual displays and immersive experiences, the updated galleries seek to both represent and re-present Singapore's rich culture and history, and to encourage meaningful connections and conversations with its visitors. (Re)Presenting Histories is an intimate glimpse into the experiences and perspectives of the National Museum's curatorial team, as they undertook this ambitious project over the course of one year.

Little Miss Cloud WritesLittle Miss Cloud Writes by Afiqah

A collection of my original poetry writings where I'd settle and spill such honest, absorbing and a couple of seething thoughts I've compiled into this book and course, to share with the rest of the world whose hearts speaks poetry as well.

Stayin' Alive: Health Myths And Facts UncoveredStayin' Alive: Health Myths And Facts Uncovered by Mak Koon Hou

As society advances at breakneck speed amid widespread digital disruption and information avalanche - including the ever-increasing bombardment of contradictory advices and news on health - how do you stay healthy to live well? Stayin' Alive aims to empower readers to "think and live healthily" by uncovering common health myths and facts swirling around online and offline. Authored by leading cardiologist Dr Mak Koon Hou, this easy-to-read, informative and intriguing book helps you get your body in shape, understand the truth regarding diet and exercise, and finally, apply the knowledge daily.

Singapore Ethnic Mosaic, The: Many Cultures, One PeopleSingapore Ethnic Mosaic, The: Many Cultures, One People by Mathews, Mathew (Ed.)

Far from being a melting pot, multi-racial Singapore prides itself on the richness of its ethnic communities and cultures. This volume provides an updated account of the heterogeneity within each of the main communities - the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian and Others. It also documents the ethnic cultures of these communities by discussing their histories, celebrations, cultural symbols, life cycle rituals, cultural icons and attempts to preserve culture. While chapters are written by scholars drawing insight from a variety of sources ranging from academic publications to discussions with community experts, it is written in an accessible way.

Between Worlds: Raden Saleh And Juan LunaBetween Worlds: Raden Saleh And Juan Luna by Storer, Russell; C. Chikiamco; S.M. Hafiz (Eds.)

National heroes and enigmatic figures, 19th-century painters Raden Saleh and Juan Luna traversed the colonial territories of Southeast Asia and the imperial cities of Europe. Their agile navigation of these competing positions resulted in dramatic paintings that are today animated as allegories of anti-colonialism in their respective homelands of Indonesia and the Philippines. Published on the occasion of an exhibition at National Gallery Singapore, this catalogue features over a hundred full-colour image plates of their works: from sweeping Orientalist hunting scenes to gritty Realist portrayals of the working class. Essays and biographical timelines examine each artist's practices, as well as frame them within the cultural and social dynamics of the 19th century.

Art Of Advocacy In Singapore, TheArt Of Advocacy In Singapore, The by Singam, Constance; Margaret Thomas (Eds.)

Advocacy is a tricky pursuit in Singapore. Your motives can be questioned, your activities monitored, and your scope for action limited. Despite the constraints, civil society activists have persisted, finding ways to pursue their cause and to try to bring about the changes they believe important for Singapore. In 2013 a small group of civil society stalwarts set out to acknowledge the contributions of these unsung heroes. The Singapore Advocacy Awards was launched, a 3-year project that saw a total of 18 individuals and organisations being honoured. In this book, 37 activists write about their causes and discuss the strategies shaped and lessons learnt as they practise the delicate art of advocacy in Singapore.

Lost Nostalgia: StoriesLost Nostalgia: Stories by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed; Nazry Bahrawi (Trans.)

A rainbow is glimpsed in the enveloping darkness of Mohamed Lati? Mohamed's stories. Precious because it is mostly ?eeting-a herd of cattle ?nds deliverance from slavery in heroic resistance and death; a ?sherman disappears of his own free will to escape the disintegration of island life. These and other characters experience conditions, often described in hyper-realistic detail, that speak to our appreciation of change, injustice, and other facts of life-religion, family, friendship, love, to name a few. While salvation does not come easy or even happen in Latiff's stories, there are exceptional moments that can push readers into the outer limits of their existence.

What's In The Name? How The Streets And Villages In Singapore Got Their NamesWhat's In The Name? How The Streets And Villages In Singapore Got Their Names by Ng Yew Peng

Since 1819, more than 6,200 place (street and village) names divided into more than 3,900 name groups were known in Singapore. Based on digitised historical newspapers, dated back to 1830, municipal records and Malay dictionaries, the origins, meanings and date of naming for many place names are uncovered. As part of Singapore history, place names known since 1936 are recorded in this book. This book is a complete listing of all place names since 1936, together with the most comprehensive annotations to date. It is also the only book of its kind in Singapore that analyses naming trends. Information on the origins or date of naming was based on primary sources such as old maps, minutes of municipal meetings, Chinese books and digitised newspapers.

Social Futures Of Singapore SocietySocial Futures Of Singapore Society by Chan, David (Ed.)

This book, based on the proceedings at the Behavioural Sciences Institute Conference 2016, explores a range of issues about the social futures of Singapore. The book is organized into four parts. Part I provides an overview of issues involved in thinking about the social futures of Singapore society. Part II examines social futures from the perspectives of healthcare and education. Part III analyses the relationships linking social futures to the notion of giving and the increasing influence of social media. Part IV addresses specific questions on social futures of Singapore society in terms of social and national identities, cultural values, relationship between economic development and environmental sustainability, religious consciousness, perceptions of political leaders, and relationships between people and government.